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A good year 2013


At the end of the year we always analyse the records and all that happened:


-          a very good year well balanced between jump and flat racing

-          A lot of good horses in all disciplines

-          Good surprises: Ellie, Tzar’s Dancer,…

-          Confirmed values: Une Vague, Urbaine, Ushuaia Quatz, Amirant, Un Succès, Une de Montot, Winged Fury, Aristo des Mottes, Virgilio, Marquisette

-          We started seeing horses carrying on in cross-country racing: Kapville, Lady de Crusse, Trois Huit.


An incredible year with the 7 wins of URBAINE, but also with the departure of CHRISETI who died on the battlefield and who is immensely missed in our stables.


We have some good horses who have already run or who will run first time out in 2014, but being superstitious, we prefer to keep quiet about them for the time being.