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Racing results at Lion d’Angers



On May 1st, BUBBLE SEA did her come back and she was the same as ever: obstinate, courageous and always in the frame. She finished 4th in a flat race on 2300m (a mile and 3 ½ furlongs), ridden by Mathieu Androuin. We were happy with her performance as she was beaten by horses who had already run this year.

Yet again, she is going to perform a satisfying year.


JADE’S LEGEND is also 4th but in a cross-country race, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault. She might have had a better place, hadn’t she nearly fallen in the ford and consequently her saddle turned. Wilfrid managed to put it back but it was not stable for the rest of the race… We can imagine how uncomfortable it was when jumping the big fences of the far straight.


These two horses have to be followed next time out.