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First time out


GIOTTO DES PLACHIS ran first time out at Corlay on June 14th. He finished 5th. Ridden by Wilfried Lajon, he discovered his job!    


 We didn’t expect him to be so skittish, he was never involved in the


Debriefing this morning with Wilfried who told us: “I wanted to take a good start but, from the beginning he didn’t stop looking at the others, I never managed to make him gallop”!!    


 Explanation: in the morning when horses do a serious work, they canter side by side… and they get used to be close to each other (which is not natural). Therefore, when they take part in their first race, they already have this experience of contact…


  But some horses, like some people, adapt more or less… and they sometimes need one, or two or three races to get “civilized”. That is why the first race of a horse is so important to help us to understand them for the future!  


 And, as we often say: “they are not motorbikes…        


  We are going to look forward to GIOTTO’s next race…