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It was his day!


At the finish of the Anjou Loire Challenge, the longest cross-country race in the world 7300m (4 miles and 4 1/2 furlongs), CHRISETI showed he was the strongest one. After a smooth race during which he jumped perfectly, Joël Blandin’s horse took his flight with a winning stride.

He had been at the best of his form for a week and showed us he was so well mentally and physically, which was everything you needed for this kind of race.

He was helped by his jockey Wilfrid Denuault who rode a superb race. Everything turned out smooth and well as in a dream. Jockey and horse were One! A race to be shown in schools for jockeys.

Of course everyone concerned was thrilled and happy, mainly his breeders Jean and Françoise Gondouin, and also “Jean-Jean” , his faithful morning rider. They dropped a tear when the Marseillaise was played after the win and before celebration. For the petty side of history, “Jean-Jean” was also the morning rider of Iclan de Molières!


Let’s meet at Craon in September!