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The racing world is mourning… ROMANE BRIZARD, a young jockey died. She didn’t survive after a fall in a race and we are all terribly sad.     


  In our stables, this horrible accident revived terrible memories. In 2003, our Sandrine (Boisnier), a jockey, died in the same circumstances. Both were gifted and passionate about their job.  


  The papers mentioned it of course, but it would be good if they could insist on how difficult and demanding the job of a jockey is. 


  I have the memory of the day when the jockey Roger Duchêne died on the racecourse of Auteuil… not a word in the medias… but the information that “Alain Prost had a sprained finger” was repeated on end on the radio France Info…


The day jockeys will be regarded as high level sportsmen, the racing world will go up a step!!