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June 2019


Useful and necessary…

…booklet for all people involved in the racing world.  Whether you are trainers, owners, jockeys, travelling lads, exercise riders… and other jobs, you have to have it in your pocket.

This booklet was initially prepared to help French people to get around everywhere in the world where it is necessary to be able to manage in English. But it is also a help for all the English-speaking people who come to France for internships in the breeding or racing world or to work on a longer time basis, or travelling lads, jockeys, owners or trainers who have runners in France and they are quite numerous.

It was written by NICOLE BRAEM, a racing specialist (breeder, owner, steward) who used to be an English teacher. Cherry on the cake, the illustrations are by the famous cartoonist JOYEUX !

If you want to order it, send a mail to:


Article to read about…

Maëlle Le Levreur, a passionate lady rider who answers an interview about her life.


Interesting first time out

At Orléans on June 10th, NUIT DE FORLONGES ran first time out. She finished 3rd in a maiden race for 3 year-old fillies. Ridden by Axelle Nicco, she

performed a nice race and was quite professional for a debutant.

This 3 year-old Irish filly by Dandy Man out of Jinsky Gift was bred by Mrs. Gardiner and

belongs to a group of pals: Béatrice Nicco, Pierre Noirot and Jean Marc Deverchère.


We can’t stop her!

Another win for Maëlle Le Levreur! With EXPRESS MAG, a mare belonging to Audoin Maggiar. 

 It was on June 9th in a flat race for jockeys and apprentices over 2600m (a mile and 5 furlongs). She went easy all around and Maëlle had her mare well balanced at the entrance of the finishing straight and won quite easily. 

  We have to congratulate this lady rider (she is an amateur rider, not a professional jockey) who comes and rides out every Saturday morning. During the week she works as a vet assistant in a clinic in Nantes and during the week-end she rides races.  

  Well done Maëlle for this good first part of the year.


You’ll have to wake up…

…Mr. BLUSHING BERE!                                                                                                                                   He was unplaced at Nantes on June 4th in a race for 5 year-olds and upwards over a mile and a half.                                                                                                                                                                       Ridden by Maryline Eon with whom he had already won… he had a very easy time… soon showing that he was not interested in this race!!                                                                                    After race conclusion: he will have blinkers next time because we can’t stand this bad will!                                                                                                                                                                He is good-looking, happy, he works well… then what?


Yes, we were…

…thrilled to be 5th with DOUX DINGUE at Nantes in Grande Course de haies on June 4th. In his previous race at Auteuil, he had a bad experience, got a fright and the problem had to be solved. Actually he had horses falling in his legs twice and it did stop him.

Therefore, Thomas Beaurain gave him a wise race. He was cool to start and afraid over the jumps but he finished courageously lacking a bit to finish!!    

 Thomas told us: “he wanted to do well but feared to jump at the start, but nevertheless I liked him!” 

 We’ll go on giving him easy tasks (for example at Sables d’Olonne to bring his confidence back. DOUX DINGUE is worth it because he didn’t win a chase at Auteuil by 10 lengths by chance.   

  It is true that his breeders didn’t give him the best of name for a racehorse (DOUX DINGUE means QUIET LOONY).


Easy win

On June 2nd at Segré, ELAFONISSI won his first chase over 3800m (2 miles and 3 furlongs).   Ridden by Alexandre Baudoin Boin, she started nice and quiet as it was her first chase, she jumped well and performed a very nice race.

 Anyway for ELAFONISSI, there is only one important thing, the firm ground!! And at Segré the going was good to firm…

What was really nice was that her owner Douglas McMillan had come from Scotland to see his horses at stud and in training and he was therefore able to be present for this win.                                                                                                                                                                                                  


A tribute

The racing world is mourning… ROMANE BRIZARD, a young jockey died. She didn’t survive after a fall in a race and we are all terribly sad.     

  In our stables, this horrible accident revived terrible memories. In 2003, our Sandrine (Boisnier), a jockey, died in the same circumstances. Both were gifted and passionate about their job.  

  The papers mentioned it of course, but it would be good if they could insist on how difficult and demanding the job of a jockey is. 

  I have the memory of the day when the jockey Roger Duchêne died on the racecourse of Auteuil… not a word in the medias… but the information that “Alain Prost had a sprained finger” was repeated on end on the radio France Info…

The day jockeys will be regarded as high level sportsmen, the racing world will go up a step!!

May 2019


He is not a…

…champion FRANCIS, but he does what he can… small and courageous, he finished 2nd yesterday at Sablé sur Sarthe in a hurdle race. It was a claimer for 4 year-olds over 3700m (2 miles and 2 ½ furlongs).

Ridden by Alexandre Baudoin Boin, he started at the back of the field, then little by little he came a bit closer and finished well.  


Our nice FRANCIS has not the same qualities as his brother ACCENTUS but nevertheless we love him!!


First time over jumps…

…for RAJSABAA at Sablé sur Sarthe on May 27th in a hurdle race for 3 year-olds over 3300m (2 miles and ½ furlong). 

 She finished 3rd ridden by Alexandre Baudoin Boin.         

From the start she pulled and did so for the first 700m (3 ½ furlongs) and then eventually she relaxed.                                                           

She is very right-handed, Alexandre managed to have her relaxed and to get the best out of her. But in any case, what we particularly liked were the qualities she showed as a jumper and we already look forward to her next race.  

RAJSABAA is by Rajsaman out of Tempête d’Anabaa, she belongs to her breeder Nadine Renaudie.


As a friend of mine…

…would say: “it was not that bad !”  

 Actually, yesterday at Blain, EXPRESS MAG finished 3rd in a flat race for 4 year-olds and upwards. It was for apprentices over 2650m (a mile and 5 ¼ furlongs).

Our young Dylan Salmon rode him and it was his second public race. He started at the back of the field…plunged along the rail and did all his race there.    

 Getting out of the last bend, he was in 4th position and performed a good finishing straight and missed the second place by very little. 

 When getting off, Dylan told us:” If I had been stronger, I would have been second !”

Therefore we know what he has now to do know:  PUSHUPS …in the morning, at lunch time and in the evening.


A day without!

On May 24th at Châteaubriant, we had two runners: TALBIN belonging to Thierry Garnier and IL DECOIFFE belonging to Ecurie Magnien.  

And as punters say: “they were not in the frame!” 

 Nevertheless, they are two horses who do their job well. TALBIN ran twice and was twice in the frame… and we know he has a margin of improvement (his sire is Great Pretender, a stallion in fashion at the moment). 

 IL DECOIFFE has a good rate of success… and never disappoints us… 

 Debriefing: the ground was slightly watered… it was beautiful…it was green…but it was too fast and not soft enough for them.    

 Therefore we forget about Châteaubriant and we look for another course!


A horse for sale!

ZANZETI is by Zanzibari out of Aksaray, he is a two-year-old born on February 17th 2017 at Haras de la Louvière.     

This young horse spent two months at Sylvain Bosson’s to be broken and arrived at our stables a month ago.

You can get in touch with Grégoire at +33 6 23 77 55 62.


Not exactly our TINARILOU!

TINARILOU finished 4th at Angers on May 19th.   

 In Prix le Pont aux Filles, a race for lady riders over 2300m (a mile and 3 ½ furlongs), she was ridden by Maëlle Le Levreur.

 Always in 3rd, 4th position, she didn’t really accelerate in the finishing straight… which was a pity because we were only beaten by a short head.  

  Debriefing: TINARILOU ran well but she might have lacked a bit of freshness and we know that a rapid pace is not her cup of tea!


She is improving

On May 19th at Questembert, SELFIE finished 3rd in a chase for 5 and 6 year-old horses. 

Ridden at a moment’s notice by Cedric Gabard, she behaved well.

She was of course running at her level, but she is always serious because she is a good jumper.     


She will go on in this category.


It will eventually work!

This year, DERIGANOU ran twice: fell once, was stopped once !! 

  It started “to get on our nerves” because the horse is better than what his results show.  Fortunately yesterday at Auteuil we “became friends again” because he ran well

Actually DERIGANOU finished 6th in Prix Tanerko: a hurdle race for 5 year-olds and upwards over 3700m (2 miles and 2 ½ furlongs).    

Ridden by Thomas Beaurain, he started nice and quiet at the back of the field, came closer in the far straight and performed a nice finishing straight. 

 Feedback from Thomas : “I am sorry, I finished on my own along the rail on the inside, but the horse is so left-handed that I couldn’t do anything else. We would have finished better if we had been together with the others.”  

  DERIGANOU jumps very well and he will soon go chasing.                                                                    


Waiting for the verdict of the photo finish…

… is terrible… head, short head…  

This is the result of Prix Pot d’Or in which GASTI GRETI finished 2nd ridden by Thomas Beaurain.  

 At the beginning of the race, GASTI GRETI made a big mistake at the oxer and Thomas nearly fell off…After this mistake, he found himself last.     

 Then our courageous horse did the rest of the race up to perfection and performed an excellent finishing straight.   

  We were disappointed for one minute… and then very happy with our horse.


We discovered this mare

GROOVY FILLY arrived not long ago in our stables, and we ran her for the second time on May 12th at Le Pin au Haras in Prix du Petit Tellier.  

This race was for lady riders and therefore it was Maëlle Le Levreur who rode her. And actually they got on well and finished 2nd in a good style.        

 GROOVY FILLY is by Motivator out of Grigiamine and was bred by SCEA Domaine de l’Argos.


1st win for…

…ECU DES FOSSES who ran his first chase at Le Pin au Haras on May 12th.

 This late horse showed us ability, but like so many horses he needed time to mature, like good wine !!  

 Ridden by Hugo Lucas, he started in 4th, 5th position… and at the end of the far straight, he took the lead and was not rejoined and won well. 

 He is a good recruit for the future.


First time in a “quinté” (big handicap)

On May 12th at Longchamp, FREQUENCE MAG ran Prix du Palais des Glaces, a big handicap on the flat over a mile and a quarter.  

 She finished 5th.    


Ridden by Vincent Cheminaud who discovered her (her usual partner Pierre Charles Boudot could not ride at 54 kgs),

Conclusion: FREQUENCE MAG ran this type of race for the first time and she shouldn’t be ashamed of the result.



A new foal!

A colt foal by Castle du Berlais out of Domino des Mottes was born at Haras de la Haie Neuve on May 11th.     

 He is a lovely, elegant foal, the most beautiful one of course! …His dam DOMINO will be covered by Magnetic Jim.


A race to forget!

On May 10th at Auteuil, ACCENTUS ran Prix Saint Sauveur, a race in which there were several horses who had run Prix du Président de la République as he did.    

 He was not in the frame…”no energy, no spirit” Thomas Beaurain told us.  

 Actually, Prix du Président de la République was a very hard race because none of the horses who took part in that race were in the frame in Prix Saint Sauveur.


A late filly

FALABALA D’ALENE by Coastal Path out of Haida du Noyer finished 3rd in Prix de Durval: a race for 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) fillies over a mile and a half.  

Ridden by Christopher Grosbois, she was placed in 3rd position all around.

When they all started accelerating, she was short of speed and found herself last. But she continued and managed to get the third place.


Missed by very little!

On May 7th at Saint-Cloud, PALMERINO finished 3rd in Prix de l’Aquitaine: “quinté” (big handicap) over 3100m (a mile and 7 ½ furlongs).

 Ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot, he started in the middle of the field and had a very smooth race.    

  At the entrance of the finishing straight, PC took PALMERINO out in the middle of the track and they started accelerating well.  

   We thought it was “done”, but there was a strong fight with three other competitors. The distances at the finish were: head, short head, head!


Successful first time out jumping

At Châteaubriant on May 6th, FATINES ran over jumps for the first time: a hurdle race for 4 year-olds over 3400m (2 miles and 1 furlong).    

 We were looking forward to seeing her over jumps for the first time because we saw pleasant things in the morning. We were not disappointed as she won with class !!!    

  Ridden by Hugo Lucas, she started nice and quiet in 4th position, she jumped well and didn’t make any effort during the race.     

  At the last hurdle of the far straight, she took the lead because she jumped better than the others and Hugo let her go and she was not caught.

FATINES is by Spirit One out of Tadjike, she was bred by Haras de Maulepaire and belongs to Douglas McMillan and Etienne and Grégoire Leenders.


She found her discipline

On May 5th at Senonnes, EN TEMPS VOULU ran a cross-country race and finished 3rd ridden by Hugo Lucas.      

 This cross-country course is difficult and very technical. Actually, when you manage on this course, you are able to do well on any race-course !    

 She was sometimes a bit lost in the sharp bends, but she jumped the cross-country obstacles remarkably well and on top of that she finished well.

She is a good recruit… and her uncle CHRISETI won’t be ashamed of her…



The first race of this filly was very expected !    

Actually, last July at the sales of Maisons-Laffitte, Grégoire had noticed JUNTA DREAM and offered a group of fans to buy her together with Douglas McMillan.

For some of them it was their first horse…and therefore we can understand they were so impa

 For her first time out we found a good entry at Vichy on May 4th: a maiden hurdle race for 3 year-olds.  

 Ridden by Wilfried Lajon, she ran well and finished 3rd. She is beaten by two horses who had already run.   

 Her qualities as a jumper can’t be denied and we are going to enjoy ourselves with her because she has a good margin of improvement.   

  Bred in Nièvre by SCEA JC. Raymond, JUNTA DREAM is by Dream Well out of Junita des Champs and she runs under the colors of Douglas McMillan.


Our TINARILOU would have…

…preferred a less sticky going at Maisons-Laffitte on May 3rd. She ran well and finished 4th ridden by Alexis Badel. It was Prix Querido, a race for 4 year-olds and upwards over a mile and a half. We could see she had not her usual stride and made mistakes due to the ground.

As summer will come, we’ll get firm ground… and TINARILOU will be happy (and so will we).

Thank you to the Epalien* photographers Luc and William…and even Marie-France who was not at the race-course but nevertheless managed to send us photographs… What a team…          * Epalien= share-holders of the syndicate Le Pied A L’Etrier

April 2019


2nd race…

… for TALBIN at Durtal on April 28th in Prix de l’Hippodrome: a maiden race for colts and geldings over 2300m (a mile and 3 ½ furlongs).

Ridden by Sébastien Martino, he started in the middle of the field, moved up at the entrance of the bend and performed a good last straight to finish 4th

 This gelding by Great Pretender is not really precocious, but he will do well as he improves physically, has a good mental and comes from a family of good race-horses !     

  The partners Thierry Garnier, Sylvain Bosson and Etienne and Grégoire Leenders are quite satisfied.  


Unlucky! ...

…we chose to go to La Teste for 's comeback race because she only does her best on firm ground… and considering the weather, we knew this racecourse offered firm going!! Unfortunately, it rained a lot in the morning, just before racing and …the ground became sticky… 

 ELAFONISSI ran well but was not at ease, she finished 5th ridden by Alexandre Beaudoin Boin.   As we get close to summer, we are not worried, we’ll have firm ground… and ELAFONISSI will be happy.


Not heavy enough!

At Maisons-Laffitte on April 26th, FARAFRA finished 4th in Prix Bango: a classic race for 4 and 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over a mile and a half.       

Ridden by Grégory Benoist, she quickly took the lead (that was not the instruction), put some pace in the race for the others and didn’t accelerate in the finishing straight. 

On top of that, FARAFRA is much better on heavy going.  

 In spite of this slight counter-performance, we still trust her because she is a good filly!


Inaccurate race…

…for our FRIANDISE GIRL who didn’t run well in Prix Bango at Maisons-Laffitte.  

  When getting off after the race, his jockey Théo Bachelot said:” I don’t understand, she was not the same filly as last time, no energy, she was even spineless !!”   

  Well, like many fillies at this time of the year, our lovely grey filly was in season… therefore not in a good form to run!!       

  To see again !


A good performance of…

….OR GRIS at Compiègne on April 23rd in Prix de Verberie, a maiden race for 3 year-old colts and geldings.      

Ridden at the back of the field by Alexis Badel, the horse was calm and serious. At the entrance of the last straight, he followed the favorite and finished very good 3rd. OR GRIS is beaten by two horses who are quite estimated by their respective trainers.

 We’ll see for the next races…but we already know that he will be able to run over a longer trip.


Prix du Président

ACCENTUS ran Prix Notre Dame de Paris (Prix du Président de la République) on April 21st at Auteuil, ridden by Thomas Beaurain. 

Good race, jumped well… Still second at the last fence, he didn’t accelerate in the finishing straight and finished 4th

Debriefing after the race with Thomas: “It was a pity, with a second prep before this big race, we would have been second!!” and we agreed with him but the timing before the race did not make it possible.    


In this race we had also the other horse of the Glemin family: RADIOLOGUE. He was ridden by Dylan Ubeda who was very disappointed not to be in the frame. He told us the horse was not at ease and made mistakes over some of the fences.  

 As a conclusion, we’ll forget Auteuil for RADIOLOGUE and we’ll take him to other race-courses to change his mind!


A champion!

When winning Prix de la Jaille Yvon: a race for debutants (colts and fillies) at Lion d’Angers on April 21st, GIRL OF THE WORLD did something special…she was much better than the company !      

 When getting off, Pierre Charles Bpoudot  said: “Ouah, what a bike!!! I won but I had still several gears!”     

  This filly comes from Jacques Cyprès’ breeding operation, she is by Ruler of the World out of Une Vague

   Une Vague was a very good filly we had in training who won a Listed race at Auteuil. GIRL OF THE WORLD is her fist foal.                    

 And, as we say, “breed will tell”!!



When you think of a racehorse, you visualize a beautiful thoroughbred who is proud, elegant and serious… 

But it is not always the case because there are very good horses who are clowns and who have their own ways to eliminate stress !!      

 You see an example of that on the photograph of one of our horses just before the “quinté” (big handicap) he was supposed to run at Saint-Cloud on April 18th.        

 Before his lad came to groom and prepare him, he played with straw… And do you know his name? IL DECOIFFE (se décoiffer” means to undo one’s hair!). You can’t invent it…


Beaten by very little!

On April 18th at Saint-Cloud, FREQUENCE MAG was 2nd in Prix des Coteaux de Saint-Cloud: a divided handicap for 4 year-olds over 2100m (1m2½f).


 Ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot, she started close to the pace and kept this position all around.

All along the finishing straight, there was a strong fight with the winner… Unfortunately, we were beaten by a head  !!!   

The winner carried 57, 5 kg and FREQUENCE MAG 60 kg… (it is said that 1 kg = 1 length).  This filly  is a regular and adorable 

 Her owner A. A. Maggiar who is also her breeder, has just sent us Gallic Mag, FREQUENCE’s half-brother: a beautiful horse who is thicker and stronger than her. Gallic’s sire is Silver Frost.


A nice race for…

… our PALMERINO in the “quinté” (big handicap) Prix du Marathon de Paris at Longchamp on April 14th. He was ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

  The instructions were to start off the pace, nice and quiet so that the horse would not pull.  

  PALMERINO was very calm at his place.  


 The race was really launched as early as the end of the bend. Pierre Charles started asking his horse and performed a very nice finishing straight without being able to catch up the “runaway”. He was second beaten 3 lengths.       

 What a nice and super horse!


Like every year…

…we met for our two General Assemblies of the syndicates Le Pied A L’Etrier and Le Mors aux Dents.   

 After the statutory part of the meeting, we had time to exchange and see the horses.    

         We were very lucky to have sunny weather and to be able to sit outside to enjoy a friendly moment with champagne… excellent salted cakes made by Marie-France and new sugary recipes of Paul.

Thank you all of you, we had another good time together!



….didn’t run up to his true value at Saint-Cloud !!       

Actually the entry was quite adapted for him …but the circumstances of the race didn’t help??

At the entrance of the finishing straight, BLUSHING BERE wanted to get out because according to his jockey Coralie Pacaut, he had plenty of energy to finish but another horse didn’t want to open for him, Mr. BLUSHING got closed in and didn’t insist.

 As a result, Mikaël, the travelling lad was furious because the horse didn’t blow or perspire…he didn’t perform and we travelled all the way for nothing!! And Coralie got a 2 days ban from the stewards!


A wink!

In the racing world, what is absolutely important when you want to buy a horse is to look at the family, the performances of brothers and sisters whether they are stars or not.     

  On the photograph, the smart SIYARAFINA belonging to Prince Aga Khan has just won very easily at Saint-Cloud   

  She happens to be the half-sister to our SINNARI who won three times including a “quinté” (big handicap) at Chantilly in December.   

  SIYARAFINA is 3 and is by Pivotal out of Siyenica and she will certainly be one of the favorites of Prix de Diane. 

  SINNARI is 4 and is by Oasis Dream out of Syenica (same dam, that’s why we call SIYARAFINA his half-sister).

Our SINNARI is still an entire… therefore thanks to his sister and his whole family (same family as the star stallion SIYOUNI) he might have some value as a potential stallion!!!

Time will tell…


Superb win!

TINARILOU easily won Prix André Bois Péan, a race for amateur riders over 2300m (a mile and 3 ½ furlongs), ridden by Maëlle Le Levreur.    

 She started at the back of the field, came closer at the end of the bend and performed a beautiful finishing straight. Well done TINARILOU, well done Maëlle Le Levreur, well done to the members of the syndicate Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier, well done Etienne and Grégoire , well done Geneviève Neveux, the breeder, well done Christine who is always there to support!!        

 Here we are, I have not forgotten anyone!!


What a pleasure to meet again at…

…Senonnes on April 7th for the comeback race of TINARILOU… After the race, Maëlle Le Levreur and all the partners were kindly received by APGO and the officials of the race-course who treated everyone with champagne and  petits fours…and without any restraint…


We started…

…getting upset to see LIVIA ROYALE stopped!!! In general, she is a good little filly who is doing her job, therefore we started being fed up to see her doing counter performances!! At Angoulême, she finished 3rd, ridden with confidence by Dylan Ubeda.

Well placed all around, LIVIA jumped well but had a bad patch to finish.     

  But, we are re-assured!!


Nice race for…

OR GRIS at Saint-Cloud on April 4th.  

  He finished 5th in a maiden race for 3 year-olds over a mile and a half ridden by Alexis Badel. This race meant going up a few steps, but we wanted to see him on a big track.

Even if the company was quite good, he was not ridiculous at all (the winner is entered in the Jockey-Club!).                                           

To follow!


And here is the last…

…expected foal!  A nice colt by BALKO out of WICCALINA. 

 WICCALINA by Martaline was a good racing mare who won at Auteuil. Her first foal is a yearling by No Risk At All.      

  We’ll see if her progeny is as good as she was.


It is not an April fool!

A new foal for our breeding operation in partnership with Louis and Florence Couteaudier on April 1st (You don’t invent it!!):

QURISTINE had a filly foal by WHITECLIFFOFDOVER, she is beautiful.  

 As Louis said after the foaling, “what a pity we didn’t get a colt, she is so beautiful!”

QURISTINE has now four foals: Fransleen (by No Risk At All), Hip Hip Hourra (by Saddler Maker), Imbattable (by On Est Bien).  

Don’t forget that QURISTINE was a quality racing mare, she is also a sister to DEAUSEILLE  (a mare who has just won at Fontainebleau and is to be followed) and she is from the good family of Haras de la Rousselière who has produced many winners.

March 2019


Good comeback

On March 26th at Saint-Cloud, FREQUENCE MAG did a comeback in Prix Roussillon: a divided handicap over a mile and a quarter.

 She finished 3rd ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot. Well placed in the race, she finished very well.    


   It is very pleasant to have a filly like FREQUENCE MAG because she always does her racing seriously and steadily and she is always in the frame.

We might see her in a “quinté” (big handicap) ? Depending on the entries.


In Prix d’Estruval

…we had two runners: FRIANDISE GIRL (green silks) and FARAFRA (blue silks). 

  It is an important race in the programme of 4 and 5 year-old fillies and mares, as it is a classic race graded Gr III. They were respectively 2nd and 3rd.  

 Ridden by Théo Bachelot , FRIANDISE GIRL was doing a comeback and she behaved remarkably well. From the start, she made the running and was only overtaken in the last meters to be beaten by very little.    

 As to FARAFRA, ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot, she started in 3rd, 4th position and kept this place all around. When they started accelerating, she had a “bad patch” and only got rolling at 100m from home…too late. 

 Next time out: Prix Bango at Maisons-Laffitte on April 26th.


First time out…

…for TALBIN at Machecoul on March 24th who carried the colors of his new owner Thierry Garnier.      

   In Prix Geffrolot: a maiden race for 3 year-olds over 2350m (1m3¾f), TALBIN finished 5th ridden by Sébastien Martino. He started at the back of the field and stayed in this position for three quarters of the race, then he started going forward at the entrance of the bend and performed a nice finishing straight.        

  Looking forward to his next race… 

  TALBIN is by Great Pretender out of Genetière, he belongs to Thierry Garnier and Sylvain Bosson and was bred by H. Barus and G. Augustin.



At Auteuil on March 24th, FRANSLEEN did his chasing debut in Prix Mitsouko: a maiden race for 4 year-olds.    

 Ridden by Ludovic Philipperon, FRANSLEEN experienced a not so straightforward first chase. Nevertheless, he was lucky as he might have fallen because of movements, swerves and falls of other horses! He finished 4th and performed a nice race.  

 He is from the good La Guillonnière family in which, for those who have followed racing for a long time, we find Joseille, Un Succès, Oseille IV, Sirta.                                                                                                                


A good horse!

On March 24th, FLAIRON ran for the first time at Auteuil in Prix Virelan: a maiden hurdle race for 4 year-olds over 2m2f.    

  He finished 3rd beaten by good horses who were far more experienced on this race-course. Ridden by Thomas Beaurain, he started at the back of the field and didn’t stop improving his position. 

  FLAIRON performed a very nice finishing straight, gaining lengths, meter per meter.

Thomas told us: “he still pulled too much and in spite of that he finished well…”  

   A good horse to follow!!


Prix Lutteur (“Lutteur” meaning fighter we could say Fighter from the west!)

On March 24th at Auteuil, we had two runners: RADIOLOGUE (favorite in this big handicap) and ACCENTUS who did a comeback.

It didn’t go as we thought it would. Clément Lefebvre who was booked to ride RADIOLOGUE had an accident 3 days before and even if it was not serious, he could not ride at Auteuil…Therefore we chose Alexis Poirier to replace him…complete misunderstanding between him and the horse…therefore our good horse finished 8th !

ACCENTUS well ridden by Angelo Zuliani ran very well and finished 6th…he was not quite ready and needed the race!

Next entry for both of them: Prix du Président de la République on April 21st


A bad day…

…there are good days and bad days… and yesterday at Meslay du Maine, it was definitely a BAD DAY!

As a conclusion, either you get depressed or you do an objective debriefing…and then you understand!!                                                                                                                                                              

FOTE : a young 4 year-old filly in a chase, ridden by Alexandre Baudoin Boin, started at the back of the field and jumped very well. When she arrived at the bank, she grazed it and slipped when landing…unseated rider… but FOTE and Alexandre were fine. It was a lack of experience and we look forward to seeing her next time out.

EN TEMPS VOULU : ridden by Romain Julliot was not in the frame…the ground was heavy and she doesn’t like that at all!! Looking forward to firmer grounds for her…

SELFIE ridden by Wilfrid Denuault was not in the frame. Her jockey confirmed that Miss SELFIE showed she was not co-operative in the finish.


Successful comeback!

Easy win of PALMERINO at Saint-Cloud on March 21st in Prix Relko: a condition race for 4 year-olds and upwards over 1m7f.

Ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot, he started off the pace quite concentrated on his work. The regular rhythm of the race suited him perfectly. At the entrance of the last straight, Pierre Charles “plunged” towards the rail and PALMERINO performed a nice finishing straight and won by two lengths.

When he got off, the jockey told us: “I really enjoyed riding him, he is a dream of a horse!”

Well done to the owners Marie-Cécile de Saint-Seine and Paul Terpereau, to the breeders Haras de Maulepaire and to the trainers Etienne and Grégoire Leenders.

Next step: April 14th, a “quinté” (big handicap) at Longchamp.


Good race ...

…of ECU DES FOSSES at Cholet on March 17th. He finished a good 3rd in a hurdle race for 5 year-olds and upwards over 3800m (2m3f).  

Ridden by Wilfried Lajon, he started in 4th, 5th position and performed a good race. ECU DES FOSSES  is actually a good jumper and can finish his races well. His future? According to the entries, he’ll run hurdle races or go chasing.  

  On Sunday, his jockey wore new colors, those of Comtesse Le Guales de Mezaubran who is now a partner in the horse.  

   A horse to follow!


A petty detail !

After the race, a sponsor treated Grégoire with a trophy. Of course, Grégoire gave it to the present owners, Denis and Luc.

Both found it funny to try and keep it for themselves! The story doesn’t say if they fought for it!!


What a nice win!

On March 12th at Fontainebleau, DEAUSEILLE won as a good mare Prix de Nemours, a cross-country race for 5 year-olds and upwards over 4600m (2m7f).     

 Patiently ridden by Clément Lefebvre in the middle of the field, this good jumper performed a very nice race…she was just a little surprised by the “trou à bord franc” (a hole) which she jumped big…then she started coming on in the last 5 furlongs and accelerated quickly that she does so well.    

 There was a keen fight all along the finishing straight and our courageous DEAUSEILLE never gave ground. We were quite satisfied as this mare had little experience compared to her competitors. Her owners, members of the syndicate Le Mors Aux Dents were thrilled and in front of Equidia (TV) you could “hear” encouragements from all, from all over the country!!!


TRUCO learns his…

 …job !     

 On March 12th, he ran for the second time in a maiden for 3 year-old colts over 1800m (1m1f) at Chantilly.             

  Ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot, TRUCO started behind the others and improved his position nice and quiet all the way around.   

  Slightly blocked in the straight, he managed to get room and finished a very good 

 When getting off, Pierre Charles said: ”if I had been very hard on him, I could have been 2nd or even won” … but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…he is a good horse for the future!                                                       


Good comeback race…

… of FARAFRA at Nantes on March 6th in Prix Souviens Toi, a race for 4 and 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) in which she finished 2nd.     

  Ridden by Sébastien Martino, she started at the back of the field, because this filly has a lot of energy and needs to start off the pace.

Unfortunately in the far straight, a horse came close to her and put pressure on her, she took her bit and soon found herself close to the lead earlier than planned. In the finishing straight, the winner came next to her… and beat her by a length. We are satisfied with this come back because FARAFRA was not 100% ready and this race will do her good

 Next step: in 3 weeks Prix d’Estruval, a GR III for fillies and mares only.


He doesn’t like…


  BLUSHING BERE finished 5th in Prix des Jonquilles at Nantes on March 5th. As he couldn’t run at Chantilly on the all-weather track because Mr. BLUSHING hates that race-course, the choice of entries was reduced. Therefore we chose Nantes…unfortunately it had rained hard for 4 days… and the ground was very heavy.   

 Sébastien Martino told us that he made many mistakes, slipped…but nevertheless he ran well even if we know that he is better than what he showed and this race will put him forwards for his future entries.


Satisfying comeback

At Auteuil on March 3rd, RADIOLOGUE finished 3rd in Prix Karcimont, the Sunday “quinté” (race in which the punters have to find the first five) ridden by Clément Lefebvre.

It was a comeback race after two months off. Therefore, the orders were to start off the pace and get closer nice and quiet in the last five furlongs. Everything went fine, but at the first fence of the far straight, a horse fell in his legs….breathing space!! Clément said: “I closed my eyes, thinking it was finished”!! But no, RADIOLOGUE managed to stay on his legs…but had to make big efforts to be back in the race. This incident cost us a better place!                                                                                                                                                    

Next step: Prix Lutteur III on March 24th.


Inaccurate race

Our EVORA didn’t run well at Auteuil on March 3rd. She was stopped by her jockey Clément Lefebvre.   

  But this estimated mare has excuses: there were two false starts which didn’t suit her. Actually, Clément told us: “After the first false start, she got tetanized, she trembled…and after the second false start, she was even more panicked and during the race she was not at it at all!!”

We have to see her again as she was not the mare we know!



At Argentan on March 3rd, SELFIE finished 3rd in a chase for 5 year-old horses. 

  Ridden by Mathieu Delage, she performed a very good first turn around, jumping well. Then another horse crossed her way in the diagonal and as a consequence, she made a mistake. Because of her inexperience, she found it hard to start again and the jockey preferred to keep her going to finish the race.

SELFIE is a mare we like, she should soon open her records in this discipline.



…on March 2nd at Deauville finished 3rd in Prix de Branville, a claimer over 2700m (1 mile and 5 ½ furlongs).  

 The race started very slowly, the horses were hacking around and this rhythm didn’t suit TRANCOSO who pulled for a part of the race.        

  Her amateur rider, Maëlle Le Levreur, managed to hold him but the horse got tired being on the bit.                                                                                                                                                                                               

Nevertheless when the race was launched… TRANCOSO finished perfectly at the 3rd place, only beaten by little for the 2nd one.

A horse to follow in his next entries.

February 2019


What a jumper!

DEAUSEILLE pleased her owners, the syndicate Le Mors Aux Dents, when finishing 4th in a cross-country race over 4600m (2 miles and 7 furlongs).       

Ridden by Stéphane Paillard, she discovered the difficult cross-country course of Fontainebleau which is technical and demanding…     

She ran well but unfortunately at the fence called “chapeau de gendarme”, she was impeded by a competitor but thanks to the equilibrist qualities of Stéphane, she didn’t part from her jockey!    

 And after this mistake she had to be launched again and it is always difficult to catch up the lost meters.

She is a good recruit for this discipline!


Good first time out

At Fontainebleau, FINE FLEUR D’ALENE ran first time out in a bumper: a flat race over 3000m (1 mile and 7 furlongs). Ridden by Sébastien Martino, she finished 5th. She ran well because she met more experienced horses. She is meant to go jumping and to have been able to run first time out in this type of race will put her forward.

FINE FLEUR D’ALENE is by Network out of Ocarina d’Alène and she was bred in Nièvre by her owners Louis and Florence Couteaudier.


Back to Anjou

FRANSLEEN finished 2nd, beaten by his stable mate Flairon, at Angers in Prix Lurçat, a hurdle race for 4 year-old maiden horses. 


Ridden by Stéphane Paillard, FRANSLEEN jumped particularly well (nearly too well) and therefore he will soon go chasing.

When they accelerated, he was a bit short of speed but nevertheless kept his position. FRANSLEEN is 4 and was bred by us. He is by No Risk At All and is the first foal of his dam Quristine.

He belongs to Loic and Benjamin Glemin.


A good horse

On February 17th, FLAIRON ran over jumps for the first time at Angers and won with class. Ridden by Clément Lefebvre, he started at the back of the field, came closer in the far straight, took the lead outside the last bend, performed a very nice finishing straight and won by 6 lengths.

Clément was very enthusiastic:  !” What a horse! If I wanted I could have won by more!”

Together with Douglas McMillan, we bought this son of Khalkevi at the horse show of Decize (in Nièvre) from his breeder JN Tige.


Good first time out…

… for OR GRIS !

On February 17th at Machecoul in a maiden race for 3 year-olds, he finished 3rd ridden by Damien Bone. He was very green and ran like a big baby. This first race will put him forward.

We followed his first race with a lot of attention as we bred him and he is the first foal of his dam Caprice Flore (and is by Gris de Gris). OR GRIS comes from a good family in which you have Caprice Meill, Renneti, etc… classic horses in France and in Ireland!! We are looking forward to his next race!


He is back to himself!

Easy win of BLUSHING BERE at Pornichet on February 6th in Prix d’Houat: a handicap for 5 year-olds and over on a mile and a half.

Ridden in the middle of the field by Maryline Eon, BLUSHING went easy all around. In the finishing straight, Maryline managed to get him out of the rail side and made him finish well, he won by half a length.

Cherry on the cake: it was the first winner of the year and Etienne’s birthday!

January 2019


Is improving

At Pau on January 26th, EVORA finished 2nd in Prix Saint Armou: a hurdle race for 5 year-olds over 3800m (2 miles and 3 furlongs).

Ridden with a lot of confidence by Clément Lefebvre, EVORA was far more serious over the hurdles than first time out when she was too keen and did everything wrong.

We want to congratulate her morning riders who managed to settle her down. Therefore, she has now understood her job and has become professional. In short, she is a good filly and a good jumper able to finish well.


The going didn’t suit him…

DUR A CUIRE is not a horse who likes sticky or heavy ground. At Pau on January 20th, he was 5th in Prix Jean et René Couétil: a cross-country race over 4100m (2 miles and 4 ½ furlongs).   

  Ridden by Stéphane Paillard, he jumped very well, but in between the fences he was not at ease and slipped.                             

  It was only his 2nd cross-country race and he met very experienced horses, therefore it was quite difficult for him.                                        

 But we are not worried for his future because there are many cross-country races in our area and when you are called DUR A CUIRE (a tough nut) you are not afraid of anything! You go forward!


We are re-assured!

TRANCOSO finished 2nd at Pornichet on January 12th in Prix Dinghy, a flat race over a mile and a half, ridden by Sébastien Martino.

This “idol with feet of clay” didn’t run much as his legs are fragile and you can’t make a racing plan for him… Therefore we were thrilled with this race because we like to see him performing…he is so beautiful!! 


A nice race!

At Pau on January 9th, EVORA finished 2nd in Prix Baradat: a hurdle race for 5 year-olds over 3500m (2 miles and 1 ½ furlong). We are re-assured as she missed her debut over jumps (she fell at the third hurdle).

She was ridden with a lot of confidence by Clément Lefebvre. When they were off, she started at the back (those were the instructions because she is brilliant and has a tendency to do too much…therefore the jockey has to be careful). When they started to accelerate, EVORA jumped well and seemed at ease.

When the field got out of the last bend, EVORA was still far back. Then she performed a magnificent finishing straight! She has quality and will certainly be directed towards Auteuil. 


How impressive!

TRUCO ran first time out at Deauville on January 4th, he finished 3rd ridden by Sébastien Martino. In Prix Barelière, a maiden race for 3 year-olds over 1900m (9 furlongs and a half), they started at the back of the field. Out of the bend, he was still in the same position when Sébastien plunged along the inside rail and the machine TRUCO started and performed a fabulous finishing straight. When getting off, Sébastien said: “A fantastic turn of foot!!”

This beautiful horse is by Sepoy out of Tropa de Elite was bred by his owner Arthur Mendes at Haras du Mézeray. We are already looking forward to seeing him again!


Always in the frame…

... our TINARILOU!

She finished 5th, but quite close to the first four horses and therefore she missed a better place by very little.

Ridden by Sébastien Martino , she might have started too well and too close to the horses in the lead… and in the finishing straight she might have attacked a bit too early…

She will now have a few weeks’ holidays to recuperate and have a rest and then be able to come back in full form.

And as one of her owners Jean-Paul Transon says: they will be well deserved holidays!!


Comeback races for…

TRANCOSO and BLUSHING BERE at Deauville on January 3rd in Prix Swain.

They didn’t finish in the frame…but both had excuses: TRANCOSO ridden by Damien Bone was off for 2 years (a tendon) and BLUSHING BERE ridden by Geoffrey Boughaita was stopped for a year (a tendon).

They were quite rusty and had lost the racing rhythm, but if we manage to have them back to what they used to be, we’ll enjoy ourselves with them because they are good horses with attractive personalities!