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On Sunday morning, we had the pleasure to discover the two reports which were done at the beginning of September on our two syndicates Le Pied A L’Etrier and Le Mors aux Dents, both at the races at Lion d’Angers and during the picnic we organize every year. It was definitely a success and we can thank the two journalists: Katherine Ford and Thibault Marlin because they managed to explain the philosophy of our two syndicates.

Their unusual idea was to compare syndicates who have different approach and financial means: in England a business syndicate with important funds and our syndicates which have less means and a more family approach.

But at the end of the reports, we could see that for the English as well as for the French, it was the same thing: passion for races and horses, pleasure to meet with the partners and spend a good day, conviviality… the only difference is that the English syndicates have a few zeros more on their bank account!!!