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It didn’t turn out as planned!!


On September 11th at Auteuil, we had two runners: FORLAS D’AIRY ridden by Thomas Beaurain and FATINES ridden by Hugo Lucas.


 Going racing, we were confident for their respective races, although we knew the limits of our horses.  


 Nothing went as planned:    


  FORLAS is a horse we have esteem for…he ran badly, took a good start but hesitated at each jump and started again on the flat. When getting off,


Thomas said:” I had a lot of running!!! But he was afraid in front of every hurdle…!” Actually, FORLAS fell at the last hurdle first time out over jumps when he would have won at Senonnes and since, he gets quite stressed. Therefore there is still a lot of work to solve this problem.      


  As to FATINES, she is a small filly with quality but unfortunately she got in the first part of the handicap, the “quinté”… when we would have preferred to be in the second part… therefore it was a bit too difficult for her at this stage.  I give you all these explanations, because from the outside, people don’t realize that it is not simple and that the trainer has also to be a MAGICIAN…