Etienne & Grégoire Leenders Race-horse trainers

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A small horsy smile…



…to all the readers who have a look at our news every week and who are kind enough to point out mistakes and omissions (dates, spelling mistakes, pedigrees of horses…etc…).  


   Thank you Paul, thank you Pascal, thank you Léa… and thank you all the others…      


     Thank you to my main re-reader Nicole Braem who sends me corrections and who translates our news in English.


      It is a real job for me, because sometimes I lack imagination, inspiration and I have also to try and not repeat myself…   


    All this to tell you that your criticism is welcome… and I am going to sign this piece of news because you have to give back to Caesar what belongs to CaesarI am the one who gives life to the web site…!!     


    All the best   


     Christine LEENDERS