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I’ll go back to Normandy!!


We had 6 runners at Argentan on October 25th, all of them ridden by Ludovic Philipperon. Some did well, some less well. 


  LA GIRAUDIERE (Pierre Julienne) finished 5th, is late and needs to mature. 


   HONDLEEN (Mors aux Dents, O. Seite, P. Prioul, P. Terpereau, J. Strozik, D. Lefur, F. Audouin, L. Josse, R. Bailly) good second, might as well have won!   


 FEZ (AA. Maggiar and Hervé d’Armaillé) was second… it was OK, she is improving! 


  GENGIS KHEL (Isabelle de Saint Anthost) fell… no problem.


  FRANSLEEN (Loic and Benjamin Glemin) 4th, the first four finished very close. Ludovic stayed a bit far away from the others!