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Easy win…


…..for STARTLING DU MAGNY in a chase Prix Chamberko at Lion d’Angers on July 12th. Patiently ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, she won in a brilliant way on this selective course of 4200m (2 miles 5 furlongs).

We were delighted with this performance because aged 5, she was the youngest in the field and showed us that she had not stopped improving every time.

STARTLING comforts us in our politics of patience with horses. Actually at the beginning, the mare didn’t show much and we didn’t manage to get her in a good condition. We are now rewarded of our patience.

Even if it doesn’t look obvious, we think that a horse has not completely finished growing at 4 and you have to let time do its work, particularly with jump horses who are required to do so much.