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A horse who became a star


CHRISETI by April Night out of L’Allier, was born in 2000 in Orne.


Born dark grey, he was very common. This small horse who became white with time, never stopped improving in his performances and he became a warrior .His fracture of the malleolus in 2003 did not prevent him to come back a year later in spite of the very pessimistic prognosis of the vets who had given him up for racing, meaning never to race again..


Three years later, he discovered cross-country racing at Durtal where he won.“He enjoyed himself in cross-country racing” Etienne said. From this time on, it was the rise of a champion: 3 Grand cross-country races of Craon (listed race), 2 Anjou Loire Challenge (listed race) and numerous places in the best cross-country races.

CHRISETI had become the first horse to win both Anjou Loire Challenge and the Grandcross-country race of Craon two years on end.


He was a really nice horse with the mental and the character of a winner. Over time, he had become an idol who attracted the crowds.