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What a win for our DEBUT DE PRINTEMPS at Lion d’Angers on June 17th. He doesn’t stop improving with racing…

  Ridden by Clément Lefebvre, we discussed about the instructions: “to go in the lead or not???” we hesitated as DEBUT had never run over the long distance of 5200m (3m2f) and he is only 6… Yes, we know that in some stables they are elderly at 6…but if you want to train good cross-country horses, you have to let them mature like good wine and horses give it back bringing us a lot of satisfaction!!!         

  So, we thought: up with the pace or not? Eventually, Clément decided to take his time and wait in 2nd, 3rd position for the first 3500m (2m1 1/2f) …then blinker to the right…and off we went!     

   He took the lead at the bank, before getting up the “pianos” and was never caught, he won by 10 lengths!                  


    So now what do we run???   To be followed…