Etienne & Grégoire Leenders Race-horse trainers

The actors of the stable

Christine Leenders

Christine Leenders was born in Normandy on the family farm where they bred saddle horses. After studies of tourism, she met Etienne, a young trainee at the time, got married and followed him in his different jobs. When they settled in 1981, being also passionate by horses, she got fully involved in the stables’ work.

Together they form a very complementary and efficient team: for Etienne everything to do with the horses and for Christine management, communication and development. Their two sons, Grégoire and Gabriel got the virus of horses very young and for many years, Christine took them all around the country for competitions of ponies first and then of horses…and then she accompanied them to race-courses when they became amateur riders and later on jockeys.

Like so many trainers’ and breeders’ wives, Christine is an important cornerstone in the stables. There was a turning point in 2014 with the purchase of the training center Les Landes…the work is more important and the management is very demanding: the stables, the forest, the training company… And on top of all that, together with one of their owners, Christine created two syndicates: Le Pied à L’Etrier and Le Mors aux Dents. There is a lot to do, but she has still enthusiasm and energy to face everything.