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Our dear champion: AMIRANT…


… won Grand Prix de Nantes, a listed race, 13th race of the challenge “Défi du Galop”, ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot.


How pleasing it was to see AMIRANT run: a fighter who never gave up


He started in 4th, 5th position, was a bit surprised when the race was launched  in the little wood by Golden Storm (the second) and, as soon as AMIRANT found an opening, the fight started and it was fantastic!!


Pierre-Charles told us: “I wanted to take my time in the wood as I know the ground is heavy there and my horse doesn’t like it. But when I asked him to go, he answered well as usual!”


We were all stirred…and it is also for that sort of thing we like racing.


AMIRANT will now have a few weeks holidays. Once again he performed a very good season.

We want to thank him as well as all the staff looking after him everyday.