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Not understandable!!!


VALDO BERE ran the Jockey Club at Chantilly on June 3rd.

The horse was only the shadow of himself all through the race. When getting off, Thierry Jarnet told us: “I don’t understand anything, the horse didn’t move as usual. He jumped instead of galloping and had no nerve impulse.”


How to explain it: As soon as he arrived on the racecourse, VALDO BERE was given a box with partitions which were not going up to the ceiling. We could not know at that stage that there would be a filly next door!!! Our horse got excited all morning and consequently lost all his energy. When we took him out for a walk, he was abnormally burnt out.

It is obvious for us that before a race colts and fillies should be parted and it is a professional mistake not to do it.


To be beaten fair and square is something we can accept, but to loose all your chances because of a mistake in the assigning of boxes, it is not acceptable!!!