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Racing: they are joys, sorrows, disappointments, great times, etc… anyway it is not an exact science!

Yesterday at Angers, BONNE MEMOIRE ran disappointingly: she is an estimated filly who didn’t run her value…  “she was weak all around” Sébastien Martino told us. With cold weather in the morning, warm during the day and cold in the evening, horses are sensitive and can catch anything… To see again.

FANTASTIC BERE: we were close to a catastrophe: he was first a bit spiritless… then started to go forward and suddenly pulled a lot!! We thought it was because of the blinkers… but when talking with Coralie Pacault, his jockey, she told us that someone galloped in his hind legs at some stage and it was then he started pulling… And when a horse pulls, he can’t finish. Actually we could see he had several slight wounds on his hind legs. This morning, everything is fine!

As to DE BON ALOI, it was a good surprise, he didn’t finish in the first five, but his young jockey Damien Boche, told us he was quite cooperative… A miracle? No, he only does what he wants when he wants it…not easy that one…maybe next time??