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On June 30th 2004, Anne started working with us and …on June 30th 2016, to the very day, Anne retired……in Normandy…..with Echo des Mottes, Gondleen, Marceti and Joseille…

I hope they will accept this new comer who has a character!!!


After quite a busy career, Prix Rigoletto at Auteuil, Grand Chase of Lion d’Angers, twice the Grand cross-country race of Craon and numerous wins on race-courses all over the country, Anne decided to look after her cabbages, carrots, salads and her dear flowers.


12 years of work and good laughs …she was quite often over worked but always good humoured, able to have distance and analysis with problems !!! I’ll miss all that…!

Thank you

All the best Anne, I sent you this message as I know your sense of humour!!

Kind regards from Christine


Emilie arrived and a new chapter is commencing!!