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It might have…




…finished badly for DEBUT DE PRINTEMPS at Lion d’Angers in Prix Le Piano de la Juiverie in which he finished 3rd.                                         


  Ridden by Clément Lefebvre, he started in the lead, “I was going easy and cool, breathing well”….but when landing after the bank before going up the “pianos”, he slipped and did the splits when landing…following his mistake,

Clément told us he nearly thought of pulling him up because following that he was last. 


 But, DEBUT DE PRINTEMPS jumped on his bit and started again…and came courageously to take the 3rd place. 


  “What a horse!” said his jockey with stars in his eyes


The horse will now have holidays (he is only 6 and is a force of nature). He’ll come back to