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Farewell Mr. Marchal…



We are very sad to inform you that Michel Marchal passed away… he was 98.

Our partnership, which with time turned into a solid friendship, started in 1984. He was introduced to us by Vicomte de la Grandière (an important owner in the west) with whom he was associated for two horses.

And yet everything started in a very bad way between us. Monsieur Marchal had asked us to buy a horse for him as he wanted to have horses in his own colors. On a Monday, we sold him a horse we had in training and three days later that horse killed himself on the track!

Just imagine how difficult it was to tell him the news. Etienne was a young trainer, we had hardly 10 horses and we could see the end of this future collaboration.

After hearing the bad news, Monsieur Marchal said: “Monsieur Leenders, I have made up my mind to trust you in spite of that…find another horse for me”…Following this, Etienne and I decided that for the future whenever there would be a horse for sale in the stables, Monsieur Marchal would be the first one to have the offer…

We are very sad as it is a page of our professional life turning away and we have lost a friend.