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The news

December 2016


It’s cold!!!

The photographs are nice but horses and riders are not warm!!

When riding out you are not that cold but it is your hands and feet which are frozen…. and it is difficult to warm them up…


We take advantage…

…of the winter, when horses are on holiday, to clean, tidy, repaint…

And we have to hurry up because next week many horses will resume work and their boxes have to be ready.

And on the way towards 2017 with confidence!!



To you and your family, we wish you to fully enjoy these times of conviviality.

For us, it is a pleasant break but our friends the horses don’t allow us to leave them for too long, therefore…we’ll spend this holiday time with them.


Well done Champion!

What a year for Pierre Charles Boudot, champion jockey ! He has won 300 races to date…

What an amount of work and sacrifices it meant to get to this record.

This gifted boy who is always pleasant and smiling is also very professional. Whether he rides a small race or a big event, he is always as enthusiastic…and when he gets off, his commentaries are clear and precise.

We are happy to have won 15 races with him this year (Kailong, King Nonantais twice,, Palmerino, Bubble Sea, Raising River, Countister twice, De Bon Aloi, Palinodie, Délirant twice, Trancoso twice, Jupiter)…and it is not finished!!

Well done Pierre Charles and thank you.


Thank you to all our staff!

Nice evening at L’Envol, our favorite restaurant. Thank you to all of you for the good year 2016.

Romain, Grégory, Ben, Wilfrid, Wilfried, Emilie, Cindy, Enzo, Louisa, Océane, Mickaël, Jean-Frédéric, Loïc, Salvador, Christian, Alain, Thierry, Thomas, Jean-Christophe (Hugo and Philippe are absent, and Caroline who is in Normandy).



…ran for us for the first time at Deauville on December 19th.

He finished 2nd in Prix de Flers, a D race over 2500m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs), ridden by Lucas Delozier.

TONGUES OF FIRE started in the middle of the field, accelerated at the entrance of the finishing straight and missed the win by very little.

We are satisfied with this result as this was his first race for us.

TONGUES OF FIRE is a 3 year-old thoroughbred by Invincible Spirit out of Alpensinfonie.

He now belongs to Alexandre Delanfranchi who bought him at the Deauville sales on November 14th.


In his category.

On December 19th at Deauville, HONORIUS QUERCUS finished 3rd in a claimer over 2500m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs).

The race went very fast from the start and HONORIUS ridden by Antonio Polli started in the middle of the field, came closer in the bend and finished well without being able to get a better place.

He is quite in his category, the claimers, and according to his jockey, he will be better on the grass.


True to herself!

DIVINE BERE finished 3rd at Deauville on December 19th in Prix de Vimoutiers, ridden by Lukas Delozier.

This regular filly is always in the money and doesn’t stop improving with racing. Thanks to her courage and pugnacity, she never disappoints us.

And next year, we’ll try to go up the grades with good objectives: a listed race!!

DIVINE BERE has the level for that.


STARDATE: a nice surprise!

We didn’t expect a performance at Pau on December 19th because STARDATE is a good jumper but she has not enough speed over hurdles.

Well, she proved us wrong in Prix Navarrenx, a hurdle race for 3 year-olds.

Carefully ridden at the back of the field by Hugo Lucas, she jumped well, little by little she came closer in the far straight. At the last hurdle, she jumped together with the winner…. But the other one finished faster on the outside.

For the petty side of history, the winner Diane d’Oudairies is trained by Gabriel Leenders…Therefore, after the last hurdle, the whole Leenders family shouted their supports….but each apart!!!


A working day…

…..for the administrators of Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier (the fifth member was taking the photograph): update on the horses in training, next races for this month, plans for next year and discovery of our new purchase: FANTASTIC BERE.

We went to see him at Haras du Chêne (he is broken and pre-trained) where Anne-Marie Poirier received us and told us about our yearling.

At this stage all hopes are permitted.


An expected win!!

It took a long time to prepare CELTINO and he needed two come back races before winning third time out this year at Auteuil on December 1st. This entry was our objective after his 5th place on November 19th.

Ridden by Alain de Chitray, he performed a nice race but the jockey had to be vigilant as he is always a bit cool and he would have a tendency to quickly give up.

His next entries will be at Pau.

November 2016


By sheer fighting.

On November 29th at Deauville, TRANCOSO won Prix de Bursard, a D race over 2500m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs).

His jockey Pierre Charles Boudot told us that the horse had been nearly too keen and that he had to take him on to finish.

TRANCOSO is still a young horse who is going to be better with age.

Arthur Mendes, his breeder owner managed to see the race at home in Brasil and was happy to see his horse improving.


What a win!!

On November 29th at St Cloud, it was the important Prix Jacques de Vienne (Gr 1), so called the Arc of the AQPS (non-thoroughbred).

We had entered DELIRANT who took part in the second race of his young career. And he won with such a class…

When getting off, his jockey Pierre Charles Boudot told us: ”I have never ridden an AQPS like him!!”

All around, DELIRANT nicely followed his competitors in 3rd position, and at mid straight, he changed gear and won by 5 lengths…

It was quite emotional as he comes from our family breeding operation (the last generation bred by Jean Gondouin) and he is also the nephew of Chriseti.

Well done Champion!


Easy win.

On November 24th at Angers, COMECA easily won Prix Lord Magique, a race for 4 and 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over 3000m ( a mile and 7 furlongs).

Ridden by Hugo Lucas, she stayed in 5th /6th position all around and out of the bend she changed gear to win by half a length.

Her jockey told us that once she was in front she slowed down and that she could have won by more.

This lovely grey 4 year-old filly belongs to Douglas McMillan who was able to watch the race on Equidia in Scotland.


Sad piece of news

On November 22nd, Joel Blandin passed away. We can’t think of him without mentioning his love for his horses.

Joel had had horses for more than 30 years: grey colours with dark blue seams, grey and blue cap. He started his career as an owner with a very good horse: LE MONTAGNARD trained by Guy Henrot. Then we met thanks to Roland Roisnard and Joel bought GONDLEEN, a good horse who brought him a lot of satisfactions and then he bought the brother: CHRISETI.

It was a beautiful story. CHRISETI was a good horse at the beginning of his career with already then nice performances. All the hopes were allowed.

Unfortunately, at 4, he had a fracture of a malleolus…. Was stopped for a few months… then resumed his career but we couldn’t find back the horse we had before, his races were average, etc… Etienne didn’t know what to do and he proposed to Joel to try the horse in cross-country racing. The owner answered: “listen Etienne, I love this little horse, let’s give him his chance” and we know what happened afterwards… a formidable career and many joys shared together.

Joel always said he was very lucky to have had such a champion but we think CHRISETI was quite lucky to have such an owner!!

His last joys as an owner this year were winning “quintés” (big handicaps) with PALMERINO and DE BON ALOI.

Farewell Joel, we’ll miss


BEST OFF redeemed himself

At Argentan, on October 20th, he finished 3rd ridden by Hugo Lucas.

BEST OFF reassured us because he had a fright at Angers when falling and we wanted him to regain confidence. He started last, did the first part of the race very quietly and came closer little by little during the second turn around.

In the last bend he had a bad patch but re-started again to finish well.

With horses, what a patience you need!!


Nice first time out for

…..DALILA D’ALENE at Le Mans on November 20th. She finished 3rd ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.


In Prix Chef de Clan, a race for 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred), DALILA started in the middle of the field. When the others started, she was short of speed but managed to restart to finish in a good action.

DALILA D’ALENE is by Alberto Giacometti out of Opaline du Noyer and belongs to her breeders Louis and Florence Couteaudier.


The trophies for stud and racing staff

What a pride for our stables to have our travelling lad Jean-Frédéric Cécillon nominated among the 3 finalists in the category: “involvment in racing”. He didn’t win the final but was warmly applauded and it was fully deserved.

Well done Jean!

For the petty side of history, Jean came to our stables as a trainee for 2 months and…..23 years later he is still with us!


Family photograph

After the ceremony, all the nominated candidates went on the stage for the traditional photograph. They were together with Edouard de Rothschild, President of France-Galop, Diana Cooper, the Godolphin representative and Christine Leenders, the President of the Jury.

It was a moving ceremony with a cheerful atmosphere. We discovered how talented all these

“workers in the background” were.


RAISING RIVER re-established himself …

……at Angers , in Prix David d’Angers, finishing 2nd, ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

RAISING RIVER jumped very slowly out of his stall and seemed to be short of speed, but he woke up in the far straight and took a good place.

And in the middle of the last straight, he found an opening and finished very well.

Pierre Charles told us: “What a pity he didn’t take a good start because we would have won”

You don’t always do what you want…, ,,


Good race….

….for BELGA BERE on November 10th  at Pornichet where she finished 2nd.

Her jockey Pierre Charles Boudot who gets on well with her told us: “No particular commentary, you take a good start, then a good place and when the race is launched, you go forward. She always does her best because she is really courageous!!”

Did we understand that it was easy to be a jockey??


Promising first time out….

….for KAPNIKA who finished 3rd at Saint-Brieuc on November 11th , ridden by Hugo Lucas.

This 3 year-old filly by Kapgarde out of Nika Glitters is not precocious and we wanted to wait to run her first time out.

She ran well: KAPNIKA started at the back of the field, came closer nice and quiet in the far straight and didn’t stop improving her position in the finishing straight. Unfortunately, she hesitated and made a slight mistake at the last hurdle which cost her the first place.

A very good recruit!


A nice win for…..

…..SELFIE at Pornichet on November 10th, ridden by Fabrice Véron.

In a maiden race for 2 year-olds over 1700m (a mile and ½ furlong), SELFIE won with authority. We were not that surprised because after a good first time out at Fontainebleau where she finished 5th, the filly had quite improved.

SELFIE is by Muthatir out of Bonne Journée and belongs to Patrick Barbe and Ecurie Muserolle.

A filly to follow!!


DIVINE BERE went up the scales

She finished 4th in Prix Solitude: a listed race for 3 year-old fillies and thus showed that she doesn’t stop improving.

Her jockey, Aurélien Lemaitre liked the filly, but he said she was cold and he had to push her all the way. And, what is nice with DIVINE BERE, is that she is never beaten… and always goes on!

A good filly for the future.


Happy retirement….

….for LUKY D’ANJOU at his owners’ , the family Le Guales.


You can see him on the left of the photograph, ready to go for a walk.

We know he is going to be well looked after as he is a particularly nice and easy horse!!


At Nantes…

....on October 30th, COMECA was 3rd in the final of the Challenge of AQPS (non-thoroughbred) ridden by Arnaud Bourgeais.

She was unlucky in the finishing straight and could have hoped for a better place.

Actually when they got out of the last bend, all the horses chose to go to the outside and COMECA was blocked behind two horses and had no way where to go..

It was a pity, but this is racing… it doesn’t question her quality because COMECA is very good!!


Incredible sky

On Sunday on the motorway, we were coming back from Auteuil when we met an enormous squall: everything became very dark, there was a hail storm and temperature went down…then a few kilometres further, the sky cleared up and we were able to take this incredible photograph!!!!!!

It nearly looks like a fictional picture


A very nice initiative

PMU (French betting organization) regularly organizes competitions for punters.

And among the prizes, there was a visit of the Leenders stables.

It was an opportunity of nice meetings and interesting exchanges.

I think PMU will organize this type of positive meetings again.


What a pity…

…..but DOTTORE deserved a better place than 4th, missing the win by so little…. in a chase over 3500m (2 miles and 1 ½ furlong).

There was no pace in the race and his jockey Thomas Beaurain didn’t react, he launched the horse too late, but the other ones had already started…

Of course, DOTTORE is the moral winner!! He is a very good horse with a large margin of improvement….

October 2016


Surprise victory

On October 31st at Chantilly, our new recruit PAYNE’S GRAY won a handicap over 2400m (a mile and a half) quite easily, ridden by Adrien Fouassier.

He started in the middle of the field, came closer at the end of the bend and performed a nice finishing straight.

This nice 3 year-old grey horse by Sickly out of Russian Hill now belongs to Michel Marchal.


A very pleasant CREAMWELL…

….at Argentan on October 30th… He finished 2nd beaten a neck, ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

CREAMWELL ran Prix Ouest:a chase over 4250m (2 miles and 10 ¼ furlongs). He performed a very serious race, jumping well and finishing well.

He is a horse who will be interesting


Promising first time out

At Auteuil on October 28th, TICKET HOLDER ran first time out and the choice of entry was on a hurdle race (for unraced horses over jumps) over 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs).

She finished 4th ridden by Thomas Beaurain.

This late filly by Saint des Saints out of Exoltir needed to run and this race will put her forward in her work.

She belongs to Douglas McMillan and John Stud (her breeder).


Like every year

The students of Lycée Agricole Technologique Lasalle Levier ( an agricultural secondary

school) from Doubs (Eastern France) came and spent a morning with us.


In their “horse” training, they came for a discovery of the racing world: visits of

training centers, studs and one day at the races.

For them who live in a region without any racecourse, it was a real discovery.


They came loaded with presents from their region: Morteaux sausages, cheese Mont d’Or,

white wines…


Thank you to all of them and we look forward to having new students next year.


Well done …. Nice dual win!

What a beautiful race of COUNTISTER and BUBBLE SEA in Prix Chloris at Maisons Laffitte on October 27th!! They finished 1st and 2nd ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot and Grégory Benoist.

COUNTISTER liked the heavy ground very much. When her jockey asked her to go forward in the straight, she flew and even impressed her jockey!

As to BUBBLE SEA, we had doubts on her liking of heavy going… but it was obvious according to Grégory Benoist that she was not the same filly as on firm ground.

Both of them will have a rest… well deserved holidays!!


DIVINE BERE confirmed…

…..she improved. When finishing 3rd in Prix du Manoir, the «quinté» (big handicap) at Saint-Cloud, she did a real performance as it was her first time in this type of race.

Her jockey, Pierre Charles Boudot was enthusiastic when getting off: “she is courageous and agrees to do all that you want, but 2400m (a mile and a half) on a very soft ground is too long for her.”

To follow


COMECA beaten by very little..

….for the first place: a tiny nose!!

On October 25th  at Sables d’Olonne, our good filly COMECA ran Prix Kerbiriou ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

Even if we were disappointed to be only second, we could see that the filly had improved in the way she ran and she was beaten by a good horse.

For the following part of her career, we’ll have a large choice of opportunities as COMECA is as good on the flat as over jumps.


First time out for ORANMORE

At Auteuil on October 25th, our big ORANMORE finished 4th  in a hurdle race for unraced over jumps 3 year-olds. He was ridden by Thomas Beaurain.

He started in the middle of the field, almost jumped everything well, except a big mistake in the bend which according to his jockey cost him the second place.

This nice grey horse is a late horse and he will obviously be better next year as he has still to strengthen.

ORANMORE (by Turgeon out of Audebelle by Ange Gabriel) was bred by Henri and Antonia Devin his owners.



…ran the Grand Chase of Enghien on October 22nd, ridden by Jacques Ricou.

He finished 6th. We were disappointed as our horse is better than what this result shows.

Conclusion: TZAR’S DANCER doesn’t like Enghien (races are going too fast and the obstacles are not big enough) and maybe he was ridden a bit too far away from the pace.

He is nevertheless always a very good horse!


News from….

….Wilfrid Denuault who fell at Nantes on October 17th.

We had him on the phone and he told us that he was going to have more X-rays: a broken rib and maybe a broken collar bone as he still suffers…

“Courage Will and hurry up to heal because your horses are waiting for you!!”


Interesting first time out

On October 17th at Deauville, TRANCOSO ran first time out in Prix de Brocotte. He won with class and everyone on the racecourse noticed him!

His jockey Pierre Charles Boudot chose to start in 4th, 5th position on the outside, then he came closer at the end of the bend and performed a very nice finishing straight to win by two lengths…

We are very happy with this win but also surprised as the horse was not quite ready… therefore you understand TRANCOSO has a nice margin of improvement.

His pedigree: by Rock of Gibraltar out of Tropa De Elite

Congratulations and thank you to his Brasilian owner breeder Arthur Mendes who breeds at Haras du Mézeray



Easy win

On October 18th at Le Pin au Haras, DUTCH DOCTOR opened his record in Grand Prix du Pin over 2350m (a mile and 3 ¾ furlongs), ridden by Morgan Delalande.

Morgan started in 2nd position and chose to attack early on. He launched his horse at the entrance of the last bend and was never caught back in the finishing straight.

DUTCH DOCTOR is a nice horse and I was able to do what I wanted with him” his jockey told us afterwards.

A horse to follow in the future.


DELIRANT ran first time out and…

…won at Pornichet on October 15th.

In a flat maiden race for 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred), DELIRANT started in 4th, 5th position, and at the entrance of the straight, Pierre Charles Boudot said: “Lets’s work” …..Our nice horse obeyed and produced a stunning change of pace to win by 5  lengths….

When getting off, Pierre Charles said to Grégoire “ He is a war machine your horse!!”

I am very happy and proud with this result because this is a progeny of the family breeding operation in Normandy. With my parents Jean and Françoise Gondouin, we bought L’Allier (bred by the Chassagneux) who produced Gondleen, L’Artiste Français, Chriseti and Kusea, the dam of DELIRANT.


Always there…

…..our FILLE D’AVRIL! She finished 2nd at Pornichet on October 15th, ridden by Adrien Fouassier.

Like every time, at some stage in the finishing straight…. she went flat out     you then thought it was finished…. and she started again….

FILLE D’AVRIL, all the members of the syndicate Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier do thank you.


Still another good performance…

….for ACCENTUS in the important Prix Montgomery (Gr 3) at Auteuil on October 15th. He finished 2nd ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Well placed all around, he jumped remarkably well but was beaten by a good horse.

In his defence, ACCENTUS fell last time out and couldn’t finish the race. Therefore, he was a bit short in his prep.

We are not worried, the objective is to win a very good one!!!


Feeling like having a holiday…

When we saw this beautiful Irish horse box which came to collect a horse, Emilie and I felt like going on holiday…

For us, the sea, the good rain, the kindness of Irish people, the beautiful landscapes…and the food!


CREAMWELL opens her record

On October 9th at Maure de Bretagne, she made short work of her competitors and easily won Prix de la Gacilly: a chase for 4 year-olds over 3800m (2 miles and 3 furlongs).

Wilfried Lajon, her jockey was very happy with this win because CREAMWELL behaved perfectly all around, she jumped well and finished well!!

 For the sidelights on history, Wilfried lost his allowance as a young jockey after this win.


1st win for DIVINE BERE

At Angers on October 7th, the daughter of Hurricane Cat won easily ridden by Adrien Fouassier.

According to her jockey, DIVINE BERE was a bit “cold” all around because she was surprised by the rhythm of the race (before, she had only run on Parisian tracks). But at the entrance of the finishing straight, when he asked her to go forward, she proved to be very courageous.

A good filly!


COMECA: an unlucky race!

At Nantes on October 6th in a hurdle race for 4 year-olds over 3500m (2 miles and 1 ½ furlong), COMECA finished 3rd ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

According to the instructions, horse and rider started at the back of the field. At the first hurdle, a horse fell in front of them…luckily, they could avoid him. But for the rest of the race, COMECA having been afraid, jumped in a very unconcentrated way!!

As she has quality, she finished fast and thus managed to regain ground.

One to follow!


DOTTORE: chasing

At Enghien, on October 6th, DOTTORE finished 3rd in a chase, he has found his sport!

Wilfrid Denuault didn’t stop praising the horse. Simple and fair commentary “He is a good horse”.

DOTTORE was too good a jumper to go on over hurdles. Therefore he has now a nice career chasing in front of him.


She likes Nantes

In the Grand Hurdle race for 3 year-olds over 3500m (2 miles and 1 ½ furlong), PASSIONNANTAISE ridden by Wilfrid Denuault finished 3rd.

She ran well, and kept her part in a good company of colts and fillies. She is improving over jumps but will be even better on a heavy ground.

PASSIONNANTAISE has a nice future !.


Nice dual win at Saint-Cloud….

… Prix Glorieuse (a Gr 2 for AQPS), in which our two mares COUNTISTER and BUBBLE SEA finished 1st and 2nd.

In a race with a lot of pace, the mare ridden by Grégory Benoist was in second position while her stable mate ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot stayed in the middle of the field.

In the finishing straight BUBBLE started and took some advantage , but it was without counting on the turn of foot of COUNTISTER.

Result of the photo finish: a neck!

This dual win of COUNTISTER and BUBBLE SEA is the reward of a good season for these two mares.

You can imagine how happy their respective owners were: Alexandre Delanfranchi, David Lamère and Arnaud Riguet.


After the race!

On their way to the weighing room, our two jockeys were joking and telling each other their finishing straight!!

One said: “Unfortunately, I saw you arriving on my right” and the other said “I thought I wouldn’t manage to beat you!!”

Here are the commentaries of our two jockeys on the spot


PALINODIE opens her record…

….and offers a first Listed Race to her owner Douglas McMillan. Winning Prix Charles Laffitte over 2100m (a mile and 2 ½ furlongs), PALINODIE went up the grades. It was not a surprise for us because she didn’t stop improving with racing and was always beaten by good horses or beat good horses who did well in good races afterwards.

And Pierre Charles Boudot rode her to perfection: all around she was placed in 4th, 5th position and mid straight, they found an opening and PALINODIE took the advantage at the second post to win by half a length.

This 3 year-old filly has still some margin of improvement, her jockey was very enthusiastic after the race telling us she is worth a Group race!



on October 2nd at Segré in the Grand cross-country race, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

BELLA won again and it pleased us as she was close to winning without ever passing the post as a winner. But in a race over 4800m (3 miles) with tricky obstacles, she found her marks and was able to do the difference.

Well done to her owners breeders, the Brosseau family!



CREAMWELL starts getting tougher

At La Roche sur Yon, on October 2nd, CREAMWELL finished 4th ridden by Hugo Lucas in a chase over 3400m (2 miles and 1 furlong).

She starts understanding what we expect from her, she jumps better but she has still to learn to get rhythm.

September 2016


A new recruit…

….in our stables: Hugo Lucas, a young promising jump jockey. He arrived here mid September with a few nice successes to his credit.



An English amateur rider…

….came across the Channel to try his luck in France: Ben Hicks. He has just applied to get a licence as a jockey, no doubt he will get it and ride races. But his first challenge is to learn French!!!



….confirmed all the good we think of him when finishing 4th at Auteuil on September 28th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

DEBUT DE PRINTEMPS showed improvement, jumping well, more “awakened” than in Prix Finot and once more he finished well.

He is an estimated horse that we’ll see going up the grades with pleasure.


BOURGUEIL…a courageous horse

On September 28th  at Auteuil, he ran well, finishing 5th, ridden by  Hugo Lucas.

From the start, BOURGUEIL was placed in the middle of the field, slightly hesitated over some of the obstacles first turn around. But, after having jumped the wall (that was where he fell twice) he came closer and performed a good finishing straight to get the 5th place.

We decided that his next entries will be in the province and next year BOURGUEIL will be orientated to cross-country racing.


Promising first time….

… Auteuil for BLUSHING BERE on September 28th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

In a hurdle race for 5 year-old horses over 3900m (2 miles and 3 ½ furlongs), BLUSHING finished 3rd, beaten by very little for the second place (colours of Michel Marchal)…



Good come back…)

…for RAISING RIVER at Craon on September 26th in Prix Communauté de Communes, the “quinté” (big handicap) of the day.

Ridden by Adrien Fouassier, he finished 6th. We were satisfied with his race, because RAISING RIVER needed this come back.

For his next entries, it was decided to run him on longer distances on which he will be able to express himself better.


Once more….

….FILLE D’AVRIL fulfilled her part , finishing 4th at Craon in a good handicap on September 25th. She was ridden by Jérôme Cabre.

And yet she had not the best race: out of the bend she was pushed to the outside by another horse… and all the lost ground was difficult to regain.



On September 22nd; at Compiègne, CALIXEL ran over hurdles over 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs).

He finished 4th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault. This good horse jumps very well, too well over hurdles and therefore his next entries will rather be in chases.

This 4 year-old gelding is by Fragrant Mix out of Maldives.


Good first time over hurdles…

…for COMECA at Compiègne on September 21st. She finished 4th ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

This filly had just won a flat race at Moulins but of course with her pedigree, her career will rather be over jumps.

COMECA performed a serious race, she was cool and relaxed. But, at the one but last hurdle, we got a real fright as two horses fell in front of her… Fortunately, horse and rider managed to avoid them and they were more frightened than hurt!

A filly to follow..



As every year at the same time, we organised a day with the partners of our syndicate Le Pied A L’Etrier.

About 30 members came and joined us.

Breakfast: tea, coffee and small cakes made by Marie-France.


Visit to the tracks

Presentation of their horses, update on the work of each of them and of their future entries.



Friendly times when owners and our staff could talk and exchange on their work.

This year, we had asked Wilfrid Denuault to talk about his job as a jump jockey. His speech

was very appreciated and the questions were numerous.


Haras de la Rousselière (a stud)

Then we went and visited Haras de la Rousselière where we were received by Pierre and Nelly de la Guillonnière.

The audience were very attentive as it was the first time that they discovered the breeding world.

And we were lucky enough to see VOILADENUO who has been a stallion for a year at the Stud of Lion d’Angers.


Ah, at last he won his “quinté” (big handicap)

…..the dear DE BON ALOI, at Saint-Cloud on September 19th in Prix Trophées du Personnel des Courses et de l’Elevage.

From the start he was placed in the middle of the field and after the bend, his jockey Pierre Charles Boudot managed to take him to the outside and there…. DE BON ALOI performed a fantastic finishing straight, winning by half a length.

With his owners Joel Blandin and Paul Terpereau, we were really looking forward to this “quinté”… Now it’s done!!!

And, as Pierric Rouxel, manager of Haras de Maulepaire (breeders of DE BON ALOI) would say: “It was just normal that he won, he was well bred”….therefore we also congratulate the breeders!


She gained a lot of ground!

At Saint-Cloud on September 19th in Prix Ad Altiora, a maiden race for 3 year-old fillies over 2100m (10 and ½ furlongs), DIVINE BERE surprised us pleasantly when finishing good 3rd, ridden Maxime Guyon.

We were surprised not so much by the quality she showed, but by the way she managed to deal with her number 18 in the stalls.

But the courageous DIVINE, who was still last outside the bend, performed a very good finishing straight and missed the second place by very little.

This  3 year-old filly by Hurricane Cat out of Norfa, doesn’t stop improving with racing.


They ran well our two….

….mares of the Brosseau family on September 18th at Ploermel:

BELLA DE TEILLE ridden by Wilfried Lajon finished 3rd in the Grand cross-country race over 5000m (3 miles and 1 furlong). It was a good performance as the company was good and she didn’t forfeit our esteem.

GAZELLE DE TEILLEE also ridden by Wilfried Lajon finished 2nd in a more modest cross-country race over 4500. (2 miles and 6 ½ furlongs). She ran very well because it was her second race after 18 months off.

It won’t be long before both mares win.


JUPITER recovered his taste for winning

On September 11th at La Roche sur Yon, JUPITER won a flat race over 2400m (a mile and a half). And although in the official result there is half a length with the second, it was an easy win.

His jockey, Jérémy Croquevieille gave him a good race without any problem.

JUPITER was off for a year with tendinitis, and to see him back in good form pleased us very much as he is a nice and attractive horse and Quir and Gerdie Laumans, his owners, were right to travel from the Netherlands to see him.


Good first time out

…. for DEBUT DE PRINTEMPS in Prix Finot (L) at Auteuil, a race for 3 year-olds over 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs), ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

This nice gelding by Irish Wells out of La Grande Touche started at the back of the field and didn’t stop improving his position during the race. He finished very well because at the last fence, he was still far but DEBUT DE PRINTEMPS managed to gain ground little by little to finish 4th.

A nice horse for the future!


Close finish!

On September 9th at Saint-Cloud in Prix de Craon, the “Arc de Triomphe” for the AQPS (non-thoroughbred) now labelled Gr I, our two representatives COUNTISTER and BUBBLE SEA did keep their part.

Actually, they finished respectively 2nd and 3rd.

COUNTISTER ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot was placed in 4th, 5th position and came to finish very fast only missing the win by a neck.

BUBBLE SEA ridden by Grégory Benoist started as usual in the lead and fought with courage to keep her 3rd place.

Well done girls!!!


Good race for PALINODIE

On September 1st at Chantilly, she finished 3rd in Prix de Liancourt (L) and thus went up the grades.

With this performance, PALINODIE showed us how she doesn’t stop improving and we know she has still a margin!

Her jockey, Grégory Benoist was very enthusiastic when coming back to the winning enclosure: “she is brilliant, she was going easy all around and on top she finished well!!”

August 2016


1st win over jumps

We were really looking forward to this win of BLUSHING BERE.

He won with authority over hurdles at Moulins on August 31st ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

BLUSHING started in the middle of the field and came closer when entering the last straight. After the last hurdle, he finished fast and was not attacked.

We can congratulate his morning riders, because he is not an easy horse, and you need to be very patient with Mr. BLUSHING.

Next step: Auteuil


Good race for CALIXEL

On August 31st at Moulins, CALIXEL finished 3rd over hurdles over 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs), ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He was ridden in 4th, 5th position and entered the bend at this place and he had sufficient strength to finish well. Unfortunately CALIXEL made a mistake at the last hurdle, which cost him a better place.

We’ll see him again with pleasure during the second part of the year and let’s hope for a nice win!


There are days with and …

…days without!!!

Such was the case in the “quinté” (big handicap) of DE BON ALOI.

He was a logic favourite of this handicap at Clairefontaine on August 31st . Thierry Jarnet didn’t take the good option. In 3rd position out of the bend, he plunged to the inside instead of going on on the outside…..As a result he was totally blocked in and didn’t find any opening although he was full of running.

DE BON ALOI “didn’t run” and he will soon run again in this type of race.


“Easy”…..”Well above the lot”….

….”there was no competition”….Here are some expressions to tell you how easy, very very easy BEST OFF won.

At Mauron on August 28th, ridden by Christopher Grosbois, it was a good entry: a flat race for 4 and 5 year old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over 2600m (1 mile and 5 furlongs).

The two part owners: Douglas McMillan and Paul Terpereau were thrilled because they like this superb horse very much.

Don’t worry gentlemen, there will be other wins!


DANDY MAG not beaten by much

At Moulins on August 25th, he ran well and finished 2nd in a flat race for 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over 2400m (a mile and a half).

DANDY MAG took the lead and didn’t weaken in the finish, but the winner came to beat him on the post.

DANDY was ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

It was a pity as he deserved to win. It will be for a next time as he is a good horse who has still a lot of good things to show us.


GASTI GRETI is improving.

It takes time to form this horse because he has not the easiest character.

On Sunday August 21st at Craon, he ran particularly well. He finished 2nd ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

GASTI GRETI stayed at the back of the field for first round of the course and managed to get closer in the last 5 furlongs, but nevertheless the winner was better.

When getting off, his jockey was very enthusiastic for the future.


JUPITER amuses us…

…because he is not a champion but he is regularly in the frame.

And indeed on August 21st at Saint Jean de Monts, JUPITER finished 2nd in a flat race over 2600m (one mile and 5 furlongs), ridden by Christopher Grosbois.

He ran over hurdles for a while but it was not his sport. Therefore we change plans to please him!



…at Vichy on August18th, in Criterium of the Centre, a Gr III for 3 year-old AQPS.

DONASLAND ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot ran well. She started in 3rd, 4th position and out of the bend she came like a winner along the outside rail. But at 100m (half a furlong) from home, the future winner came in the middle of the track to win easily.

DONASLAND didn’t forfeit our esteem, she is a very good filly who is already winner of a Group III.

She will now have a well deserved rest at her birth place in Nièvre.


The best one of COUNTISTER

On August 17th at Clairefontaine, she won very pleasantly Prix des Buveurs: a good race for 4 and 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred).

In 2nd, 3rd position all round, Pierre Charles Boudot led COUNTISTER to the wide outside. Good for him because the ground was better there. She accelerated very well to win by half a length.

The filly has improved a lot and in the second part of the year, she is going to run three good races: Prix de Craon, Prix Chloris and Prix Glorieuse


On August 16th, our 4 runners didn’t…..

….like the ground at Châteaubriant which was watered too much! All of them were in the money, but they all like good or even firm ground….therefore they didn’t run up to their real value.

BEJCA ridden by Arnaud Bourgeais finished 5th.

AMIRANT ridden by Alexandre Roussel 3rd.

BELGA BERE ridden by Adrien Fouassier 3rd.

SIMBA DE TEILLEE ridden by Wilfried Lajon 4th.

As we have now a very dry weather, there should be other races for them with their favourite going.


A happy jockey...

Arnaud Bourgeais could not hide his joy after the race he had just won with COMECA.

At Moulins on August 12th in a race for 4 year-olds AQPS (non-thoroughbred), she won quite easily.

COMECA started in 4th, 5th position, came closer at the entrance of the bend, performed a very good finishing straight and won by a length.

Joy was also there in the camp of the owners: Douglas and Agnès McMillan in front of their TV in Scotland and Pierre and Nelly de la Guillonnière also in front of their TV at Soulaire et Bourg.

Thank you Equidia!


DIVINE BERE is improving

At Clairefontaine on August 12th, this filly by Hurricane Cat finished 3rd in a maiden race for 3 year-olds over 2400m (a mile and a half).

DIVINE BERE started in the middle of the field, came closer at the entrance of the last straight and finished very well on the outside as you can see on the photograph (grey silks with a mauve belt, mauve cap).

Pierre Charles Boudot told us that the very soft ground didn’t suit her too well.

She has to be seen again on firmer tracks, it will be better for her.


FILLE D’AVRIL: the mascot of.....

......the syndicate Le Pied A L’Etrier. Actually, when winning at Sables d’Olonne, she performed her mission once again and thrilled all her fans.

Several shareholders of the syndicate were present because when Mrs. FILLE D’AVRIL runs, they want to see her!!

This mare is not a champion, but she is always in the money and her jockey Arnaud Bourgeais was very happy to have won with her.



On August 9th at Sables d’Olonne, he finished 3rd in a flat race over 3400m (2 miles and one furlong), ridden by Adrien Fouassier.

The future of CHANTOME KAIZEN will be over jumps but as he still needs to get tougher, we’ll run these long distance races on the flat which are meant for this kind of horses.


Good 3rd place .....

....for PALINODIE who did a come back race at Deauville on August 7th in quite a good company.

In a race with a lot of rhythm, she started in 4th, 5th position, was well placed at the entrance of the finishing straight but seemed to go flat out at a furlong from home but it was without counting on her jockey Pierre Charles Boudot who pushed her.....and she started again courageously.

It was a first time for her on the all-weather track and it suited her.

All the lights are green for the future of PALINODIE.

July 2016


Nose.......short head..... the finish of Prix de l’Union des AQPS du Centre-Est....Verdict: BUBBLE SEA 2nd ridden by Maxime Guyon and COUNTISTER 3rd ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

It was “a strange race”, BUBBLE started in the lead, followed by COUNTISTER, there was a regular pace and at the entrance of the finishing straight, the race was launched.

We thought “it was done” but a mare came on the outside and managed to beat us on the post.

Slightly disappointed but nevertheless happy with the performances of our two fillies.


A good place for CAMAIEU DES MOTTES

On July 26th at Lion d’Angers, CAMAIEU was 2nd of Prix de Feneu, performing a nice race as she was beaten by a good horse.

Her jockey, Alexandre Roussel was thrilled with her: “she is a super filly, always ready to fight”.

During the second part of the year, she is going to run the good races for fillies only.


DIVINE BERE: promising first time out...

At Vichy, in a maiden race for 3 year-old fillies, she finished 4th ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

DIVINE BERE was in the middle of the field all around, but had no opening in the mid finishing straight. And when it eventually opened, she produced a very nice acceleration but it was too late.

DIVINE BERE is by Hurricane Cat out of Nofa Béré and was bred by the Régnier family.

She is a filly to follow in her next entries.



On July 25th, our FILLE didn’t show her true value when finishing 7th, ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

It was “a mad race” and this rhythm didn’t suit her.

On the photograph you can see some members of Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier always there on D day and who don’t hesitate to travel through the country to follow their horses: Marie-France, Daniel, Fred et Emilie.


COMEDIE MUSICALE: good first time out

On July 24th on the race-course of Molières, she finished 2nd ridden by Hugo Lucas.

COMEDIE MUSICALE started in 5th, 6th position, came closer second time around and produced a nice acceleration in the finishing straight.

It was a flat race for 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over 2500m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs). COMEDIE MUSICALE is by Kapgarde out of Même Musique and she belongs to her breeders, the Bossuet family.

This race re-assured us because this late filly was not demonstrative in her morning works and this good first time out showed us that we were right to wait.


The one we had to win!

On July 16th at Lion d’Angers, DONASLAND opened her record in the first Group III for 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred), a flat race over 2300m (a mile and 3 ½ furlongs).

Ridden by Maxime Guyon, the filly had a nice race. Placed close to the lead, she accelerated at the right time, from the end of the last bend, not to be surprised by too fast a change of pace.

DONASLAND, by Apsis out of Obiland, belongs to her breeder, Thierry Cyprès.

Next objective: the Criterium of the Centre, a Group I at Vichy on August 18th.


Taking over

On June 30th 2004, Anne started working with us and …on June 30th 2016, to the very day, Anne retired……in Normandy…..with Echo des Mottes, Gondleen, Marceti and Joseille…

I hope they will accept this new comer who has a character!!!

After quite a busy career, Prix Rigoletto at Auteuil, Grand Chase of Lion d’Angers, twice the Grand cross-country race of Craon and numerous wins on race-courses all over the country, Anne decided to look after her cabbages, carrots, salads and her dear flowers.

12 years of work and good laughs …she was quite often over worked but always good humoured, able to have distance and analysis with problems !!! I’ll miss all that…!

Thank you

All the best Anne, I sent you this message as I know your sense of humour!!

Kind regards from Christine

Emilie arrived and a new chapter is commencing!!


Promising first time out of TINARILOU

At Nantes on July 4th , our two-year old filly finished 4th over 1400m (7 furlongs) ridden by Adrien Fouassier.

She didn’t jump well out of her stall and therefore lost 4 or 5 lengths at the start but little by little she came closer to the others.

At the entrance of the straight, TINARILOU started being launched by her jockey when unfortunately she jumped the road crossing and doing so lost one or two lengths. Once she was asked, she finished very well, missing the 3rd place by very little.

This two-year old filly is by Tin Horse out of Good Bye Marylou. She was bred by Geneviève Neveux in Normandy.


RAISING RIVER: how pleased...

….we were when this nice grey horse won at Clairefontaine on June 30th over 2400m (a mile and a half), ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

At the beginning of the race they were in 3rd, 4th position and the attacks started from the entrance of the straight. RAISING RIVER fought courageously to win by the shortest of noses!!

Pierre-Charles said: ”he is easy to ride and very courageous but he doesn’t do more than you want him to do.”

Now, he will have 3 weeks off to be at his best to start the second part of the year.

The owners of the syndicate Le Pied A L’Etrier are over the moon because they have become

quite attached to this nice grey horse and they all look forward to celebrating this win with champagne.


Nice win of BUBBLE SEA

On June 30th at Argentan, BUBBLE SEA resumed winning ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

Always placed in 3rd; 4th position, Pierre Charles plunged towards the rail at the entrance of the straight and she finished very fast to win by half a length.

Her part owners were thrilled: Cécile, Arnaud, David, Etienne and Grégoire!  

June 2016


DONASLAND: a good filly

On June 30th at Argentan, DONASLAND ran second time out and finished 2nd ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

Her jockey was quite happy with her, but he thinks that she will be better off on a course with long straights. But, she found herself too close too soon at the entrance of the straight and then she had to go forward!

Next step: Vichy… there DONASLAND won’t be too far from her birth place Montigny sur Cane (58) at Thierry Cyprès’s stud.


Our BEJCA is back to the form we expected

The last races of BEJCA left us with a sense of frustration because they did not reflect what she showed us in the morning.

Fortunately, she re-established herself in our esteem when being 4th at Argentan on June 30th, ridden by Jérôme Cabre.

BEJCA was in the lead all around and she only lost ground in the last 20 meters. Her jockey told us that she was in her own rhythm and that we can go on riding her in the lead.

And contrary to what some embittered people thought, she was not the pacemaker for her training pal BUBBLE SEA !


Nice win of TZAR’S DANCER….

….In Prix Rigoletto (L) at Auteuil on June 27th. He was ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

TZAR was a bit keen all around as he had just run twice on a shorter distance and was still in the rhythm of 3500m ( 2 miles and 1½ furlong). But as Wilfrid knows him by heart, he managed to play for time so as to keep speed for the finish.

Getting into the final straight, TZAR’S DANCER accelerated well and could not be caught by his competitors.

A few weeks holidays now for him before resuming work in the autumn and getting ready for Group races.



At Auteuil on June 27th, he brilliantly opened his record when winning Prix du Béarn with a lot of class, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

They started at the back of the field and Wilfrid had to stay there because with this horse, you have to wait to be able to finish well.

Everything went as we wanted: well ridden, jumped well, finished well = 1st win.

Congratulations to his owner/ breeder Paul Murphy who was patient with him… and the horse is now paying him back.

Cherry on the cake, MERCIAN PRINCE offered us a dual win on that day at Auteuil with TZAR’S DANCER.


DOTTORE goes up the scales

Victoria Devin’s horse finished 4th on June 27th at Auteuil in Prix Gérald de Rochefort, a listed race over 3900m (2 miles and 3½ furlongs).

Ridden at the back of the field by James Reveley, DOTTORE came closer at the end of the far straight. Unfortunately, he made a mistake when landing after the last fence but managed to recover well and finished well.

According to his jockey, he is a very good horse. We’ll have fun with him in the autumn.


SET DANCER ran well

On June 27th at Auteuil, he performed a nice race finishing 4th in Prix Chinco ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Always well placed, SET DANCER jumped well and finished well together with the 2nd and 3rd  horses.

We are satisfied with this result as once more, patience paid back: his owner Marie-Cécile de Saint-Seine always trusted this horse and agreed with Etienne and Grégoire to take their time wit him.

You’ll see him again in the autumn, there are still a few adjustments to do for him to be a definite horse for Auteuil.


FILLE D’AVRIL always there…

On June 24th at Deauville, she finished second ridden by Thierry Jarnet.

Always close to the lead, FILLE D’ AVRIL was well placed when entering the finishing straight and produced a nice acceleration missing the win by very little, mainly beaten by the weight.

How pleasant it is to have such a regular mare! FILLE D’AVRIL never failed all along her career.  


DE BON ALOI at Chantilly

On June 19th , on Prix de Diane day, DE BON ALOI finished 3rd in Grand Handicap Longines over 2000m (a mile and 2 furlongs).

The horse ran seriously, always well placed during the race. At mid finishing straight, he had a bad patch and we thought he had no chance to be in the frame and then he produced an effort to go and get the third place.

According to Thierry, DE BON ALOI was cool and relaxed all around. But being in the middle of the other horses to finish, he could not really express himself.

He is a super horses and a model of regularity.


Good race for TROIS HUIT

At Segré on June 12th, TROIS HUIT finished second beaten 2 lengths…..and 4 kilos! He was ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

TROIS HUIT ran in a cross-country race over 4800m (3 miles). Always in good position and quite sure over the obstacles, he kept his part well in spite of a heavy going he doesn’t like too much.

It is pleasant to see a “good servant” in the frame in cross-country races with very different profiles.


Nice win of FILLE D’AVRIL

At Chantilly on June 11th, our FILLE surprised us pleasantly when easily winning Prix de Mareil en France.

FILLE D’AVRIL jumped well out of the stalls and, in spite of her bad draw, Thierry Jarnet managed to place her in 3rd/4th position.

And, at the entrance of the finishing straight, she accelerated nice and quiet to win by one to two lengths.

You can imagine how happy all the members of Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier were.


RAISING RIVER: a new recruit

We claimed this three-year-old colt by Stormy River out of Raise A Mind at Lion d’Angers on behalf of Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier.

At Compiègne on June 10th, RAISING RIVER ran for the first time for L’ Ecurie. He finished 4th, beaten short head for the second and third place, ridden by Fabrice Véron.

He started at the back of the field and dodged in and out among his competitors to find his way in the finishing straight. He finished very fast but this hesitation cost him a better place.

We are satisfied with our purchase.


Lucky pigeon

….in the box of PASSIONNANTAISE. This young pigeon kept her company before her race.

As the day went fine, we made an appointment with him for the day the filly will be back racing.

Who said that in the racing world people were superstitious?


ACCENTUS: the pet of the punters?

On June 7th at Auteuil, when taking a good second place in the “quinté” (big handicap), ACCENTUS confirmed that he is a definite value in this kind of race.

Wilfrid Denuault told us that on heavy going, he is less incisive in the finish but nevertheless

always as courageous.

ACCENTUS has still a good margin of improvement… therefore we have real ambitions for him.



…all the good we think of her.

On June 7th, PASSIONNANTAISE discovered the race-course of Auteuil in a hurdle race for 3 year-old fillies over 3000m (1 mile and 7 furlongs).

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, she finished 3rd in the company of estimated fillies.

PASSIONNANTAISE will have a month off and we’ll see her again during the second half of the year at Auteuil.

Let’s not get ahead of schedule!!


CITY PRETENDER opens his record

At Blain on June 5th, he won easily ridden by Grégory Denuault.

CITY PRETENDER is a late horse who has not much experience. He warmed up in the middle of the field and in the far straight for the last time he “said”:  Bye bye everyone…!!!   And won by 10 lengths!

This tall 4 year-old thoroughbred by Great Pretender out of Ville Eagle, is Kapville’s half-brother. He was bred in Normandy at Haras de la Hétraie and belongs to Comte A.A. Maggiar.

May 2016


FILLE D’AVRIL doesn’t like

….heavy going. At Châteaubriant on May 29th, she finished 5th ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

He told us:” I felt FILLE D’AVRIL was not at ease on such a ground, because she could not accelerate as usual.”

We’ll see her on the AWT at Chantilly, Deauville, and so on…

Have a close look at the photograph, you can see MIKAEL and FILLE D’AVRIL having exactly the same pace!!!

The photograph was taken by Marie-France, one of the partners of Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier.



….showed at Niort what she showed us in the morning!!! She ran very well and finished 2nd, ridden by Antoince Werlé.

Actually she had not met our expectations first time out at Lion d’Angers because she was completely “lost”.

DONASLAND started at the back of the field, was too keen for the first 5 furlongs, but once she relaxed, she had a good action.

Still last at the beginning of the finishing straight, she passed most of her competitors but didn’t manage to join the winner who had started earlier and gained ground.

This nice 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) filly by Apsis out of Obiland belongs to Thierry Cyprès.



At Auteuil on May 27th, BOURGUEIL was back chasing. Actually, he had just won a cross-country race at Lion d’Angers.

Before the race, he was regarded as an outsider because there was quite good company in this Prix Jamin and BOURGUEIL was abandoned (the Equidia journalists just mentioned his number).

The distance of 4400m (2 miles and 6 furlongs) were in his favour. A good jumper, a long distance, it was fit for play and BOURGUEIL could try his luck … He ran very well and finished 4th, ridden by Sébastien Zuliani.

We know that the partners of the syndicate Ecurie Pied A L’Etrier were more than thrilled.

Now, BOURGUEIL is going to have a break for a few weeks.


Discovery of Auteuil…..

….for SET DANCER on May 21st. He ran a chase Prix Maréchal Foch over 4400m ( 2 miles and 6 furlongs).

Ridden by Benjamin Caron, he surely jumped all the fences and finished 4th.

Prix Maréchal Foch is an important race for amateur riders, it is regarded as the Grand Chase for amateur riders.

SET DANCER by Irish Well out of Steel Dancer, is TZAR’S DANCER ‘s young brother.


Another good race for ACCENTUS...

… Auteuil on May 21st in the “Quinté” (big handicap). He finished 2nd, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

As usual, ACCENTUS was serious and applied himself to performing a nice race.

He entered the finishing straight in 2nd, 3rd position and resisted to the attack of the winner, pushing him along without ever being able to pass him.

No doubt ACCENTUS is going to win his “quinté” this year.


First time at Auteuil for CAP BRESIL

On May 21st, he discovered this racecourse and finished 4th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

CAP BRESIL might certainly have had a better place if he had not made an enormous mistake in the far straight. Wilfrid fortunately managed to get his balance back, and little by little, came closer to the other horses.

CAP BRESIL will go back to Auteuil with well-founded ambitions.


DOTTORE is improving

 On May 21st at Auteuil, DOTTORE finished 3rd in Prix Le Guales de Mezaubran, a hurdle race over 3900m (2 miles and 3 ½ furlongs).

He was ridden by Wilfrid Denuault who was very satisfied with the progresses of his horse.

DOTTORE started in the middle oft he field, he came closer all around, jumped well and finished well along the outside rail.

This tall, beautiful horse is a horse for the future and he will soon win a race..


First time out, first win for TARCO

At Compiègne, on May 17th, TARCO won a hurdle race very easily, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault. It was a race for 3 year-old fillies over 3200m (2 miles).

Our big, grey filly started in 3rd position and seemed to be at ease over the hurdles. Jumping better than her competitors, she found herself in the lead when entering the straight. TARCO moved quite well to finish.

“Easy, serious and straightforward”… were the words of her jockey when getting off.

TARCO who is by Turgeon out of Radio Londres was bred at Haras du Mesnil. She belongs to Mrs. Antonia Devin who is also her breeder.


BUBBLE SEA on her territory in Normandy

On May 15th, at the charming race-course of Le Pin-au-Haras, BUBBLE finished 2nd ridden by Frank Panicucci.

BUBBLE SEA  started in second position, put pace in the race in the far straight and performed a very nice finishing straight. When watching the film afterwards, we can see that she could have won but she was surprised by the finish of the winner.

We are looking forward to a win, Miss!!


At Angers, CALIXEL…

…ran for the first time over hurdles on the distance of 3400m (2 miles and 1 furlong). He finished 2nd, missing the win by very little.

This good-looking 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Fragrant Mix out of Maldives had already won on the flat and as he is gifted over jumps… we naturally chose to run him for the first time in this discipline.

CALIXEL had a good position from the start, jumped well and came closer in the last bend. And it was a pity he slightly hesitated over the last hurdle which cost him the first place.

His jockey Wilfrid Denuault didn’t stop praising him.


Easy win for TZAR’S DANCER

On May 14th at Auteuil, our winner of Prix du Président de la République 2014 easily won Prix Guillaume Javoy over 3700m (2 miles and  2 ½ furlongs), ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He started in the middle of the field and everything went fine for him as far as the water  where he gave us a fright, being stuck in a pack of competitors, TZAR felt uncomfortable and hesitated.

Once in the finishing straight, he accelerated well to win easily.

Next entry??


BANGKOK INN back to competition

At Vichy on May 12th, she did a come back in a flat race over 2800m (a mile and 6 furlongs), ridden by Christopher Grosbois.

BANGKOK INN finished 4th. She didn’t like the ground which had become heavier following heavy rain.

But, let’s not worry, the season is only starting for her; she is going to run regularly and will be in the frame as usual.


DUTCH DOCTOR has to mature

At Saint-Cloud on May 11th, he ran on the flat in a good D race over 2500m (12 ½ furlongs).

DUTCH DOCTOR finished 4th, ridden by Maxime Guyon. Thinking about it afterwards,

he performed a good race but has not yet the rhythm of Parisian races, having only run twice in the province.

But we know this horse has still some margin of improvement….therefore DUTCH DOCTOR

….a horse for the future.



 …at Saint-Cloud on May 11th was second in the “Quinté” (big handicap), ridden by Thierry Jarnet.

DE BON ALOI ran very well, he was more “reasonable” and got into his stall without “grumbling”.

He started in the middle of the field, didn’t pull, found a gap and finished very fast.

DE BON ALOI is getting little by little closer to a win…


Followed first time out of the young sister of….

.Punch Nantais who is a very good horse, a Gr I winner at Auteuil.

She is called PASSIONNANTAISE and ran for the first time over hurdles at Nantes on May 9th. Considering it was her first race, she ran very well finishing 3rd, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

She started in 4th, 5th position, jumped well and was a bit surprised by the acceleration at the entrance of the wood, but she reacted well and performed a nice finishing straight ( a few strides and she would have been second).

PASSIONNANTAISE is a 3 year-old thoroughbred by Dragon Dancer out of Reine du Bouffay, bred by Michel Bodiguel and Patrick Philippe and she runs under the colours of Paul Terpereau.

We wish her as good a career as her brother’s!!


Cross-country racing, why????

We are often asked why we direct some horses to the discipline of cross-country racing:

  • some have won a lot of prize money in provincial chases but have not the level to run at Auteu

  • Some others have lost confidence and they enjoy the very varied cross-country fences and are amused by this new game (the best example is CHRISETI)

- Some others are essentially jumpers and lack rhythm to run over hurdles or to go chasing.


Noticeable first cross-country race for…

…ALBARES at Moulins on May 7th.

His jockey Wilfrid Denuault didn’t stop praising him: “when he is well timed and schooled, we’ll have a lot of fun with him.”

ALBARES finished 3rd in spite of his lack of smoothness over the jumps but he did the last 1000m very fast.

We have no worry about his future as he has a nice margin of improvement


The Anjou Loire Challenge

… a mythical race run over 7300m (4 miles and 4 ½ furlongs) at Lion d’Angers. It is named “the longest race in the world”.

It was run the 5th of May, it was a magnificent sunny day with a numerous public and a real race.

The Leenders family had two runners: YONETI trained by Gabriel and ridden by Wilfrid Denuault and TROIS HUIT trained by Etienne and Grégoire and ridden by Wilfrid Lajon.

YONETI finished 2nd . for his second cross-country race, he ran remarkably well and showed real potential. In this discipline he is a horse for the future. We’ll see him again in the Grand cross-country race at Craon in September.

TROIS HUIT was stopped. He made a few bad mistakes and according to his jockey he didn’t behave as a warrior and it was better not to go on.

For us, it is an important race that we have run since it was created. We won it twice with CHRISETI and we were placed every year with Iclan de Molières, Xaar Morinière, Ohé Lancelot, Djurdjura and Kapville.

Every year we have a horse being prepared for this nice race.

Next year it will be……?



….is going on with her preparation. She finished 3rd in a cross-country race at Lion d‘ Angers on May 5th, ridden by the amateur rider Maxime Denuault (Wilfrid’s brother).

BELLA DE TEILLEE was placed in the middle of the field and jumped well. When they started accelerating, she was slightly short of speed but nevertheless finished well.

She needed this race. We are going to enjoy ourselves with her this season.


Nice performance of ACCENTUS….

…at Auteuil on May 4th. In Prix Andréa, he finished 3rd, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

ACCENTUS ran in a chase for the second time in his career and he did get well out of it! Always in a good position during the race, he jumped remarkably well (even sometimes a bit too big) and after the last fence he accelerated well.

We are thrilled as he was meeting serious competitors.

ACCENTUS is a horse for the future. He has considerable potential but has to learn to relax.


Racing results at Lion d’Angers

On May 1st, BUBBLE SEA did her come back and she was the same as ever: obstinate, courageous and always in the frame. She finished 4th in a flat race on 2300m (a mile and 3 ½ furlongs), ridden by Mathieu Androuin. We were happy with her performance as she was beaten by horses who had already run this year.

Yet again, she is going to perform a satisfying year.

JADE’S LEGEND is also 4th but in a cross-country race, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault. She might have had a better place, hadn’t she nearly fallen in the ford and consequently her saddle turned. Wilfrid managed to put it back but it was not stable for the rest of the race… We can imagine how uncomfortable it was when jumping the big fences of the far straight.

These two horses have to be followed next time out.


Nice win of BOURGUEIL

Racehorse owners enjoy strong emotions….and the partners of Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier

had their share on Sunday 1st of May at Lion d’Angers!!!

BOURGUEIL won a cross-country race over 4400m (2 miles and 6 furlongs) ridden by Sébastien Zuliani.

And it was easy but chaotic. First time over the bank, BOURGUEIL jumped big and his jockey was close to being unseated.

Then to finish, at the entrance of the straight with the last two fences, BOURGUEIL and another horse were close to each other all along… neither of them wanting to give up.

Fortunately, our courageous horse went off and left his competitors on the spot…

Well done Sébastien!

April 2016


Fontainebleau, things didn’t go the way we wanted.

Yesterday, on April 29th, we had 3 runners: BELGA BERE, BLUSHING BERE and FILLE D’AVRIL.

The first one, ridden by Tony Piccone was not in the frame: his jockey took the initiative to take the lead… therefore she worked for the others… and for a come back race, it was tough for her. We’ll see her again.

The second one, ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot…. Totally blocked along the rail!! He never managed to get out… His jockey was very sorry and told us: “ I had a lot in my hands”…To follow in the good races.

As to the 3rd, ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot, she finished 5th. She could have had a better place because PC told us he came too soon.

The year is long and our FILLE will perform another good year.


DE BON ALOI: a definite value

In Grand Handicap of Saint-Cloud on April 25th, yet again, DE BON ALOI managed to get well out of it finishing 3rd, ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot.

Not always good-humoured, our very dear DE BON ALOI did a few quirks in front of the starting stalls. Once off, he pulled for the first part of the race but performed nicely in the last straight and finished well along the rail.

According to his jockey, he is a horse with a big potential!!…

As far as we are concerned, we would just like him to win 1 or 2 or maybe 3 “quintés (big handicaps) !!!  We can always dream.


At Saint-Cloud on April 25th…

…in Prix Bango, a Group III for AQPS (non-thoroughbred), our two fillies CRACANTE and CAMAIEU DES MOTTES finished 4th and 5th.

CRACANTE ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot did not show her real value… she was a bit less keen and she is now going to have two months’ holiday.

CAMAIEU DES MOTTES ridden by Maxime Guyon is a nice and courageous filly but

she has not the same class.

But we know that both are going to win in their respective category.


PALINODIE confirmed her good first race

 On April 24th at Chantilly, PALINODIE finished 3rd ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot.

She started in the middle of the field along the rail, started improving her position at mid-straight and finished well, only beaten a nose for the second place (grey and red colours along the rail).

Her jockey was enthusiastic: ”easy to ride, she just does what you ask her to do”

PALINODIE will improve for this race and she needs to mature.



…is 4th in a “quinté” (big handicap) at Saint-Cloud on April 18th. He was ridden by Vincent Cheminaud and is beaten head, short head.

He did not have a good race: never covered, he found himself in front too soon. And unfortunately he paid for it in the finish.

We are of course disappointed but once again, we had confirmation that our Palmerino is a very good horse who will perform well again.

To follow in his next entries.


CALONGE opened her record

At Meslay du Maine on April 18th, she won very easy ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

Well placed all around, CALONGE started going forward at the entrance of the last bend and accelerated well in the finishing straight to win by 2 or 3 lengths.

A filly to follow.


TZAR’S DANCER is back!

Off for two years (because of health problems) we wanted to put all chances on our side and only ran TZAR judiciously.

When coming back at Auteuil on April 17th, he did not disappoint his fans. Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, he started at the back of the field, came closer in the last bend and accelerated well in the last straight to finish 2nd.

A good owner, a good breeding, a good race with a good horse and a good jockey…Racing is easy!!!


The joy of the jockey!

Joy was obvious on Wilfrid Denuault’s face when he came back to the winners’ enclosure with his horse TZAR’S DANCER.

He told us: “How pleasant it was to ride him, I had the same feelings as before, he is super”


KAY FLIGHT is learning her job

At Blain on April 17th, in a chase, she finished 4th ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

She could have had a better place but in the far straight, KAY FLIGHT lost ground when jumping the bull finch too big …and…the other horses didn’t wait for her!!!

But she was courageous to come back to finish.

She is a filly to follow as she has still a margin of improvement.


First time in a chase for…

 …CITY PRETENDER at Blain, on April 17th  . He finished 3rd, ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

He ran moderately over hurdles twice and the choice of running him in a chase seemed to be obvious for this late, big horse.

CITY PRETENDER ran well and jumped well for a beginner. But he will be more at ease on longer straight lines with bigger fences.

Don’t forget that he is the half-brother to Kapville (our good cross-country horse) who started showing good things rather late.

Therefore all the lights are green!


Nice win for TROIS HUIT

At Blain on April 17th, in the last race ( a cross-country race) there was a problem and the race had to be stopped …and then started again….

This didn’t upset TROIS HUIT who won very easily ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

He jumps well, finishes his races well, he has everything to win big cross-country races…but then what does he wait for?

If the cap fits, wear it…


Good come back race for FILLE D’AVRIL

At Blain, on April 17th, our FILLE D’AVRIL didn’t loose our confidence when finishing 5th, ridden by Louisa Chollet.

Actually she was not quite ready and proved so at the finish.

But we know that she is going to perform a nice year again…Let’s wait!


DONA MAGRA is learning her job

At Saumur on April 17th, we had chosen to run her on the flat because first time out over hurdles DONA MAGRA had not understood anything, being still very immature.

She started in the middle of the field, came closer at the entrance of the last bend and finished 2nd ridden by Arnaud Bourgeais.

Her jockey told us that it was fine but that she was afraid of the other horses and needed competition to get more confidence.


CAP BRESIL is going forward!

On Saturday April 16th at Jallais, he finished 2nd ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Always in a good position, CAP BRESIL jumped very well as usual and finished well not beaten much by a good horse.

This horse is getting seasoned little by little….Let’s give him time to mature!


First time out for GONDETI

At Fontainebleau on April 14th, he finished 4th, ridden by Olivier d’Andigné in a race for gentlemen-riders (amateur riders).

Over the long distance of 3000m (1 mile and 7 furlongs), GONDETI started at the back of the field and started getting closer in the last bend.

Mid-straight, it didn’t turn up as we wanted: another horse lurched into him and pushed him out. The time for the horse to get his balance back, it was too late. We might have hoped for a better place!

GONDETI by Charming Groom out of Chrisleen is a pure produce of our family breeding operation.


DE BON ALOI: a good mark!

On April 12th at Nantes, DE BON ALOI finished 3rd ridden by Christopher Grosbois.

A race without any pace…with n°1 in the stalls, horse and jockey did what they could! In the final straight, there was a sudden start, DE BON ALOI could not react as he was blocked along the rail. But as soon as he managed to get out, he finished very well.

We should have a good year with him.


Winning come back for ALBARES

He had not run since September 2015 and was back on a race-course at La Roche-sur-Yon on April 10th.

Obviously, ALBARES took advantage of his holidays as he won as he pleased.

According to his jockey Wilfrid Denuault, this nice horse did the whole race very easily.

A good recruit for 2016.


Noticeable first time out of PALINODIE

At Saint-Cloud on April 3rd, in a maiden race for fillies, PALINODIE discovered competition. She finished 3rd, ridden by Fabrice Véron.

She had not the easiest race because of a bad draw in the stalls she had to gallop on the outside.

At the beginning of the straight PALINODIE found herself blocked along the stand side rail and had therefore to dodge in and out among the field.

As a result, when it opened, she performed a very nice finishing straight.

Best impression of the race!

PALINODIE by Doctor Dino out of Palmeriade (full sister to the good Palmerino) belongs to Douglas McMillan and was bred in the department of Sarthe at Haras de Maulepaire.



I want to inform BLANC ET JAUNE that his brother is UN SUCCES and that it looks a bit “messy” in the pedigree of this good family to be always 2nd!!!! ( of course some owners would be happy to have a horse who is always second!!!).

Yes, our big five year-old AQPS was second again at Morlaix ridden by Anthony Bernard. Nevertheless, he performed a good race. He will be more at ease on a bigger course.

It was not because of a lack of supports from members of Ecurie Pied A L’Etrier….but BLANC ET JAUNE keeps us in suspense….

See you soon!


First time out for….

….for the filly CREAMWELL and also for the racing silks of her owner Vincent Trévisani at Machecoul on April 3rd.

This 4 year-old AQPS ( non-thoroughbred) by Dream Well out of Roveline ran well, finishing 3rd, only beaten a nose for the second place.

She was ridden by Mathieu Androuin who told us he appreciated the ride with this serious filly with a potential.


CHANTOME KAISEN started his career

On April 3rd at Machecoul, this 4 year-old thoroughbred by Voix du Nord out of Arwena finished 4th ridden by Mathieu Androuin.

CHANTOME KAISEN is better than what the result indicates. He had a stock-car race and was not at ease to express himself.

We look forward to seeing him again in better conditions, as we like this horse.


KAY FLIGHT: by the shortest noses!!!

At Machecoul on April 3rd, he finished 3rd ridden by Wilfrid Denuault in a chase over 4150m (2 miles and 4 ¾ furlongs).

As you can see on the official photograph, he is beaten: nose, nose….

KAY FLIGHT ran well and re-assured us. Because his two previous races were not up to our  expectations..

This good and serious jumper has some margin of improvement in this kind of race.

March 2016


WINGED FURY: a good recruit…

….for cross-country racing.

In Prix Biourgeonneau at Lion d’ Angers on March 28th, she kept her part very well for a beginner in this discipline, finishing 3rd.

WINGED FURY was ridden by Wilfrid Denuault. Still careful, she nevertheless seemed to enjoy herself when jumping the real cross-country obstacles.

The cross-country discipline which is sometimes despised by the busybodies is actually quite  good for horses who have lost moral.

And quite often you can see how they enjoy themselves jumping banks, fords and other typical obstacles of cross-country…


Come back race for TROIS HUIT

When finishing 2nd at Blain on March 28th, TROIS HUIT performed a good come back race, ridden by Grégory Denuault.

A bit rusty after several months off, he enjoyed resuming competition.

Now we have several choices of entries and we’ll see if TROIS HUIT has the potential for more important races than a cross-country race at Blain.


CAP BRESIL is getting seasoned

On March 28th at Lion d’Angers, in a chase for 4 year-olds, CAP BRESIL showed he had improved over jumps, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Last turn around, in the far straight, he found himself too soon in the lead as the horse in front of him fell. And unfortunately CAP BRESIL paid for it at the finish.

A good horse!



On March 28th at Saint-Cloud, she ran well, finishing 4th in Prix d’Estruval (Gr III), ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot.

In this race, CAMAIEU is beaten by good fillies that we’ll see again all along the year in future entries.

To be followed!


Good come back for AMIRANT …

….At Saint-Cloud on March 28th.

He started in the middle of the field, came closer in the last bend but when everyone started, Pierre-Charles Boudot told us that he then asked for a breathing. Nevertheless, he finished well as usual in spite of a very soft going.

Conclusion: good come back, AMIRANT will improve for this race and in the next weeks, he should find a going which will suit him better.


At Saint-Cloud, a little wink …

…from Gérard Hernandez, a famous actor in the series “Scènes de ménage” ( squabble between husband and wife) which we can see every evening on the channel M6.

H is a charming man, a formidable actor and also a racing fan.


BOURGUEIL: the pleasure didn’t last long

Just imagine you are an owner….you have the pleasure to see your horse run for the first time in the demanding discipline of cross-country racing… he performs a fantastic race and wins with a lot of class…. It is joy in the stand….and… hear the siren …after inquiry, it happened that three quarters of the competitors missed a compulsory passage!!!

Here we are, I have just summed up what happened to the partners of the syndicate Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier with their horse BOURGUEIL, ridden by Sébastien Zuliani.

The most positive partners said: “Nevertheless, we were able to see that we have a good horse”

This is racing!!!


CALONGE is improving

For her second chase, CALONGE finished good second, ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

She performed a serious race, jumped well, came closer regularly during the race and finished well.

A filly to follow.


Coming back race for DOTTORE

….After two months off, DOTTORE resumed work and did a come back at Auteuil on March 27th.

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, he finished 3rd of a hurdle race over 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs).

He started in the middle of the field, jumped well and kept his part to the end; fighting to get this 3rd place.

We are thrilled with this good come back race because DOTTORE ran with competitors who had already black type.

Our horse will improve for this race and we are full of hope as he showed us nice things.


Yearly visit

Every year in Spring, the PMU (national betting organisation) of the western area, organises a discovery day for the managers of PMU (betting offices) of Maine et Loire.

They spent the morning in our training centre, had lunch at the racecourse of Angers and spent the afternoon racing.

These meetings are always very interesting and the conversations rewarding.


ACCENTUS with his new racing silks

At Auteuil on March 19th, ACCENTUS did his come back in a chase over 3700m (2 miles and 2 ½ furlongs.

Patiently ridden by his jockey Wilfrid Denuault, he kept in 8th, 9th position, came closer at the end of the bend and performed a really good finishing straight. After a desperate fight with the winner, he had to give in, beaten a neck.

In his defence, ACCENTUS carried 7 kilos more than the winner.

He belongs to Michel Marchal and was bred in Mayenne by the Bossuet family.

We’ll have fun with him this year and can have some ambitions.


Expected foal…

….in Brittany at the Quiniou family’s. Actually their good mare USHUAIA QUATZ has just had a filly foal by Slickly.

USHUAIA QUATZ gave us cause for satisfaction as she had a beautiful career, winning good races including Prix de l’Elevage at Saint-Cloud and she was also listed placed several times.

Always finishing “in the money”, she made the punters happy.

USHUAIA QUATZ was strong tempered and was not really pleasant and according to her breeders, she is still the same at stud.

Let’s hope she gives her progeny all her qualities and temper.

To be followed!


Good come back race…

….for CAMAIEU DES MOTTES at Angoulême on March 13th in a race for 4 and 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over 2600m (one mile and 5 furlongs).

She finished 3rd ridden by Sébastien Zuliani.

She started in the middle of the field and was well placed at the entrance of the last straight.

She finished well without  being able to worry the first or second.

CAMAIEU was not quite ready and we’ll be able to rely on her in her next races.


Good race for BLANC ET JAUNE

On March 13th, on the racecourse of Senonnes-Pouancé, BLANC ET JAUNE confirmed  his good first race and finished 2nd ridden by Christopher Grosbois.

The race was for five year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbreds) over 3000m (1 mile and 7 furlongs)

All around he was in 5th, 6th position, he got in a good rhythm and started accelerating at the beginning of the last straight and finished well.

He shouldn’t be ashamed of this second place because he is beaten by a good and far more experienced horse.

BLANC ET JAUNE has still some margin because he is a big baby with a nice future in front of him in the two disciplines (flat and jump). He is going to tread in his brother’s footsteps (UN SUCCES).


The passion for racing…

Some of the members of the syndicate L’Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier met at Senonnes-Pouancé to support their new horse: BLANC ET JAUNE.

The sun, the atmosphere and the good race of the horse made the day for everyone.

As a conclusion: champagne together with a good cake prepared by Madame Bizeul  (a shareholder in the syndicate).

Isn’t life beautiful!!!


First “quinté” (big handicap) for PALMERINO

On March 12th at Saint-Cloud, he won Prix du Pays Basque (a big handicap) without any worry, ridden by Vincent Cheminaud.

PALMERINO took a good start and was in a good position all around. But at the entrance of the finishing straight, he found himself closed in along the rail. Fortunately his jockey managed to get out and eventually when the horse was well balanced, he produced a good change of pace moving very well to finish.

First “quinté” for PALMERINO, and also first win of the year for Vincent Cheminaud.

This super, courageous horse  by Doctor Dino out of Palmeriade belongs to Joël Blandin and was bred at Haras de Maulepaire.


DE BON ALOI: good come back race…

At Nantes on March 8th, our whimsical (temperamental?) DE BON ALOI finished good 2nd

in Prix des Jonquilles (F) ridden by Christopher Grosbois.

Having been off since July 2015 (holidays), he needed this comeback race.

Actually, DE BON ALOI performed a nice race. In 3rd , 4th position all around, he weakened when going outside the wood but collected himself and performed a nice finishing straight.

Is DE BON ALOI whimsical?? Ask his morning rider Wilfried Lajon how complicated it is to ride him…

Well done Wilfried for your work with him.


Easy win for SET DANCER

On March 5th, SET DANCER  did a come back at Argentan after 10 months off. He didn’t disappoint us as he performed an uncontested win, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Always well placed during the race, this good jumper entered the finishing straight in second position and changed gear after the last hurdle.

SET DANCER is a big mover who will be more at ease on longer straight lines with big obstacles.


BOURGUEIL’s win ….

…thrilled all the members of Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier who met the day before at Jarzé and who expected he would do a good come back!

Done..!! At Argentan on March 5th, BOURGUEIL fulfilled  their wishes and won, easily ridden by Sébastien Zuliani.

From the stand, you could see that horse and jockey were going easy and that if there was no incident, they would go to the post ...After the last hurdle, BOURGUEIL did accelerate to win by 2 lengths.

A first win in 2016 for Ecurie Le Pied A L’Etrier.


JADE’s LEGEND for her second cross-country race…

…ran well and finished 4th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Quite keen all around, JADE’S LEGEND jumped well and proved to be gifted over the very particular cross-country obstacles, but she weakened at the moment of the final sprint.

For her next entries, we’ll have to find real, big cross-country courses where she would be more at ease.


First time in a chase for COTE ATLANTIQUE

At Saint-Brieuc on March 5th, COTE ATLANTIQUE (by Nickname out of Force Atlantique), a 4 year-old thoroughbred, ran first time out in a chase.

COTE ATLANTIQUE started at the back of the field and passed her competitors little by  little to finish 4th , ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

Conclusion: this big, nice and late “baby” needs to “build” himself up. He jumps very well but should run on courses with long lines.

To follow.


Official meeting!

On March 5th at Jarzé, we organised the General Assembly of the syndicate Le Pied A L’Etrier.

Presentation of the horses: the first ones we acquired and the new ones

The General Assembly of the year: presentation of the accounts, report on the year 2015, communication plans, previsions, etc…

Friendly drink when everyone was able to meet the new shareholders.

We all left optimistic and keen to see our next runners on the race-courses.


Which name?

…..for the filly foal out of TROTOT and by DREAM WELL..

To make the right choice, a commission of experts met for a pre-selection: Françoise Gondouin, Christine Leenders, Anne Hélène Chuberre and Hélène Couteaudier.

12 names were kept ( we had received more than 60 propositions): Gazelle, Gadgette, Gribouille, Great Dream, Galicie, Gauche ou Droite, Ginette, Girly, Glorieuse, Grâce, Galilée, Great Wedding.

We didn’t want to keep: Glory Well, Great Well, Gribouille Well because one of her “cousins” is called Grewel (too similar), Giz Gaz  not easy to pronounce for the commentator! And those with more than 16 letters were immediately disqualified…

We are going to keep 3 of them and it is IFCE at Pompadour who will make the definite choice.

Thank you for your help and for your original propositions

February 2016


2nd foal …for our breeding operation

On February 23rd, a filly foal was born et Haras de la Monerie in Normandy. Her dam is Trotot and her sire Dream Well.

She will be very easily recognised as she has a very particular zigzag shaped blaze.

We don’t know which name to give her…. There is only one criteria: the first letter has to be a G…., your suggestions are welcome!


Ah! …what to say about our UN SUCCES….

……who finished 4th at Angers on February 27th ridden by Wilfrid Lajon.

He ran well and in the last bend he was going so well that we thought he was going to win. But the weight took its toll after the last hurdle.

Analyse of the race: UN SUCCES showed some good will in the last part of the race but he was disadvantaged by the weight.


CAP BRESIL is improving!

When finishing 3rd at Angers in a chase, CAP BRESIL confirmed that he was more at ease on bigger fences.

Wilfrid Denuault told us that he went quite easy all around and had no problem at all with the big obstacles.

And now, he has to get more seasoned to go up the scales.


Good first time out for BLANC ET JAUNE

On February 21st at Machecoul, this full brother of UN SUCCES by Denham Red out of Harrielle II ran first time out on the flat.

Ridden by Wilfrid Lajon, he finished 2nd. BLANC ET JAUNE ran well and can’t be reproached with anything. He was actually beaten by a horse who is confirmed when he is still a baby.

BLANC ET JAUNE belongs to Nelly de la Guillonnière who is also her breeder….and of course he runs under her colours white and yellow ( “blanc et jaune”)!!

Do follow this horse as you ‘ll see him at a good level.


1st foal to be born…

….for our breeding operation:

SIXTEEN was born on February 21st at Haras de Maulepaire in the department Sarthe. His dam is Chrisleen and his sire Doctor Dino.

On the photograph, you can see how proud and confident he is already.

As soon as we see our first foals, we start dreaming…..Grande Course de Haies, Grand Steeple-Chase….because they will of course be the best ones!!

Only time will tell.


1st win on the flat for PALMERINO…

…..on February 15th at Pornichet under the colours of his new owner Joël Blandin.

Ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot, PALMERINO started in the middle of the field, came closer in the far straight and at the beginning of the finishing straight, horse and jockey had to elbow their way because no one wanted them to go through… he won easily.

His next entry will be at Saint-Cloud on March 12th.


KAILONG: a false race!

At Pornichet on February 15th, she finished 3rd ridden by Mathieu Androuin.

KAILONG ran well but the rhythm of the race slightly altered the result!

The race was not regular: they started fast, then many of them pulled back and they finished on a sprint. It didn’t suit our filly who was surprised at the start.

KAILONG will have some holidays and we’ll see her again in the summer…


Good first time out for CALONGE…

On February 14th at Maure-de-Bretagne, she finished 2nd in Prix du Bois Bassay, a chase for 4 year-old maiden AQPS (non-thoroughbred), ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

CALONGE jumped everything well and was courageous to the end, finishing fast but without being able to catch up the winner who had taken a clear lead.

On what she showed us on Sunday, Madame André Cyprès’ filly should soon win.


What a lot of water!

A walk? No, thank you, this is what the work of the horses was after the storms and the strong rains.

Looking forward to Spring!



A good example of conversion of a race-horse for show jumping.

QUIZZICAL born in 2004, ran for 5 years in hurdle races, chases and cross-country races and performed altogether a nice career.

In 2013, a young lady fell in love with him and bought him for show jumping.

You can see that QUIZZICAL has changed a lot, he is whiter and his muscle structure has evolved.

But, whatever discipline, he has the same will and power over a fence.


KING NONANTAIS enjoys success!

When easily winning the Prix de la Route des Fermettes at Chantilly on February 9th, KING NONANTAIS proved to be going on with his career nice and quiet but with authority.

Always in the lead during the race, he made a final effort in the last furlong to win by a length.

Pierre-Charles Boudot was confident before the race because KING NONANTAIS is such a courageous horse that we know he is always going to do his best.

We’ll probably see him again in a “quinté” (big handicap).


Why have you got race-horses?

We asked one of our owners this question and here is his answer:

“It is and exceptional remedy against boredom, with a dose of suspense, of hope, of beauty and of enthusiasm.”

I wanted to share this sentence with you because quite often we have neophytes who question us and don’t always understand the passion we have for race-horses.


The future is assured!

It was a good year 2015 in the “horse family”.

Three little boys were born at three of our riders’ homes.

Pierre Denuault

Dastân Jouin

Arthur Zuliani

We don’t know if they will be jockeys but according to their respective parents, they already show a solid temperament and a strong temper (indispensable qualities for jockeys!)

Future will tell!


Good first time ….

…in a chase for CAP BRESIL at Machecoul on February 7th.

In the middle of the field all around, he jumped remarkably well and last turn around he went to the inner rail in a mouse-sized gap and finished well.

According to his jockey Wilfrid Denuault, CAP BRESIL will be much better on a bigger course because at Machecoul, races are going fast and the obstacles are not selective enough for big jumpers.

But you have to start chasing somewhere and in February you have not much choice of entries!

January 2016


A new trainee

In our stables, everyone takes part in the work that has to be done for the stables to function properly.

Jackson understood he has to lend a “paw”.


Once more at Pau: MERCIAN PRINCE…

…ran well, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

MERCIAN PRINCE started in the middle of the field, came closer at his own rhythm in the far straight, entered the last straight in 3rd, 4th position and finished 3rd.

He has improved a lot over jumps, not making any mistake, but the ground was very heavy and he was top-weight.

And it is true that when you carry a lot of weight, you can’t “fly” in the last straight.


A surprise this morning….

…there is snow.

It is beautiful to see, but the riders moderately appreciated the arrival of cold!


PALMERINO was back on the flat…

…at Pornichet on January 14th. He finished 2nd ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot.

PALMERINO started in 4th, 5th position, pulled for one turn around because there was no pace, but out of the last bend, he was well balanced  and performed a nice finishing straight.

We are quite satisfied because not only did he do a good come back, but he also pleased his new owner Joël Blandin who bought him in November at the Deauville sales.

A horse to follow!



On January 9th at Deauville, the son of Air Chief Marshal made short work of his opponents.

Riden by Adrien Fouassier, KING NONANTAIS jumped unusually well from his stall and kept in 6th / 7th position all around.

At the entrance of the finishing straight, they were 6 horses on the same line, KING NONANTAIS changed gear and came to win by half a length.

André Rubino’s horse was bred in Normandy at Philippe Goupil’s.


General Assembly of the syndicate Le Pied à L'Etrier

On january 9th at Jarzé, the members of the syndicate met for their annual General Assembbly.

The schedule was :

-Visit to the tracks to see the horses work.

- presentation of the future pupils who will join the syndicate

-before lunch, studious meeting.


ARISTO DES MOTTES: a model regular horse

On January 6th at Pau, he ran a hurdle “quinté” (big handicap), ridden by Wilfrid Denuault. He finished 2nd , not beaten much.

On a ground which had become heavy with the rain, ARISTO DES MOTTES started in the middle of the field. He came closer in the far straight, jumped the last hurdle side by side with the winner and missed the first place by very little.

A nice performance considering it was his first race at Pau.!


KAILONG: and a 2nd one at Pornichet

On January 5th, she won again, ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot.

KAILONG took a very bad start and found herself one but last up to the entrance of the finishing straight. As soon as Pierre-Charles found an opening, he came to the outside and finished very fast to win by a length.

A nice year 2016 for KAILONG!



…resumed work: he is “pre-trained” by his owner: hunting.

It is good for his moral because LUKY D’ANJOU enjoys himself while working.


FILLE D’AVRIL, once more she was present

On January 4th at Deauville, she finished 3rd very close.

Pierre-Charles Boudot told us: “If all the horses I ride were as pleasant as she is, the work of  the jockey would be easy!”

After a very busy year 2015 (10 times in the finish out of 15 races), FILLE D’AVRIL takes a well deserved month holiday with her pal BELGA BERE.


Holidays are over….

…for AMIRANT. He is back from Normandy and he still only thinks of eating! He has of course put on weight during the Christmas holidays: 30 kgs.

His programme: the races of the challenge “Défi du Galop” and a Group 3 for older horses on good ground.