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What a success!



On March 29th in Paris there was a demonstration of all the racing and equine professionals to protest against a project of “Française des Jeux” (the lottery system planning to experiment live betting on other sports) which could seriously impact the competition with PMU (the horse racing betting company) and therefore put the horse and racing world in danger.


This demonstration was organized by a group of young professionals of the racing and equine world (JPFC Jeunes Professionnels de la filière cheval) who managed within less than a month to gather all the equine world….an exploit! These 4 young people were received by members of the finance minister department and were able to explain their proceeding and their worry for their future.


Good news: “they were listened to”.

The fight will go on and they will not let things fall down. You will see the following steps in the next few weeks.


On the photograph, you can see the trotting trainer Jean François Mary together with Etienne Leenders (flat and jump trainer) demonstrating side by side!!