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The news

December 2017


He confirmed the qualities…

….we think he has….

On December 19th FANTASTIC BERE ran very well at Chantilly and finished 4th, ridden by Eddy Hardouin.

The fog was so dense that we were only able to see the last furlong. Eddy told us about his race: he started in 6th, 7th position, performed a nice straight and finished very well… Altogether a very pleasant horse to ride!

FANTASTIC is more at ease on good ground…therefore in winter he will run on the AWT and in summer on the grass.

In 2018 he should be followed in the “quintés” (big handicaps)... The faithful partners of L’Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier will be very happy to follow him on the race courses all over the country.


He recuperated well

On the photograph, you can see that hardly out of the horse box, KAPVILLE went directly to his manger and ate up everything.

It is a good sign for 2 reasons: either he didn’t suffer of the trip and his ”English adventure” was not too tough for him or he was happy to get back to his French food (and we understand him!).

This morning he’ll go to the paddock with his best pal: TZAR’S DANCER… they have so many things to talk about.


An interesting horse

On December 16th at Deauville, SQUARE THIERS ran first time out in a race for unraced two-year-old horses over 1900m (a mile and 1 ½ furlong) ridden by Maxime Guyon.

He jumped well out of the stalls and took the lead from the start…a serious and already very professional colt. Maxime started pushing him at the entrance of the straight and the horse finished 5th.

We would have liked the jockey not to attack so early and be more patient. According to him the horse will be more at ease on the grass.

SQUARE THIERS was bought at the sales by Richard Venn. He is by Zambezi Sun out of Dylandor. He belongs to Douglas Pryde, a Scottish owner who has just been agreed as an owner in France.


We tried….

…the English adventure, sending KAPVILLE to run at Cheltenham over the 6200m (3 miles and 7 furlongs) of a cross-country race which was part of the Crystal Cup circuit.

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, he ran well although not in the frame…he finished 6th out of 7 but was serious, didn’t make any mistake… altogether a KAPVILLE as we like him.

After debriefing and thinking it over, we might have had him ridden too close to the lead and too offensive and so on…

It might have been so, but the true reason is that this trip had nothing to do with the cross-country courses we have in France. It is rather a chase with green obstacles and small banks… but no big obstacles, no big difficulties…

Therefore, this English adventure was very rewarding as next time we’ll know which type of horse we should send there or should not send!!


And we saw our…

…..”hairdressers” again!! Because their pet, their small pal IL DECOIFFE ran for the second time of his young career on the all weather track of Deauville on December 15th.

From the start he was a bit keen but Ronan Thomas managed to have him covered.

And at the entrance of the straight he was well balanced but found it hard to change gear but the “war machine” started and he finished courageously.

This race showed us that the horse has some potential and that we’ll enjoy ourselves with him in 2018.


First time out of…

…an estimated filly: EBENE SACREE. At Pornichet on December 11th, she finished 4th ridden by Eddy Hardouin.

She started in 5th, 6th position, was serious all around but at the end of the bend, EBENE was blocked in along the rail…and as soon as she managed to get out, she performed a nice finishing straight.

After the race Eddy told us “it was a pity I couldn’t get out earlier, it certainly cost us one or two places but she definitely has a nice future because she can gallop!!”

EBENE SACREE is by Anzillero out of Toscane Sacrée and she belongs to her breeder Christophe Masle.

Her dam’s brother is Sprinter Sacré: a champion in England who won 18 races including 13 Gr1!!! Yes, the niece has a bit of pressure on her shoulders”!!


Good race…

…for RADIOLOGUE at Angers on December 10th who finished 2nd in Prix Colonel Lair: a hurdle race over 3800m (2 miles and 3 furlongs) for 5 year-old horses.

Ridden by Hugo Lucas, they started close to the lead and the trip was quite smooth, even if we know that RADIOLOGUE prefers the big obstacles of chasing…At the last hurdle, the winner flew away and we finished well!!

A good recruit for 2018!!

November 2017


DERIGANOU is improving

On the race-course of Lyon la Soie on November 30th, the son of Denham Red, a 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) finished 2nd ridden by Ronan Thomas.

In a race with pace, DERIGANOU was well placed along the rail in 3rd, 4th position. Ronan took him out at the entrance of the straight and the horse finished well.

The distance of 3200m (2 miles) helped him as he can stay and he will soon be orientated towards jump races.


A race to forget!!

On November 30th at Lyon la Soie, DOROGYNKA ran in the same race as her stable mate Deriganou….but the result was not the same!!

Ridden by Eddy Hardouin, she took the lead at her own pace, but another horse came next to her….and DOROGYNKA took her bit and went much faster than planned. Eddy tried to tell the other jockey “take your horse back, we go too fast, we won’t finish!!”

As a result she did too much and was not able to finish.

To see again in better conditions.


The always courageous Miss

Our FILLE D’AVRIL finished 5th at Pornichet in Prix de l’Estuaire.

Ridden by Anthony Crastus, she started close to the lead and in the finishing straight we hoped for a better place but our FILLE gave up and stayed in her own pace.

We can’t reproach her with anything because once again she ran perfectly… and what is nice with her is that she is still beautiful and has got plenty of drive in spite of her old age!!


She is learning her job.

DEAUSEILLE finished 5th in a chase at Nantes on November 26th ridden by Hugo Lucas.

She ran well and this late filly doesn’t stop improving. As she is naturally gifted, she gets tougher with racing.

To follow next year…


Good coming back race…

…for RADIOLOGUE at Nantes on November 26th in Prix V’la Paramé, a chase for 5 year-old horses over 3900m (2 miles and 3 ½ furlongs).

Ridden by Hugo Lucas, he started in the middle of the field. The trip was smooth and regular.

Unfortunately, RADIOLOGUE made a mistake at the last fence and it cost him the win.

Bloody last fence!!



….. bluffed us as he performed a very nice race at Nantes on November 26th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He has really improved since his previous hurdle race at Lyon Parilly.

DOUX DINGUE started in 2nd, 3rd position, jumped well and fast. He was side by side with the winner over the last hurdle and all along the finishing straight, there was a serious fight between the two of them!

DOUX DINGUE has a potential and we look forward to next year when his objective will be to run at Auteuil.


A good recruit for…

…the year 2018!

BESS, a two-year-old filly by Authorized finished 4th in a maiden race for fillies: Prix Pharsale over 2000m (a mile and a quarter).

Ridden in the middle of the field by Théo Bachelot, she managed to cope with the very heavy going of Saint-Cloud.

Actually at mid straight we thought we would be 6th or 7th, but BESS took her bit and finished with courage better than expected.

When getting off, Théo told us that this filly would be interesting next year.

To follow…


A good race

At Compiègne on November 24th, DEBUT DE PRINTEMPS finished 3rd in Prix Hamilton, a chase for 4 year-old horses over 3900m (2 miles and 3 ½ furlongs).

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, he started in the middle of the field, jumped well and finished well.

He ran well as he was beaten by good horses who have been in the frame of classic races.

A good recruit for the Prix du Président 2018?


Expected first time out…

…by the fan club “les coiffeurs” (the hairdressers) partners in the horse IL DECOIFFE (the name of the horse means to disarrange one’s hair).

This two-year-old by Air Chief Marshal out of Ge Decoiffe, didn’t disappoint them as he ran remarkably well when finishing 4th.

His jockey Ronan Thomas was very happy with his horse “a small, tough horse with quality who proved to be courageous in the finishing straight”!

IL DECOIFFE started in the middle of the field, straight and serious and was in a good position in the last bend. Ronan had him well balanced and he finished well… at 50m from the finishing post we still thought we would be 3rd but one horse came fast and took this place from us.

A horse to follow.


A passion for horses and racing…

“Les coiffeurs” is quite a nice story.

Actually a group of friends on the initiative of Fanny Cyprès bought a yearling IL DECOIFFE. Then they decided to keep him, to put him in training to be able to live an adventure of owners.

Therefore IL DECOIFFE was their first runner.

You can then imagine how happy they were, they looked as if they had just won the Arc!!

See you soon for the next adventures of IL DECOIFFE.


She is going up the grades…


In Prix de Poncins, a listed race for 4 year-olds, she finished 3rd ridden by Alain de Chitray.

All around she followed the horse in the lead and it was a treat to see how she jumped…And at the entrance of the last straight, the winner pulled ahead, the second followed and our courageous filly fought well to get the 3rd place.

KAPETIENNE did a true performance as she has not raced much and is not quite mature yet.

One to follow..


A good horse…

ELIDAS D’AIRY ran at Le Mans on November 19th in a race for AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over 2300m (a mile and 3 ½ furlongs). He finished 2nd ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

Pierre Charles placed his horse in the middle of the field and brought him closer before the last bend, then in the finishing straight there was a strong fight with the winner. As a result: beaten half a length.

“A good horse” Pierre Charles said when getting off.

ELIDAS D’AIRY is by Legolas out of Palidas D’Airy and he was bred by Claude Yves Pelsy.


How unlucky!

At Nantes on November 17th, ELLELAND ran over hurdles over 3100m (a mile and 7 ½ furlongs). She finished 5th ridden by Dylan Ubeda.

She was going well, jumping well. At the one but last hurdle, she had still resources but a horse fell in front of her stopping her dead and she nearly fell herself. ELLELAND started again with courage… but it was too late!

Nevertheless, she is a good filly and has a good future


How happy we were…

…to see our TZAR’S DANCER back on a race-course!! Because he had to be stopped for a year following a health problem.

We wanted him to have a quiet come back race to resume competition. And we happened to find a good entry over hurdles over 3800m (2 miles and 3 furlongs) at Lyon on November 12th.

Wilfrid Denuault was confident to ride his champion: TZAR started in 3rd position, accelerated after the last hurdle and won with class and without any effort.

Owners, breeders, trainers, his jockey and all the staff were thrilled to have him back …as a young one!


“Hello, he won!!”

We expected it and KAPVILLE did it…Well done!! How happy we were all to see him back on the highest step of the podium!!

At Lyon on November 12th, he won a cross-country race, Prix Vieux Château over 5200m (3 miles and 2 furlongs), ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

This good jumper performed a serious race, seemed to be beaten at the last fence but it was without taking his courage into account and KAPVILLE made a serious effort to win.

Who was the happiest: the jockey: yes, the owner: yes, the trainers: yes, the trainers’ wives: yes.



…..proved that he was able to run over jumps…. I explain: This gentleman fell at the first hurdle at Auteuil first time out over jumps!!

When it happened we must admit that we felt both ridiculous and frustrated…

This time DOUX DINGUE redeemed himself when finishing 3rd at Lyon on November 12th.

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, he started 3rd, 4th and was quite cautious but at the end of the bend, he accelerated well and finished well.

He comes from a jumping family: his sire Denham Red and his dam Harielle IV, the genes are there and it will work!!!



….that jumping is good for him!!

At Fontainebleau on November 6th in a hurdle race over 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs), he finished 4th, ridden by Hugo Lucas.

He took a good start but was soon short of speed (the race went very fast) and Hugo had to force him to go fast. RAISING RIVER made a few mistakes. Then at the entrance of the straight he changed gear and finished very well…

He has a nice future in this discipline.


Beaten by little…

At Auteuil on November 4th, KAPETIENNE finished 3rd in Prix Oeneas, a hurdle race over 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs), ridden by Alain de Chitray.

She started in good position and performed a very nice and smooth trip. At the last hurdle she was in the lead… and we thought she would do it… but she didn’t accelerate and went on the same pace…beaten half a length and a head…

We are not worried as KAPETIENNE will win when the ground is very heavy…she is a “swimmer”.

Therefore, she is to be followed in her next race at Auteuil!


At Durtal, in the important Prix….

…des Guilledines (Gr III) for 3 year-old AQPS fillies, EXETERA performed well and finished 3rd.

Ridden by Thomas Huet, she started in the middle of the field along the rail, came closer at the end of the far straight.

But at the entrance of the finishing straight she had some traffic problems but EXETERA managed to finish well when it opened.

Debriefing: EXETERA will be better on a longer distance and on a heavier going.

Yes, with horses you have permanently to adjust to them and not the contrary!

If the cap fits wear it!

October 2017


The result of the race…

…does not reflect the quality of DOMINO DES MOTTES…who finished 5th in a hurdle race over 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs) at Argentan on October 29th.

Ridden by Hugo Lucas, she didn’t stop pulling and was so keen that in the finishing straight there was nothing left in the tank…

It is annoying, as she is a very good filly!!


A nice trip

…..for DEAUSEILLE at Argentan on October 29th in a chase over 4500m (2 miles and 6 ½ furlongs).

Ridden by Hugo Lucas, she started at the back of the field. For her 2nd chase, she jumped well, respected the fences all around and finished well in 3rd place.

DEAUSEILLE is maturing and improving.

It is positive for the future as she comes from a family who improve with age!!! All the lights are green!


A nice race.

At Lyon on October 29th, KAPVILLE finished 2nd in a cross-country race over 4500m (2 miles and 6 ½ furlongs).

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, he discovered the cross-country course of Lyon which is very technical. Wilfrid told us that he had hesitated a few times over obstacles he didn’t know… but altogether, he performed a nice race…

KAPVILLE didn’t disappoint us: first of all he was beaten by a horse who had the advantage to know the course well and secondly our horse is getting old…


We love…

…our AMARA!!! A 3 year-old little filly who has just finished 2nd at Saint-Brieuc on October 29th in a chase: Prix de L’Ouessant over 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs).

Ridden by Paulin Blot (her usual partner Wilfried Lajon has a broken collar bone), the filly started rather at the back of the field and little by little passed horses and missed the win by little (beaten by a Macaire horse on duty).

She is a courageous filly who, in spite of being small, jumps perfectly and has a turn of foot to finish.

The partners of Le Pied A L’Etrier who managed to be there, were very enthusiastic after the race and didn’t stop praising their pet.


He ran first time out and …

….won at Orléans on October 29th. Well done EXPRESS MAG!

We were only half surprised by this easy win because in the morning he showed good work.

Ridden by Nicolas Even, they started relaxed in the middle of the field and when they arrived in the last bend, he was a bit lost as he is a big mover and Nicolas thought it would be difficult to come back and regain ground…but EXPRESS changed gear and came to win easily.

EXPRESS MAG, a 3 year-old thoroughbred is by Satri out of Reine de l’Aunay and he belongs to his breeder Audoin Maggiar.


In a quality lot!

At Sables d’Olonne on October 27th, DOUX DINGUE behaved well and finished 3rd in Prix Kerbiriou, a race for 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over 2700m (a mile and 5 ½ furlongs).

Ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot, DOUX DINGUE started at “his own rhythm” and in the last straight, he finished at “his own rhythm”…

He is like a train…he is a horse who goes on, without any turn of foot…therefore he will go jumping…


She is going on all the time…but…

…..has no change of speed. DOROGYNKA finished 5th ridden by Anthony Bernard at Cholet on October 22nd in a race for AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over 3000m (a mile and 7 furlongs).

She started just behind the leaders and in the finishing straight when the others accelerated, she went on her own pace and didn’t accelerate.

Verdict of the trainers: next time she is going to run with cheek pieces and then Miss DOROGYNKA will be more concentrated on her work.


Supported by …

…his fan club of Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier, RAISING RIVER ran over hurdles for the first time at Senonnes on October 22nd.

And everyone was happy because he debuted remarkably well. He finished 3rd ridden by Hugo Lucas.

All around, RAISING was on the outside of the field, and as he jumped well and effortless, he was well placed outside the last bend.

And then he accelerated to finish very fast gaining more and more lengths (a little bit further we would have had a better place).

Proud and thrilled, we know he has found a new career!


Nice race

…for PASSIONNANTAISE in Prix Coiffard over 3800m (2 miles and 3 furlongs).

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, she performed a smooth trip, jumping easily, then she came closer at the entrance of the last bend and there PASSIONNANTAISE performed a nice finishing straight and took the second place.

The ground was heavy and it obviously didn’t disturb her.

Next objective: Auteuil.


The pride of the breeder!

His dam CAPRICE MEILL died but we kept the family withe her sister CAPRICE FLORE who has a yeraling by Gris de Gris : OR GRIS and a foal by DOCTOR DINO : DOC DEN


A race….

….with unexpected recurrences for ELLELAND at Moulins on October 20th.

She started well in the middle of the field and after one turn she had a horse slipping in front of her ….and therefore went backward and lost her equilibrium… and second turn around the same thing happened again!!!

In spite of all these problems, ELLELAND ridden by Hugo Lucas came and finished a courageous 3rd.

There are days like that!!!



This week-end the horses….


….ran well…. All of them, the ones first time out or those coming back or those who are confirmed.


They could be seen at Pornichet, Auteuil, Le Pin au Haras, Orléans, Saint Brieuc and Niort.

Who said: “Travelling gives experience”!!


Some improvement…

…when jumping would be welcome for COMEDIE MUSICALE.

On October 15th, at Orléans, she ran her first chase. In spite of a clumsy trip with mistakes, she managed to be 2nd.

Dylan Ubeda, her jockey rode her with confidence and trusted her to the end…”It is a good first time chasing but she has to improve her way of jumping!!” We are not discouraged…


She will be better…

….on heavy going!

NOBLE LYRIC has not lost our esteem when finishing good 4th at Niort on October 15th.

Serious trip, good finish…but the ground was firm and as Nicolas Even confirmed, she was not at ease.

We don’t want a hurricane, but some rain wouldn’t do any harm.


With a terrific effort !!

TARCO was starting annoying us because in the afternoon, she didn’t show us what she did in the morning.

On October 15th she came back into favour with us when winning a chase at Le Pin Au Haras ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

She started at the back of the field, jumped very well and at 1500m (7 ½ furlongs) from the post, she changed gear, took the lead and could not be caught, winning by a small nose…

At last….Well done TARCO and Wilfried.


A prep race

KAPETIENNE did “some sort of a come back” over hurdles at Auteuil on October 14th ridden by Alain de Chitray.

She started in the middle of the field, jumped well and in spite of what we wanted, she found herself among the lead horses because a fugitive had taken a lead of 20 lengths.

Alain took his time and asked her to finish well (if he had been more severe with her, we would have been second).

The objective will be on the big jump week-end on Nov 4th and 5th… and we hope to have rain because KAPETIENNE will be better at ease on heavy going.


An interesting filly

BESS, a two-year-old filly ran first time out at Pornichet on October 14th in a maiden race over 1700m (a mile and ½ a furlong).

Ridden by Jérôme Moutard, she finished 4th.

She got short of speed from the start and had to stay along the rail (bad state of the track) and at the entrance of the straight, Jérôme found an opening and Bess finished very well.

As a conclusion, in the future she’ll run on longer straights, on the grass and on longer distances.

BESS is by Authorized out of Quillaja and she belongs to Marcello Randelli who’s breeding at Haras du Mézeray.


Noticeable first time out…

At Pornichet on October 14th,FANTASTIC BERE ran very well, finishing 3rd in Prix de Janzé, a maiden race for 2 year-olds over 1700m (a mile and ½ a furlong).

Having drawn n°14 in the stalls, Eddy Hardouin, his jockey could not hide him and had to stay uncovered. .

They were last when entering the finishing straight …and then FANTASTIC was very impressive passing other horses!

FANTASTIC is by Pedro The Great out of Kanonette and he belongs to a partnership: Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier, Emmanuel de Seroux and Alain Régnier.


They gave us so many joys!!!

News about our pensioners…. They are in Normandy where they lead a happy life…

ECHO DES MOTTES (25), MARCETI (10), GONDLEEN (21), JOSEILLE (20) and the two “young” ones who arrived this year: AMIRANT (9) and UN SUCCES (9).

For the petty side of history, the very independent AMIRANT finds it hard to mix with the others. But the boss is MARCETI… We can still see the strong character he had when “he was a race-horse”.


Yearly visit…

…of Lycée Lasalle Levier from the town of Levier in Doubs.

Every year at this time, a group of students come and visit our region.

Their main interest is the horse world because most of these students wish to have a career in the different equine professions.

And it is always a pleasure to receive them and meet again their teachers who do a fantastic job.


The syndicate Le Pied A L’Etrier is….

…in the news.

Actually, if you bought the paper Ouest France yesterday on October 9th, you could read an article dedicated to our syndicate.

Under the signature of Marion Dubois, a journalist of this paper, the readers could appreciate and understand how this syndicate works.

Helped by the share-holders she met, the Transon, the Bizeul, Fred Goitte, Luc Josse, etc… she had pieces of information to develop and explain.

We are very proud of this recognition.


Always too keen…

…our CHESTELI at Le Pin au Haras on October 8th… she finished 4th ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

The instructions were to hide her from the start but unfortunately the pacemaker veered off and she found herself in the lead. CHESTELI, jumping better than the others kept the lead and we know that in front “Madam” pulls a lot…

She “consumed” too much and paid for it in the finishing straight.

It was a pity but when we find the right “key”, CHESTELI will perform better.


Serious race for…

…CREAMWELL at Le Pin Au Haras on October 8th.

She performed a race without any mistake on the very demanding cross-country of this race-course, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Short of speed when they started to accelerate, she finished well to get the 5th place.

It is always the same problem with her…CREAMWELL is a good jumper but she lacks speed.

Her owner Vincent Trevisani said: “we feel as if she could still do 1000m extra”… Actually this race was for 4 and 5 year-olds and the maximum distance is 4100m (2 miles and 8 ½ furlongs).

Therefore, next year we’ll be able to run her on longer distances.


Good come back to Auteuil with…

TICKET HOLDER (grey and red colours) on October 8th where she ran twice last spring.

After her win at Vichy, she showed she had improved and matured.

In Prix Jacques Barbe, ridden by Hugo Lucas, TICKET discovered the “circuit of the handicaps”. She started in the middle of the field, found her place in the far straight but was impeded in the last bend where there was some movement!!

The time to get her balance back, TICKET came with courage to get the 4th place.

A good filly to follow!


Small wink!!

The always dynamic race-course of Angers settled big, beautiful panels all along the finishing straight.

On them you can see horses trotting or galloping.

And on the panel close to the finishing post, we recognized our horse CALIXEL with the colours of his owners: Gold and Blue… (horse bred by Isabelle de Saint Anthost).


He is going to go back…


DOUX DINGUE ran again on the flat… he finished 5th ridden by Ronan Thomas.

He started at the back of the field, finished well but didn’t manage to get a better place.

DOUX DINGUE is a good jumper and he is issued from a good jumping family, he is the brother of UN SUCCES…


Unlucky race!

On October 2nd at Argentan, EXETERA finished 4th beaten by little for a better place…the first four finishing nearly on the same line.

Ridden by Ronan Thomas, she started in 4th, 5th position, well placed along the rail. At the entrance of the last bend, EXETERA found herself blocked behind a “dead” horse, had to go around him, but the other horses didn’t wait for her… she finished fast but too late!

This 3 year-old filly by Maresca Sorrento out of Isménie has many qualities and we expect a lot from her.

September 2017


It will work out!!

After two average races at Auteuil, DEBUT DE PRINTEMPS had some holidays, and then won in the province for his come back race…

All that to explain that DEBUT had it a bit difficult in the spring… and this tall, late horse needed to charge his batteries before resuming competition.

He ran at Craon on September 25th and finished good 3rd ridden by Hugo Lucas. Just like with all the Irish Wells, it is highly recommended to be patient and not loose hope! And it is quite true with him.

A horse to follow!


The pride of the breeder…

On September 24th in Ireland, RENNETI won a Group III, Loughbrown Stakes by 5 lengths over 3200m (two miles).

His trainer Willie Mullins commented:” RENNETI is well at this time of the year because the going is getting heavier and we have to take advantage of it. He’ll run at Ascot the Long Distance Cup Gr II”.

RENNETI (by Irish Wells out of Caprice Meill) already won a Group II over hurdles.

We bred him in partnership with Pierre Julienne at Haras de la Monnerie.


What a joy!

FAUBURG ROSETGRI won the Grand Chase of Craon trained by Gabriel and ridden by Clément Lefebvre.

It was a nice surprise even though we thought he might do it: well prepared horse, well ridden… Well done and thank you to the whole team.

A bit of “history”, when Gabriel settled as a trainer, he had not many horses and one of his horses had just killed himself racing at Lyon. Therefore Etienne and Grégoire decided to trust him with a young promising 3 year-old: FAUBURG that Etienne bought at the Osarus sales for 2.000 euros!!!

There are always nice stories with horses… and this is one…


He opens his record

On September 24th at Craon, GASTI GRETI won…we started wondering: 18 races and 12 places…it was high time!

In Prix Manatee, a chase for 5 year-olds and over on 3700m (2 miles and 2 ½ furlongs), Wilfrid Denuault chose the simplest tactics: “let those who love me follow me” , he won well… Interesting performance because he is only 5 and he beat more experienced horses.

Now, he is going to Normandy because he deserves holidays and we don’t want to take advantage of him as he comes from a family who improves with time (Gondleen, Chriseti, etc…).

Cherry on the cake, when on the podium after the race, we won a nomination of the stallion Manatee (by Monsun) standing at Haras du Hoguenet.


We have to find a race…

…to suit the good-looking CREAMWELL…I explain, she is a tall mare who jumps perfectly but lacks speed to finish…and as his jockey Wilfried Lajon told us after his race at Craon:”At the moment of the finish, she moves on and doesn’t change pace.” She finished 4th.

Therefore, we’ll have to find big races, half chase, half cross-country race… and there aren’t any in the programme book..

Trainers, plunge into your books!!


The so-called second race….

…after a good come back race, CITY PRETENDER finished 5th ridden by Hugo Lucas

This good late horse didn’t disappoint us. He ran well, jumped well but weakened a bit in the finishing straight.

Like his older brother KAPVILLE, he will improve with age… we can also say “like good wine”!


Beaten by very little…

KAPVILLE was 2nd in Prix René Guy, a cross-country race over 4600m (2 miles and 7 furlongs) at Craon on September 23rd, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Of course we were disappointed as he performed an extraordinary race, jumping perfectly as he can do it, attentive, easy going, light but nevertheless strong… we really enjoyed it…. And even the journalist working for Equidia didn’t hide his enthusiasm!!

We won’t do the race again, but we admire our KAPVILLE when he is like that!!!


Promising first time out…

…for GRAINE D’ARGENT on September 22nd at Fontainebleau ridden by Florent Guy.

As a first race, we had chosen a bumper over 3000m (1 mile and 7 furlongs). She finished 3rd.

She started in the middle of the field and galloped irregularly like a big baby who doesn’t know how to move her legs!!! But, although she was very “green”, she performed a very nice finishing straight.

GRAINE D’ARGENT is by  Kendargent out of Graine de Tempête and belongs to Pascal and Nadine Renaudie who are also her breeders.


Good come back race…

…for PASSIONNANTAISE on September 20th, ridden by Thomas Beaurain.

We had not seen her at the races since November 2016 (health problems) and we were looking forward to seeing her run again because she is a filly we like.

In this come back race she finished 5th. PASSIONNANTAISE started at the back of the field and she didn’t stop gaining ground and finished with courage.

She needed to run and to get back to the rhythm of competition!


An eventful finish

At Fontainebleau on September 19th, HONORIUS QUERCUS was 2nd, in a claiming race over 3000m (a mile and 7 furlongs), ridden by Maxime Guyon.

HONORIUS took a good start and was 2nd, 3rd along the rail all around. At mid straight, when he wanted to get out, he was totally boxed in.

When he eventually managed to get out of this trap, he took off but too late…the finishing post was there…

Not always easy to do what you want in a race!


Grand Ma is still well!!

On September 19th, our FILLE D’AVRIL is once more in the money in a flat race for lady riders over 1800m (a mile and a furlong). She finished 3rd ridden by Maelle Le Levreur.

As usual, she started well and finished well… and the long finishing straight of Fontainebleau was no problem for her… she always does her best!

We adore our “FILLE”.


She opens her record…

At Vichy on September 18th, TICKET HOLDER won Prix de Dreuille, a hurdle race for 3 year-old fillies, ridden by Hugo Lucas.

She started in the middle of the field, her jockey Hugo brought her slightly closer at the end of the far straight… and then attacked the leader … to eventually beat him on the post.

This filly is by Saint des Saints out of Exolthir and belongs to Douglas McMillan and John Studd (her breeder).


First time in a chase…

…for AMARA on September 17th at Orléans in Prix du Colonel Chapuis, a chase for 3 year-olds over 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs).

She finished 2nd ridden by Wilfried Lajon. She started last, did a quiet tour around then Wilfried easily brought her closer in the far straight. As she is particularly gifted, she gained lengths over each fence.

AMARA performed a very nice finishing straight but could not get closer to the winner who was much better.

A filly to follow next time out!


A good race

On September 16th at Cholet, CALINZANA finished 4th in Prix Roman Oak, a hurdle race over 3400m (2 miles and 1 furlong), ridden by Hugo Lucas.

She started in 3rd, 4th position but soon, Hugo decided to take the lead as everyone looked at each other and no one wanted to go forward.

After the last hurdle, the filly went on in her pace and the others finished better.

CALINZANA is a filly with quality.


Satisfying come back race

On September 16th at Cholet, ARISTO DES MOTTES did a come back race after a year and a half off in Prix du Bois Régnier, a hurdle race for older horses over 3700m (2 miles and 2 ½ furlongs).

He ran remarkably well. This super jumper was just a bit short to finish because he carried a mountain of weight and he was not 100% ready.

His jockey Wilfrid Denuault had a big smile when coming back, he was happy to have his horse back to himself.

To follow…


On a track…..

…that had been made heavy by abundant rain, DOMINO DES MOTTES ran over hurdles for the first time and finished 3rd ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Well placed all around, she hesitated a few times but generally speaking, she jumped well and finished well.

It is already a good performance as DOMINO was beaten by very experienced horses in this discipline.

Owners, breeders, trainers and jockey were quite satisfied with the performance of their filly.



A new discipline for…

…DEAUSEILLE at Moulins on September 11th, ridden by HUGO Lucas.

She actually ran over hurdles for the first time and finished 4th. She started in the middle of the field and jumped well (with only two hesitations in the far straight).

She was courageous to finish and gained ground on the 3rd horse. She was beaten by 3 horses more experienced than her.

DEAUSEILLE was born to jump, you have to remember that she comes from one of the good families of the La Guillonnière breeding operation (Sirta, Oseille IV, Joseille, etc…).


At last…

.... PAYNE’S GRAY had run several average races (he doesn’t always show good character).

At Niort, on September 10th, he was second in a flat race over 2200m (1 mile and 3 furlongs) ridden by the amateur rider Pierre Dubourg.

Patient, he started at the back of the field, came closer along the rail and finished well.

Go on this way young man!!…


Good first time out for…

…NEWCOMER at Niort on September 10th. She finished 3rd ridden by Maxime Foulon.

Took a bad start (was afraid of the elastics), and performed her race at the back of the field, came closer at the entrance of the last bend and finished very well.

NEWCOMER needed to run and…. we needed to know her because this filly by New Approach out of Khor Sheed , had just arrived from England.

Report of Maxime Foulon: “she is an interesting filly and she will improve a lot for this first race.”

She belongs to John Studd, an English owner/ breeder who breeds in France at Haras de Maulepaire.


Subscribed to the 3rd place

At La Roche Posay, on September 10th, DOROGYNKA was 3rd of Prix du Poitou, a flat race over a mile and a half.

Well placed from the start by her jockey Jérôme Cabre, DOROGYNKA was relaxed but nevertheless a bit keen.

In the far straight, two horses attacked very suddenly, but….as far as we were concerned, jockey and horse were late to react…As a result, the filly was short of speed and she finished well but too late!!

Therefore we would now wish to have a nice series of 1st, 1st, 1st…. We hope the message is received!


Beaten by better horses

On September 4th at Craon, DERIGANOU finished 3rd, ridden by Pierre Charles BOUDOT.

In Prix de Beauchêne, a race for 4 and 5 year-old horses over a mile and a half, DERIGANOU met horses coming both from flat and jump racing. As usual, he started at the back of the field…then came closer at the entrance of the bend and performed a very nice finishing straight.

He is a late horse that we have spared as his future career will rather be over jumps.


Interesting come back race…

….for CITY PRETENDER at Craon on September 3rd. He had not run since December 2016 as he was operated for a bone chip in a knee.

He finished 3rd performing a very nice race. Hugo Lucas, his jockey, didn’t stop praising his horse.

This good-looking 5 year-old horse is by Great Pretender out of Ville Eagle and belongs to Comte AA Maggiar.

A horse for the future!


It was frustrating!

KAPVILLE fell at the 3rd fence in the Grand cross-country race at Craon on September 3rd

…before jumping a bank, the horse slipped when taking off….horse and jockey parted!!!

As a result: Wilfrid Denuault has a small hematoma at the level of one of his collar bones and KAPVILLE is fine.

It is quite frustrating as the horse was quite ready for this objective.

Who said that it was easy to be a trainer???



…a few weeks’ holidays, CHESTELI did a comeback race at Ploermel on September 2nd, ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

She finished 2nd in a chase over 4000m (2 miles and 4 furlongs). This mare always does what she is asked to do and she should win again soon.

There is an interesting story about CHESTELI, she lives outside day and night because she loves her paddock next to the forest and feels better there than in a box.


Could have done better!!...

…I would dare to say after the 3rd place of BUBBLE SEA at Craon in Prix de la Touche, a handicap over a mile and a half.

Ridden by Maryline Eon, she started in the middle of the field but in the last bend, two horses took a sudden start… Maryline was quite disappointed and told us she would have won if she had started at the same time as the other two.

Racing is not an exact science!


DJEDDEL confirmed

When finishing good second in a chase at Craon on September 2nd, this son of Diamond Boy went up a grade.

Actually, DJEDDEL had just won a small chase quite easily at Questembert, but at Craon it is much bigger and the difficulties are numerous.

His jockey Wilfrid Denuault told us:” he was still a bit keen, but as he was at ease over the obstacles, he managed to finish well”.

The future looks quite interesting for him.


Nice race….

…for GASTI GRETI at Craon on September 2nd when he finished 2nd ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He started close to the lead, jumped well but he was too keen all around and he paid for it in the finish.

Fortunately, in the last bend, Wilfrid gave him a breather and the horse came back courageously to take the 2nd place.

GASTI GRETI doesn’t stop improving with racing, but there is still work to do as he has to learn to relax.

August 2017



…opens her record at Granville on August 27th ridden by Nicolas Even in a flat race over a mile and a half.

Placed in 3rd position all around, Nicolas plunged to the rail at the end of the last bend and performed a nice finishing straight to win more easily than it looked.

ESCALE A SEVILLE, a young 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) filly doesn’t show much in the morning, but in the afternoon she is very professional and shows that she has reserves!!

She belongs to her breeders: Jacques and André CYPRES



….had an average come back race at Pornichet on August 26th in a flat race over a mile and a half, ridden by Adrien Fouassier.

He finished 5th , but we were left with a sense of frustration, because the horse and the jockey were a bit asleep at the back of the field and when the others started, it was too late… even though DOUX DINGUE is the one who finished better than the others…

To see again!!



…finished 3rd ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot in Prix Laperouse, a flat race over a mile and a half.

“I screwed the race” Pierre Charles said… “I should have won”!!

A horse took the lead and went very fast, many lengths in front of the others…and Pierre Charles brought the rest of the field to him. ELLELAND was courageous but eventually weakened at the finish…

In spite of this mischance, we still trust this good filly.


“He is a good horse”

…Pierre Charles Boudot told us after his second place with EPSWELL in Prix Video Rock.

He started well and finished well, he is a solid and courageous horse.

This 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Coastal Path out of Prestelle will probably run one or two more flat races… and will then go over jumps.


By a nose!!!

At Moulins on August 24th, BLUSHING BERE finished 2nd, beating the 3rd by the shortest nose.

Ridden by Ronan Thomas, he started at the back of the field and in the far straight he didn’t seem to have a lot of “gas” !!

Ronan told us he was very cold and it took time for him to give rhythm to the horse, but BLUSHING performed a very nice finishing straight.

When he wants it, he does nice races…


DERIGANOU opens his record

On August 21st at St Jean de Monts, DERIGANOU won with class ridden by Adrien Fouassier.

In Prix de Mauron over 2650m (a mile and 5 ¼ furlongs), DERIGANOU started at the back of the field and last turn around, the “machinery” started… He made short work of his competitors. Adrien told us: ”Easy, I did what I wanted”!

This 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Kandidate out of Isménie (good La Guillonnière family) now belongs to Michel Marchal who had the pleasure to see the horse win for the first time with his colours.



At Lion d’Angers on August 19th, DIVINE MAPOOLISH won with class Prix E. Loyant, a maiden race for AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over 3000m (a mile and 7 furlongs).

Ridden by Ronan Thomas, the tactics were to ride her at the back of the field and to come closer only at the entrance of the finishing straight. The instructions were followed and DIVINE won very easily.

When getting off, Ronan said “If I had pushed her, I would have won even more easy!!”

DIVINE MAPOOLISH is something special!!

She belongs to her breeders: Audoin Maggiar and Etienne Leenders.


Nice race of…


When finishing 3rd at Lion d’Angers on August 19th, this young mare proved how she has improved since her first time out at Rochefort.

She started at the back of the field and her jockey Nicolas Even brought her closer out of the bend but was blocked in by another horse (Nicolas was sorry about it because he confirmed that it did cost him the second place).

But as soon as she managed to get out, DEAUSEILLE performed a very nice finishing straight. The distance of 3000m (a mile and 7 furlongs) suited her perfectly because she stays well.

Her next races have to be followed!


KAPVILLE is back to his self.

In Prix Le Piano de la Juiverie at Lion d ‘Angers on August 13th, KAPVILLE won with authority, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

KAPVILLE ran well, jumped well and finished with courage!!

His last three races in the spring were average because since he fell in the prep for the Anjou Loire Challenge, he was not the same horse…

Physically everything was all right but mentally he had no spirits…

Now all the lights are green for the next objective.



… once again ensured the result when finishing 2nd in Prix J. Lorrain at Moulins on August 11th, ridden by Franck Blondel.

She didn’t take the best start and her jockey told us that in the far straight: “I had not much in my hands but at the entrance of the bend she started passing horses and the machine BUBBLE was on. As usual she fought to get a place!!”

What can you say about such a good mare, she is beautiful, she is good, courageous and pugnacious.

On behalf of your owners: Arnaud, Cécile, Jean-Christophe and Etienne…..we thank you BUBBLE.


She is learning...

hed 3rd in her second race. She was ridden by Maxime Guyon.

She started in the middle of the field and was going easy when serious matters began, she accelerated well in the finishing straight but could not do anything to catch the first and second. Comment of her jockey:” DOROGYNKA is serious, but not mature enough and we are beaten by better horses.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the syndicate Le Mors Aux Dents, we are going to wait a little more before opening our record!! Patience….


She is back to herself!

Our FILLE D’AVRIL’s latest races were quite average (we have to say that with her, we were used to be always in the first five…).

But on August 9th at Royan, she took a new start. Was it because she had Maelle Le Levreur, a young inexperienced girl as a jockey? Was it because she was at the sea-side? Whatever it was, she finished 4th.

She started at the back of the field, came closer at the entrance of the bend and went on passing the other horses!!! Half a furlong more and we would have won..

Well done FIFILLE!


Come back race…

…for STARDATE who hadn’t run since the beginning of spring. We had given her holidays as she was sick when she came back from Pau.

This filly who normally runs over hurdles, did her come back on the flat ridden by Maelle Le Levreur (for whom it was the first race). Nice race in the middle of the field, good finishing straight, but beaten in the last furlong and as her rider told us: “I should have won but I had no more arms at the end!”

Anyway STARDATE performed a good come back race and Maelle a good “first time out”.


A good race….

…for EVORA at Sables d’Olonne on August 8th when she finished 3rd in Prix Isopani ridden by Nicolas Even.

She started in 5th position and stayed there all around… She was the first one to launch the attack in the last bend and she performed a nice finishing straight but was not able to pass the first two.

It won’t be long before EVORA open her record.


JAZZ our dog, a young….

… two-year-old beauceron whose job is to keep the house, to follow each lot to the track and to have a nap…

After this hard work, you need to eat.

Therefore every time there is something organized at the stables, he is the first one to come to the buffet and patience is not his main quality.


He opens his record…

DJEDDEL won with class at Questembert on August 6th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault. In a chase over 3900m (2 miles and 3 ½ furlongs), Wilfrid trusting his horse, took the lead from the start…and as DJEDDEL jumped well and even better than the other horses, he accelerated in the last bend to win with authority.

DJEDDEL is estimated, but at the beginning of the year, it didn’t go as we wanted with him…and we started doubting…

He now showed us in racing the DJEDDEL we saw in the morning and we’ll have pleasure with him in the second part of the year.


Nice race…

…for GASTI GRETI at Clairefontaine on August 5th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

In a chase of a good standard, Prix Coupe du Monde de Rugby over 3900m (2 miles and 3 ½ furlongs), he was 4th, jumping well and finishing well… It was a nice performance as he met good horses and he kept up.

GASTI GRETI is only 5 and it is always a difficult year as the 5 year-olds have to meet the old ones who are more experienced.

A horse to follow!


First time out for AMARA…

…at Saint-Malo on August 4th, in a hurdle race for 3 year-olds over 3200m (2 miles) ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

AMARA started in the middle of the field and as she jumped well, she gained ground. To finish, she did fight well with the others and only missed the second place by little.

Comment of Wilfrid:” She is a good jumper, courageous and tough, she might not have liked the sticky going that much!”

AMARA is by Martaline out of Ama, was bred by Hubert Lepée and runs under the colours of the syndicate Le Pied A L’Etrier.


The 2 jockeys…

Lucas Delozier wears the colours of Comte A. Maggiar while Nicolas Even wears those of our new syndicate “Le Mors Aux Dents”.

A small wink: competitors during the race but friends off their horses!!!

July 2017


DEAUSEILLE needed the race

We had found a nice entry for her on July 30th at Rochefort sur Loir and our young DAUSEILLE finished 5th ridden by Nicolas Even. She was serious and concentrated but needed the race to understand why she works in the morning.

And quite often, following their first time out, horses show real improvement as they then understand what their job is.

DEAUSEILLE is by Denham Red out of D’Oseille, was bred by Pierre and Nelly de la Guillonnière and she runs under the colours of the syndicate “Le Mors Aux Dents”.


DIVINE MAPOOLISH ran first time out…

…at Rochefort sur Loir on July 30th in Prix du Conseil Municipal. She finished 4th ridden by Lucas Delozier. DIVINE was kept at the back of the field all around, came closer at the entrance of the last bend and finished well. But, if her young jockey had waited more, we would have had a better place…….PATIENCE!!!!!

DIVINE MAPOOLISH belongs to Comte A. Maggiar (her breeder).

She is an estimated filly.



When winning the Prix Talmont St Hilaire, a handicap over 2700m (a mile and 5 ½ furlongs) BUBBLE SEA pleased us again: she showed courage, efficiency and a good finish!

She was well ridden by Maryline Eon who was very “cute”, BUBBLE SEA started in 6th, 7th position and was a bit surprised by the sudden acceleration of the rest of the field. Therefore she went backwards in the far straight.


CALINZANA opens her record

At Sables d’Olonne on July 28th, she won with class Prix Ginetta II, a hurdle race for 3 year-olds over 3450m (2 miles and 1 ¼ furlong).

Ridden by Hugo Lucas, Zanzibari’s daughter started in 2nd position and quickly took the measure of her competitors…she won by 5 lengths.

This good jumper still needs to regulate her energy but she will please us a lot as she is a filly for the future.


EPSWELL is improving

Ridden by Nicolas Even, he had a good race up to the entrance of the finishing straight where things went wrong! And as Nicolas said with honesty: “It was a pity, I should have won!!” ( at least we could see that the horse had improved)

This son of Coastal Path out of Prestella is a late horse with potential.

We can congratulate her owner/breeder Isabelle de Saint Anthost for her nice week and her successes with her pupils!!


First time out for ELLELAND

On July 25th at Lion d’ Angers, ELLELAND finished 3rd in a maiden race for 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over a mile and a half, ridden by Arnaud Bourgeais.

The filly started in 5th/6th position, kept that place and started to accelerate in the last bend. But she was a bit lost and it took time for her to get balanced and to eventually perform a good finishing straight.

She needed the race, as in the morning she is very serious but in the afternoon she did behave like a big baby.

This 3 year-old filly is by Coastal Path out of Keisland. She belongs to her breeder Thierry Cyprès.


RADIOLOGUE: a come back race

At Lion d’Angers on July 25th, RADIOLOGUE finished 3rd in a chase over 4000m (2 miles and 4 furlongs) ridden by Hugo Lucas.

He started in the middle of the field, performed a serious race (with just 2 or 3 hesitations) and then outside the bend he accelerated well to finish.

A serious horse.



…race at Lion d’Angers on July 25th. He finished 5th in Prix Claude Rouget over a mile and a half.

Ridden by Maryline Eon, he started in 4th, 5th position and stayed there all around but in the last bend RAISING was totally blocked “impossible to find an opening” her jockey told us…”but for this impediment I would have had a better place.”

To follow in his next entries.



At Vichy on July 18th, DE BON ALOI finished 4th in Prix Hubert de Catheu, ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

He ran well but didn’t show his true self…when it was time to attack the other ones in the long finishing straight, he didn’t make any effort!!

As a result, we sent him to Normandy to rest and get his spirits back.


“Isn’t life beautiful!!!!”

Those two brave horses were on holiday and were now supposed to go back to work and they obviously didn’t feel like it…

They didn’t even want to stand up when the lads came to take them to go to their trainer’s!!

Between ourselves, we can understand!


A nice performance….

EL at Lion d’Angers on July 15th in Prix L’Isle Briant, a Gr III for 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over a mile and a half.

EL MAKEL was very cold from the start and Pierre-Charles Boudot had to wake him up and make him work. All around he stayed in 3rd, 4th position and performed a good finishing straight to be 3rd.

EL MAKEL is a good horse, but a late big baby… his future is over jumps.


First race…

….over hurdles for CALINZANA at Senonnes on July 14th.

For her first hurdle race (which was for horses who had never run over jumps) over 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs), she finished 2nd ridden by Hugo Lucas.

CALINZANA started in 3rd, 4th position, jumped everything well (although a bit too big sometimes) finished well and was beaten by a better horse.

This big filly is by Zanzibari out of Calling All Angels, she belongs to her breeders Henri and Antonia Devin.


First time out.

At Corlay on July 14th, EVORA finished 2nd in a flat maiden race for 3 year-olds over 2300m ( a mile and 3 ½ furlongs).

She started in 3rd, 4th position, was along the rail for the whole race and her jockey, Nicolas Even launched her at the beginning of the straight… There was a good fight and we were only beaten half a length.

This 3 year-old AQPS filly is by Doctor Dino out of Beni Abbes, she belongs to Paul Terpereau and Ecurie Maulepaire (her breeder).


On the way for a new adventure!!

Our new syndicate “Le Mors aux Dents” (Taking the bit between the teeth) has just had the agreement of France Galop and we have just received their racing colours.

As usual it was a long way of red tape …(like for any creation of a company in France!)

The shareholders of this new syndicate were very patient and I think they will be happy to see their first horse first time out.

It will be at Pornichet on July 13th.


International visitors…

On July 10th, we welcomed several of our foreign owners, who came from far away, Australia, Belgium, Scotland and Sweden…!!

Our Australian owners Paul and Catherine Miller didn’t know our stables and they were thrilled to see our facilities and our horses.

They promised to come back (even though there is “only” a 24 hours flight!!)


As usual….


.HONORIUS QUERCUS was in evidence at Clairefontaine on July 8th finishing 3rd ridden by Clément Lecoeuvre.

This courageous, small horse started in 4th, 5th position and was still well placed at the entrance of the finishing straight, he fought to the end to finish 3rd.

Should always be followed.


We found back…

….our RAISING RIVER: “courageous, fighting and finishing well.”

On July 8th, at Nantes, he finished 4th In Prix La Chapelle sur Erdre over a mile and a half, ridden by Mickael Barzalona.

He started in 6th/7th position, in the last bend they were blocked in and we didn’t know how his jockey would manage to get out of this “trap”. But, it eventually opened and RAISING performed a nice finishing straight.

When getting off, Mickael told Etienne that RAISING would stay longer and would be better over 3000m (a mile and 7 furlongs).


He is improving, he is improving…

When finishing 2nd at Clairefontaine on July 4th, GASTI GRETI pleased us…as the horse is better and better in himself.

In a chase over 3900m (2 miles and 3 ½ furlongs) he started in 2nd position and kept this place all along the race.

After the race, Thomas Beaurain told us:”I enjoyed riding him as he jumped everything well and finished well!”

GASTI is only 5 and has a nice future in front of him.

June 2017


A nice win !

DONASLAND did please us at Sables d’Olonne on June 20th when winning Prix Altesse V over 2700m (13 ½ furlongs), a reference for AQPS.

Pierre Charles Boudot started nice and quiet at the back of the field, then in the far straight he decided to go to the outside rail….and doing so he gained 10 lengths…they were never caught!!

Another good win, another good horse and another good jockey!!


Nice win…


…of BLUSHING BERE at Sables d’Olonne on June 20th in Prix du pays d’Olonne, a D race over 2700m (13 ½ furlongs).

Maryline Eon, his jockey, started at the back of the field and took the initiative to plunge along the rail at the beginning of the last bend… Good for her, as she entered the finishing straight in second position… and then, after a good fight, BLUSHING won by half a length.

A good win, a good horse ridden by a good jockey!!


Easy win!!

CREAMWELL ran in a cross-country race for the first time at Cluny on June 18th… she won with class over 4600m (2 miles and 7 furlongs).

Ridden by Hugo Lucas, the mare started in 3rd position. Particularly gifted over fences, she soon found herself in the lead and was not rejoined.

This mare by Dreamwell belonging to Vincent Trevisiani, has a good card to play in this discipline as she is an outstanding jumper. She will certainly be able to run either cross-country races or chases without any problem.


Noticeable first time out…


....for EL MAKEL who won “well over this company ”at Cluny on June 18th.

Nicolas Even, his jockey, took the lead as no one else wanted to go in front… The horse went at his own rhythm and was very serious for this first time out. At the entrance of the last bend, Nicolas started to ask him …the horse answered very well and performed a very nice finishing straight, only accompanied by the arms of his jockey. His win was clear and neat!

I think we’ll enjoy ourselves with this horse.

Her owner Isabelle de Saint Anthost was thrilled because she bred EL MAKEL (a 3 year-old AQPS, non-thoroughbred) by Saddler Maker out of Lorkelle.


Quality show of Cercy La Tour

Every year, trainers go and do their “market” in the show of chasers organized in the west and the center of the country.

Two-year-old colts and fillies are presented in front of a jury who elect the best ones in each category.

And the professionals do their work, they choose the horses according to their conformation and also their pedigree.

Everyone hopes to discover the future star!!


At last!

GASTI GRETI finished 2nd at Nantes on June 6th in a chase, ridden by Alban Desvaux.

They started in 5th, 6th position but GASTI jumped so well that his jockey let him go forward

and started to attack before being in the finishing straight and they were eventually beaten in the last 50 meters.

Nothing to say, we are beaten by a horse who had just won, a Group race on the other side of the Channel!!

We had been waiting for GASTI to perform a good race for a long time because he didn’t show in racing the qualities we thought he had.


Farewell Thomas

Thomas left us three days ago. This young man started working in our stables as an exercise rider and a travelling lad.

Thomas chose to leave and his departure leaves a blank in the stables.

“Don’t cry over the one you have lost but on the contrary, rejoice to have known him.”

May 2017


First time chasing…

…for KEEP GUARD at Questembert on May 29th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

The filly by Kapgarde out of Sacarine had only run over hurdles up to now and she was placed each time…but this tall and good-looking filly is more at ease chasing.

Well placed behind the leaders, KEEP GUARD jumped well and moved on to finish 2nd.

She’ll keep chasing and will improve for this race.


Missed the win by very little

At Maisons-Laffitte on May 29th , HONORIUS QUERCUS finished 2nd in Prix du Tremblay, a handicap for four-year-olds over 2500m (12 ½ furlongs).

He started in 5th, 6th position and was always well placed at the entrance of the finishing straight. When he started accelerating, he soon found himself in the lead when the other ones

ceded. Maxime Guyon said:” No one managed to lead me further on and it probably cost us the win.

After a good fight, we were beaten at the post.

HONORIUS is a good little horse, well in his category.


CHESTELI opened her records

On May 28th at Questembert, CHESTELI won a chase with class ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Without any complex, she took the lead and “let those who love me follow me”. As she is a very good jumper, she gained ground at each fence.

This change of tactics was beneficial because CHESTELI was always placed but we waited for a win.

Looking forward to her next entries!


Everything is fine

Following the questions of many racing fans, I want to give you the latest news about our little champion.

BOURGUEIL has recuperated well after his fit of faintness at the end of the Anjou Loire Challenge. On the photograph, you can see that he is happy in his paddock.

He finished good 4th in a race with a lot of pace!!


Good race…

.....for TICKET HOLDER.On May 25th at Lion d’Angers, she finished 3rd ridden by Thomas Beaurain.…

TICKET started in the middle of the field, hesitated once or twice during the race but finished well.

This race will give her confidence and help her to improve.


Nice win

On May 18th at Vichy, CLAIE won by 3 lengths Prix de Lageneste, a race for 4 and 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) mares.

Ridden in 5th position by Lucas Delozier, CLAIE found her way along the rail as soon as she got in the long finishing straight and she battled well in the last furlong to come and win.

Next entry at Nantes on June 13th.


Thank you to them…

Our faithful readers (French and foreign) often congratulate us for the excellent translations

on our web site.

Therefore, giveth to Ceasar what belongs to Caesar, we want to introduce our translators, Nicole Braem and Gunnar Nordqvist.

E-mails of the two translators: and


A good race

At Angers on May 14th, HONORIUS QUERCUS ran Prix Richmond Brissac: a race for amateur riders.

He fisnihed 2nd ridden by Alexis Lemer.

He started at the back of the field, HONORIUS was very relaxed in this flat race over 3000m (a mile and 7 furlongs).

Everything started at the entrance of the finishing straight… our young gentleman-rider found an opening along the rail and a very fighting HONORIUS finished very fast.

It was a good performance as we are beaten by a better horse.


We could have…

….had a better place but for the dangerous riding of Ch. Soumillon.

Actually on May 9th , at Bordeaux, we ran a “Quinté” (big handicap) with DE BON ALOI ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

In, the finishing straight, where the race started to be launched, Mr. Soumillon changed line and doing so bumped into two horses including ours who were stopped! DE BON ALOI found the resources to start again but could only finish 5th.

We were very surprised by the indulgence of the stewards who only gave him 300 euros fine!! It deserved a suspension for dangerous riding.

To follow.



At Durtal on May 7th, he did a come back in a flat race over 2300m (a mile and 3 ½ furlongs), ridden by Jérôme Moutard.

BLUSHING BERE finished 2nd missing the win by little.

We were satisfied with this result as he hadn’t run since November 2016 and his jockey confirmed that he was not quite at ease on heavy ground.

A horse to follow in his next races.


Good race…

….for NOBLE LYRIC but she didn’t like the racecourse of Limoges. Of course this big mover was not very comfortable in the tight bends.

Ridden by Maxime Foulon, she took the lead. There was an acceleration in the far straight just at the moment when she wanted to take a breath. But she started again to finish well at the second place, not beaten much for the win.

She is a filly who doesn’t stop improving and there are still resources!


First time over hurdles…

….for DUR A CUIRE AT Moulins on May 6th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Satisfying performance as the horse jumped well and finished well.

The ground was very heavy and it will be interesting to see the horse again on a firmer ground!!

DUR A CUIRE is by Denham Red out of Nouchka, he was bred by Hervé Robert and belongs to the partnership Douglas McMillan and Pierre de la Guillonnière.


Easy win of …

BUBBLE SEA … This 6 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) won a handicap against thoroughbreds at Maisons-Laffitte on May 6th.

It is exceptional to be mentioned as it never happened!!

Ridden by Maxime Guyon, she started very relaxed in 4th, 5th position and in the finishing straight she accelerated and performed a very good finish without being caught.

Maxime told us: “she is fantastic, easy and when you ask her for an effort, she does answer!!”

Well done BUBBLE, how satisfying she is!


Noticeable first time out

At Auteuil on May 5th, started her career in a hurdle race for 4 year-olds, Prix Vanille.

She finished 3rd, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault. She was the best impression of the race according to the journalists…and we agree with them!

She was beaten by horses who had already run and KAPETIENNE proved to be very professional all around: well placed, well ridden, she jumped well and finished well…altogether a good job!

KAPETIENNE is by Kapgarde out of Turbotière, she belongs to her breeders, Henri and Antonia Devin.


Come back race of CREAMWELL

At Lion d’Angers on May 4th, CREAMWELL finished 3rd, ridden by Hugo Lucas.

This nice filly has become tougher and she will improve a lot for this come back race.

She has all the qualities of a good race mare.


A good recruit for this….

…new discipline.

CALONGE is very gifted: she jumps well, she is quite manageable and she finishes fast. She has just been 2nd in Prix Chriseti at Lion d’Angers on May 4th.

Hugo Lucas, her jockey told us: “What a pity we made a mistake at the last fence, it cost us the win!”

A mare to follow in her next races.


What a satisfaction!

Who could have imagined that this small piece of a horse, BOURGUEIL, would bring us so many satisfactions.

He has just finished 3rd in Prix Bourgeonneau, a prep for the Anjou Loire Challenge. He was ridden by Hugo Lucas who discovered him (his usual jockey Sébastien Zuliani was actually off following a racing accident).

BOURGUEIL started at the back of the field, performed the race without any incident came closer at 5 furlongs from home and finished very fast as usual.

He is only 6 and he doesn’t stop improving!!

Next time out on May 25th at Lion d’Angers.


Hats off to …..

….France Sire for their live reports from race-courses.

You can see all the actors of the racing community (trainers, jockeys, owners, lads) interviewed by Arnaud Poirier and filmed by Liz Hallopé.

You are in the atmosphere of a racing day, through the statements of punters, racegoers and the official of the racecourses.

Well done for their energy and dynamism.

April 2017


Come back race of CREAMWELL

On April 26th at Angers, CALIXEL resumed competition in a hurdle race over 3800m ( 2 miles and 3 furlongs).

He finished 5th ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He performed a nice race as he is a good jumper and finished with honor but not quite as well as usual because he was not quite ready.

CALIXEL is by Fragrant Mix out of Maldives. He was bred by Isabelle de Saint Anthost and Hervé d’Armaillé and he belongs to Gold and Blue Stable


She still needs….

…to relax. BRIN DE FILLE pulled far too much in Prix Maurepat, a chase over 3800m (2 miles and 3 furlongs).

Ridden by Hugo Lucas, she started in 4th, 5th position and paid for her useless efforts in the finishing straight, she was only 4th.

BRIN DE FILLE is a good mare and she has the potential to win this kind of race.


Average race

At Saint-Cloud on April 23rd, DOMINO DES MOTTES finished 5th in Prix Bango, a Group 3 for 4 and 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred), ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

Ridden at the back of the field, she had a good race but could not really accelerate in the finishing straight.

Explanation: DOMINO is a tall filly who is still growing and yesterday at Saint-Cloud, it was only her 3rd race. She showed that she needed a slow down in her work.

In spite of this performance, she is a very estimated filly.


First win, first time out

NONZA was impressive when winning at Châteaubriant on April 22nd. It was a maiden race for 3 year-olds over 1950m (a mile and 1 ¾ furlong).

She started well in 5th, 6th position, was relaxed and even looked a bit coldas her jockey Cristian Demuro was pushing her from the start.

But, at the entrance of the finishing straight when he asked her to go forward, she was impressive.

She has a pedigree to win. Her sire is Zanzibari and her dam Terra Alta is the full sister of Terre A Terre (Gr 1 winner) and Kachgai (listed winner and group placed), and this family comes from the Devin breeding operation.


SET DANCER back on…

…the road to success at Nantes on April 2nd, ridden by Hugo Lucas.

In Prix Launay-Violette, a chase over 4300m (2 miles and 5½ furlongs), SET DANCER started in the lead. He gave us frights over some of the obstacles, but ridden with a lot of confidence by Hugo, this good-looking, big horse was quite offensive. At the entrance of the straight, he definitely attacked and no one managed to join him.

SET DANCER (brother of Tzar’s Dancer) is by Irish Wells out of Steel Dancer, and belongs to his breeder Marie-Cécile de Saint Seine and he was bred at Haras de Maulepaire.


Schooling race for…

DAKOTA DU VAL at Nantes on April 19th. Ridden by Maryline Eon, she finished 4th

in Prix du Croisic, a maiden race over a mile and a half.

It was a good race for this late, young filly. She behaved as a professional and she is going to improve for this first race.

DAKOTA DU VAL, a 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Kalkhevi out of Jour de Chance belongs to her breeder, Frank Beugnon, Haras d’Orfausse.


We discovered……

…KIMFA. She ran for the first time for us after a health problem last year.

She won by half a length, ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot. KIMFA started in the middle of the field, came closer in the middle of the bend and fought to the end with a lot of courage.

For the petty side of history, Pierre Charles lost his stick at ¾ of a furlong from home…

And pushed only with hands and heels! Well done!

KIMFA is by Makfi out of Rockette and belongs to Zak Bloodstock.


DOTTORE traces out his career

At Auteuil, on April 17th, in Prix de Pau, a hurdle race over 3900m (2 miles and 3 ½ furlongs) DOTTORE finished good 3rd, ridden by Dylan Ubeda.

Always in 4th, 5th position, he jumped well, and his jockey told us that getting out of the bend he wanted to let him breathe but another horse put pressure on him. According to Dylan, this cost us the win.

But as usual, DOTTORE ran well. But it is also true that this time the win was within range.


She re-assured us

When finishing 4th at Auteuil, DONASLAND showed us what we could see in the morning: a good filly who has to learn how to relax!

First time out over jumps, she had to be stopped because she was too tensed up, pulled a lot and didn’t breathe properly…in short it was a bad race and a bad lesson…

For this second race, her jockey Dylan Ubeda started far back, DONASLAND relaxed, and managed at last to jump well and finish well.

It shows once more that race-horses are not machines and that there are time consuming

adjustments to be made!!

A filly for the future!


First win for….

NOBLE LYRIC at Machecoul on April 17th in a flat race over 2900m (a mile and 6 ½ furlongs).

Ridden in 3rd, 4th position by Maryline Eon, the filly was well settled all around and when her jockey asked her to finish she did accelerate well to win with class.

NOBLE LYRIC, a new recruit in our stables, is by Poet’s Voice out of Noble Ginger and she belongs to her breeders Mr. and Mrs. Dieter Burkle.


He is learning his job

On April 17th, DUR A CUIRE was 2nd at Lion d’Angers in a flat race: Prix de Sceaux d’Anjou over a mile and a half.

Pierre Charles Boudot chose to start quietly at the back of the field and to come little by little in the far straight.

At the beginning of the finishing straight, they went forward and finished well. His comment was: “he is easy to ride but still a bit tender, but we have a margin and he will improve on this race.”

He is a good recruit for the good races for AQPS (non-thoroughbred).


Still another good performance…

On April 17th at Lion d’Angers, our dear BALNILLA finished 2nd in a chase over 4000m (2 mile and 4 furlongs).

Ridden with a lot of confidence by Wilfried Lajon, she started at the far back. Actually with this whimsical mare, you have to know the way. And Wilfried gets on well with her and knows her by heart…

BALNILLA ran very well even though over some obstacles she made us feel dizzy!

As far as the owners were concerned, L’Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier, they were quite proud… because since the beginning of the year, the horses of our syndicate have given us a lot of satisfaction.



At Lion d’Angers on April 16th, KEEP GUARD did a come back race ridden by Romain Julliot.

She started in the middle of the field, came closer in the last bend and moved well to finish.

KEEP GUARD is a 4 year-old filly by Kapgarde out of Sacarine and she belongs to her breeders Henri and Antonia Devin.


Good race of…

.CLAIE at Lion d’Angers on April 16th. She finished 2nd ridden by Fabrice Véron.

In Prix Eugène Rousseau, the instructions for Fabrice were to start last and only come closer at the entrance of the finishing straight… because CLAIE needs to relax as much as possible.

Everything went as planned. The filly ran very well, she was just beaten by a better one!


Easy win of …

…..RENNETI in Ireland at Fairyhouse…. in a hurdle race (Gr 2).

Three years ago, Willie Mulllins bought this well-tempered horse with a big potential.

He is by Irish Wells out of Caprice Meill and was bred by Pierre Julienne and Etienne Leenders.


On the photograph, he is only…

…a few hours old! Caprice Flore has just foaled a colt by Doctor Dino…

Now the most difficult thing is to give him a name….if you have any idea, you are welcome!


Carrying his new colours…..

….DE BON ALOI did a come back at Nantes on April 11th in Prix Vieille Vigne: a D race over 2400m (a mile and a half). He finished 4th.

From the start, Adrien Fouassier put him in 3rd, 4th position and kept him there all around. Unfortunately, out of the last bend he was blocked in and didn’t manage to get out as he wanted. As soon as he eventually found an opening, he performed a very good last straight finishing very well.

His new owners, Paul Terpereau, Jean-Philippe Vinet and Lina Seurin were thrilled because this come back race is a good omen for the rest of the year.


We didn’t expect it!!

Our courageous FILLE D’AVRIL won for her come back at Nantes on April 11th. It was Prix Haifa: a handicap over a mile.

Ridden by Fabrice Véron, she started in 4th, 5th position, in the far straight she moved forward and took the lead at the entrance of the finishing straight. She won by half a length.

We were a bit surprised to see her win, because FILLE D’AVRIL was not quite ready…

We had obviously forgotten how tough and courageous our “grand-mother” was!!

There is a saying “the older the better” but in her case, it is a challenge to nature: she is 9!

It was the 10th win for Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier.


Meeting of our new….

….syndicate “Le Mors aux Dents” (Taking the bit between the teeth). Some of the share holders were able to come.

Busy morning: coffee and cakes as a welcome, signature of the articles and then visit of our stables.

And this nice company left very quickly to go racing to Nantes and see the win of FILLE D AVRIL belonging to the other syndicate, Le Pied A L’Etrier.

There is already a nice exchange of interests between the two syndicates!


Were they all watching the same race?

Yesterday at Auteuil, there were the trophies for AQPS (French chasers) and we all met for a cocktail in the presidential stand.

When races started, we were standing with our binoculars….When the horses were in the bend on the right, some of us found it easier to watch the giant screen on the left when others followed the race live.

Which gave this funny picture that I was quick to photograph!!

You are never bored at the races and the show is not always on the track!!


Easy win for…

DOMINO DES MOTTES at Moulins on April 3rd, ridden by Ronan Thomas in Prix d’Aurillac, a race for 4 and 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred).

The race started at a very slow pace! Of course there were 2800m (14 furlongs) to do on a sticky ground. DOMINO started in 5th position, was quite relaxed all around, took a good position as soon as she was out of the bend and accelerated neatly at 150m (a furlong and a half) from home to win by ¾ of a length.

When getting off, Ronan told us:” she is easy, professional and I had still a good margin, therefore she has a nice future in front of her.”

DOMINO DES MOTTES is by Maresca Sorrento out of Qasino des Mottes, she belongs to

Douglas McMillan and was bred by the Poirier family.

March 2017


A dead heat win…

COMECA won Prix d’Estruval, a Gr III for 4 and 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over 2500m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs).

Ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot, she started in the middle of the field and at the entrance of the finishing straight, she tried to get a clear way but without any success. She only managed to express herself at 100m (half a furlong) from the post. Result: a photograph…..after 20 minutes the verdict was returned: dead-heat.

Without the traffic problems, COMECA would have easily won.

COMECA is by Smadoun out of Isménie. She belongs to Douglas McMillan and Pierre and Nelly de la Guillonnière who are also her breeders.


What a success!

On March 29th in Paris there was a demonstration of all the racing and equine professionals to protest against a project of “Française des Jeux” (the lottery system planning to experiment live betting on other sports) which could seriously impact the competition with PMU (the horse racing betting company) and therefore put the horse and racing world in danger.

This demonstration was organized by a group of young professionals of the racing and equine world (JPFC Jeunes Professionnels de la filière cheval) who managed within less than a month to gather all the equine world….an exploit! These 4 young people were received by members of the finance minister department and were able to explain their proceeding and their worry for their future.

Good news: “they were listened to”.

The fight will go on and they will not let things fall down. You will see the following steps in the next few weeks.

On the photograph, you can see the trotting trainer Jean François Mary together with Etienne Leenders (flat and jump trainer) demonstrating side by side!!


How pleasant it was to see…

KAPVILLE again!! He had not run since September 2015 because of health problems.

Wilfrid Denuault was thrilled to ride him back and to see he was always the same horse.

Always well placed during the race, KAPVILLE jumped well and at 1000m (5 furlongs) from the post, he found himself nearly too soon in front and as Wilfrid said:” it was too late to take him back”. It was only close to the post that he was overtaken.

We are very satisfied with his performance and off it is now for bigger competitions…


Courageous daddy!!

When finishing 3rd of Prix Maurice Foucher, one of the preps for the Anjou Loire Challenge, BOURGUEIL did a really nice performance. Because in front of us, there are KICK ON and KAPVILLE, two horses who have the level of the big cross-country races and who were in the frame of the best of these races.

Ridden by Sébastien Zuliani at the back of the field, BOURGUEIL jumped everything well.

Still at the back in the last far straight, he came closer when going down the bank, then as usual he finished very fast.


TINARILOU opens her record

For her second race this year, TINARILOU won, ridden by Tony Piccone. She won Prix Camp Romain, a class 2 race over 2000m (10 furlongs).

She started in the middle of the field, got well balanced out of the bend, then at mid straight she produced another effort (when we thought she was beaten) and finally won by half a length.

TINARILOU doesn’t stop improving with racing. Her next entries will be on a Parisian track.

This elegant 3 year-old filly is by Tin Horse out of Goodbye Marilou. She belongs to Ecurie Pied A L’Etrier and was bred in Normandy by Geneviève Neveux.


The miracles of nature

Unfortunately, one of our mares died an hour after giving birth to a beautiful filly foal by Gris de Gris.

It was urgent to find a foster mare and we did find Vénus Cauvellière, a cob foster mare from Normandy.

The Haras de la Cauvellière is specialized in the preparation of foster mares. We thank them.

It is a real pleasure to see this small thoroughbred filly with her big and nice “mummy”.

Nature is fabulous!


At last….

Following the initiative of the young professionals of the racing and equine world, a demonstration will take place on March 29th in Paris at Porte Dorée from 1.15 pm.

We represent a professional activity which is badly known in our country, forgotten by our politicians who don’t realize the importance, the value, the quality of French horses and professionals whatever their discipline!!!

Although our professionals and horses are among the best in the world… and I weigh my words!!!


We could have won…

On March 19th, BALNILLA finished 2nd at Argentan in a chase over 4250m (2 miles and 5 ¼ furlongs) ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

Ridden off the pace as usual, she was very keen for a turn and a half and then little by little she got closer.

After the last fence, the fight started and we were beaten by very little.

BALNILLA, (by Balko) is a good mare but always as delicate and keen.

She should perform well this year.


DUR A CUIRE ran first time out…

…at Saumur on March 12th, in a flat race for 4 year-olds AQSP (non-thoroughbred) over 3200m (2 miles).

And he won very easily. His jockey Wilfried Lajon told us:” In the morning, he showed nice improvement in his last gallops and his win today is not a surprise.”

DUR A CUIRE is by Denham Red out of Oucka, he was bred by Hervé Robert and belongs to Douglas McMillan.


CHESTELI reassured us

At Argentan on March 5th, CHESTELI finished 4th in a hurdle race for 5 year-old horses over

3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs).

She ran badly twice on end at Pau and it didn’t reflect the quality of the mare. Therefore, we had to find an easy entry to bring confidence back.

She started at the back of the field, came closer little by little, jumping well and fast. But at the last hurdle, things didn’t go too well and her jockey Romain Julliot nearly fell…it cost us a better place…

CHESTELI is too keen and when she manages to control herself, we’ll have better results with her because she is definitely good.


A mare for the future…

On March 5th at Argentan, CEKELEBEL did a come back in a chase, ridden by Romain Julliot. She finished 2nd.

This good-looking filly who is a big mover was not quite at ease in the bends. She will be much better on longer straights.

This 5 year-old AQPS (French chaser) is by Blue Brasil out of Okelebel Mapoolish. She was bred by her owner Audoin Maggiar.


A first race for…

…the young English jockey Ben Hicks at Lignières on March 5th. He rode BONANIVERSERE PAPA and finished 4th.

They started at the back of the filed, came closer in the far straight, were 4th at the last fence and unfortunately BONANIVERSERE was impeded by a loose horse in the last furlong , his jockey had to take him back not to bump into him. Without this incident we would have been 3rd.

Good first experience for this young jockey!


General Assembly

As every year, the syndicate L’Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier gathered for their General Assembly:

Formal meeting first and then presentation of the horses with their objectives for the year 2017…

It is always an important meeting for all of us as we are thrilled to gather and be able to talk about the good times of 2016 and our hopes for 2017.


And obviously…..

…..champagne and petits fours to celebrate the successful year 2016 and the good start of 2017.

We took advantage of this meeting to tell the shareholders who were present, that we are creating another syndicate called “Le Mors aux Dents” (Taking the bit between the teeth).

February 2017


A few days….

…in Ireland!

During our tour in Ireland with the company Red Mill’s (food for horses), we had the opportunity to visit their factory in County Kilkenny and had a presentation of their range of produce.

The next morning we visited the top trainer Willy Mullins where we had the pleasure to see two champions work: VROUM VROUM MAG (bred by Audoin Maggiar) who is at the moment regarded as the best mare both over hurdles and chasing and UN DE SCEAUX, the winner of multiple Group races bred by Pierre and Nelly de la Guillonnière.

In the afternoon we visited the Coolmore jump stallions: Walk in The Park, Milan, Champs- Elysées…and so on…

On our last day we went racing to Gowran Park whre we were lucky to see one of our ex horses DANDY MAG running for the first time over hurdles. He won with class. He is the brother of VROUM VROUM MAG.

And no need to tell you about the evenings: music in the pubs and Guiness…


3rd foal

QURISTINE by April Night out of D’Oseille, gave birth to a lovely filly foal by SADDLER MAKER on February 20th.

She is the second foal out of QURISTINE. The first one is a two-year-old by No Risk At All.

Mother and daughter are well!!


2nd foal

CHRISLEEN by Maresca Sorrento out of L’Allier (sister of Chriseti) gave birth to a very nice filly by DOCTOR DINO.

She has already five foals: Gondeti (by Charming Groom), Gasti Greti (by Great Pretender) and Grewel (by Irish Well).


Winning first time out for…

…DOMINO DES MOTTES at Seiches sur le Loir on February 19th, ridden by Adrien Fouassier in a race for four year-old fillies over 2700m (a mile and 5 ½ furlongs).

She started in 5th, 6th position, came closer in the far straight and performed a very good finishing straight. She won by a length.

This good-looking four year old filly is an AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Maresca Sorrento out of Qasino des Mottes and she belongs to Douglas McMillan. She comes from the Poirier breeding opearation.


Come back chase for …

…BALNILLA at Machecoul on February 19th, ridden by Wilfried Lajon… and she won!

BALNILLA stayed at the back of the field for one turn and a half, then she quickly came closer and fought in the finishing straight to win by half a length.

It is a good performance, because this “boiling “ daughter of Balko had not run since September 2015.

It is the first win of the year for our syndicate “Le Pied A L’Etrier”.


First win of the year…

On February 13th at Pornichet, DUTCH DOCTOR won Prix de Groix (an E race for 5 year-olds and upwards) by a nose.

It was obviously a come back race and he had to fight to be able to win.

Pierre Charles Boudot told us: “he will be more at ease on the grass because he doesn’t really find his marks on the all-weather track.

This morning, Douglas McMillan’s horse went for a long walk in the forest as all our horses do on the day after a race… a recuperating phase.


First foal

The 1st foal by the stallion VOILADENUO was born in Normandy. His dam TROTOT is the daughter of KUSEA (CHRISETI’s sister…).

On the photograph, this little colt is hardly 4 hours old…He is already solid on his legs and sparkling like his sire!!

We predict he’ll have a nice future.

January 2017



On January 28th, we organized a first meeting with about 15 people who would like to invest in a syndicate.

The syndicate Le Pied A L’Etrier being complete, we have decided to create another one:

“ Le Mors Aux Dents” (Taking the bit between the teeth).

We presented our facilities, our horses and the management of the future syndicate…then… champagne and petits fours!!

It was a very good time with very interested people and we look forward to the start of this new syndicate!!


A serious race

When finishing second at Pornichet over 2400m (a mile and a half), HONORIUS QUERCUS ran his real value.

Pierre Charles Boudot rode him in 2nd, 3rd position all around and accelerated at the entrance of the finishing straight. But the future winner found a gap along the rail and won easily. We are at our place.

HONORIUS is not a champion but he is nearly always in the frame.


We are lucky….

…to have a second track, an all weather one (that we call the plastic track) which is parallel to the sand track.

Whether it rains, freezes or snows, we can work our horses in the same way as on the sand.


I am waiting!

The small lake is totally frozen…and I would like to have a swim…therefore I am waiting for the thaw!

Message signed by Jazz, a one year-old beauceron (shepherd dog) nicknamed “Rantanplan”!



Holidays are finished for him! TZAR is back today from Haras de Maulepaire to resume work.

After a good year 2016, especially in spring, TZAR’S DANCER has certainly nice surprises in store for us.

Looking forward to the spring season at Auteuil!


It is beautiful!

Beautiful light this morning… We have -2° Celsius and horses work on the “plastic” track (AWT).


Not easy to be a jockey…

…with such a cold weather… When getting off, Fabrice had his fingers so frozen that he didn’t manage to unclip the buckle of his skull cap!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone !

As every year, we send our best wishes for the year 2017 to our owners, our breeders, our jockeys, our lads and all the staff of the stables.

And we also want to thank the whole formidable team who made the year 2016 one of the best ones for the last ten years!


Off we are in 2017 with very high spirits!!