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Pau race-course



On December 7th, we had two runners at Pau SABAYA EMERY and FRANSLEEN.      


 SABAYA made her hurdle debut ridden by Stéphane Paillard. She finished 6th.

She started in the lead and was a bit too keen. We would have preferred to see her off the pace…so she could have finished better because she used all her energy too soon

 The positive result of this debut is that we know she is a good jumper who respects the obstacles.   


As to FRANSLEEN, he fell in a chase and as his jockey Stéphane Paillard said: “It was a pity I fell because I had a lot in my hands, but my horse feared the fences and was neglectful.”  


To see again…next time he will be ridden on the outside for him to see the fences well and regain confidence as he is a good horse!