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One horse and several people


All along his career, CHRISETI was accompanied by a whole team:

Jean and Françoise Gondouin, Christine Leenders who bred him at Bourg St Léonard (Orne).

Joël Blandin who bought him when he was 2 and who was quite patient at the time of the “crossing of the desert”. He did deserve to have such a horse because he always trusted him.

Etienne Leenders, the trainer, who took him to the top level and maintained him there for many years.

- The staff of our stables and particularly Jean-Jean, his faithful friend, who cared for him and accepted all his star whims .

- The jockeys, Christophe Dubourg, Julien Jouin, Anthony Blais and Wilfrid Denuault, who, thanks to their talent were lucky enough to ride him and win good races with him.