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Which name?


…..for the filly foal out of TROTOT and by DREAM WELL..

To make the right choice, a commission of experts met for a pre-selection: Françoise Gondouin, Christine Leenders, Anne Hélène Chuberre and Hélène Couteaudier.


12 names were kept ( we had received more than 60 propositions): Gazelle, Gadgette, Gribouille, Great Dream, Galicie, Gauche ou Droite, Ginette, Girly, Glorieuse, Grâce, Galilée, Great Wedding.


We didn’t want to keep: Glory Well, Great Well, Gribouille Well because one of her “cousins” is called Grewel (too similar), Giz Gaz  not easy to pronounce for the commentator! And those with more than 16 letters were immediately disqualified…


We are going to keep 3 of them and it is IFCE at Pompadour who will make the definite choice.


Thank you for your help and for your original propositions