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Fontainebleau, things didn’t go the way we wanted.


Yesterday, on April 29th, we had 3 runners: BELGA BERE, BLUSHING BERE and FILLE D’AVRIL.


The first one, ridden by Tony Piccone was not in the frame: his jockey took the initiative to take the lead… therefore she worked for the others… and for a come back race, it was tough for her. We’ll see her again.

The second one, ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot…. Totally blocked along the rail!! He never managed to get out… His jockey was very sorry and told us: “ I had a lot in my hands”…To follow in the good races.


As to the 3rd, ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot, she finished 5th. She could have had a better place because PC told us he came too soon.

The year is long and our FILLE will perform another good year.