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December 2014



The Leenders Stables wish you and all those you cherish a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS

See you next year.


A new life for UNE VAGUE

UNE VAGUE went back to Nièvre, her birthplace. Her future is now to be a brood mare.

Whether she will go to a French or to an Irish stallion is not decided yet.

She is a mare who brought us a lot of joy and satisfactions: winner of a Listed Race (Prix Christian de Tredern) and Group placed at Auteuil. She won 150.000 €.

We hope for her breeders, Jacky and DD Cyprès, that her progeny will have the same qualities as their dam.  


STARTLING DU MAGNY is going to stud…

... to her owner’s, Michel Péhu, who is going to keep her as a brood mare.

STARTLING DU MAGNY is going to be covered by the excellent stallion Martaline in Normandy.

She ran for 4 years and got 130.000 € prize money over hurdles, in chases and in cross-country races. Her best performance: 2nd in a Listed Race, Prix Violon II at Auteuil.

The amusing thing about her is, that from the start, no one believed in her, except Etienne who trusted her and gave her a chance all along her career.  


Note of temper!

Answer to the “Angry trainers”

Let’s be serious and let’s take our responsibilities!

“Anger is often a bad guide!

Don’t cut the branch that you sit on. Even if it appears to be uncomfortable, it still supports us very well. Have a look around at the situation of other European countries!

When requiring too much, we could loose a lot!

There are certainly more productive ways than strike.”

Etienne Leenders


The old lion passed away

On December 11th , BACARELLO, aged 25 died in Normandy where he had been spending a happy retirement with his pals for the last 13 years.

BACARELLO was one of our best jump horses: 45 races, 33 times in the money including 7 wins at Auteuil.

He started his career in 1992 finishing modestly 4th in a flat race at Savenay and concluded it in 2001 by winning a chase at Auteuil at the age of 12.

He was a very attractive horse, with an independent and keen temperament. He was feared by the morning riders as he carried them away every morning.

Farewell champion.


ARISTO better than the company

On December 7th at Angers, he won a chase on 3800m ( 2 miles and 3 furlongs), ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

It was a nice race, with a lot of pace and good horses and it was a good performance for ARISTO DES MOTTES who doesn’t stop improving with racing.

See him next year with new challenges.


First time out for KAPISTAN

First time out at Angers on December 7th , he finished 5th over hurdles ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Always placed in 5th, 6th position, he jumped well for a beginner. But at the time of the final effort, he was a bit lost.

KAPISTAN, a 3 year-old thoroughbred by Kapgarde out of Victoria Dalphi, needed to run.

We are already looking forward to seeing him in competition again next spring. 


ART ET NICE opens his records

On December 6th in a chase on the race-course of Maure-de-Bretagne, this win was a mere matter of form for him.

Ridden by Wilfried Lajon, he discovered the green obstacles and dealt perfectly with them.

ART ET NICE, a 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred horse) by Denham Red out of Perenice, is a horse for the future that we fully trust.


BELGA BERE: placed again

On December 3rd at Deauville, she ran a handicap on 2500m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs), ridden by Mickaël Barzalona.

She was good second, beaten ¾ of a length.

Results of the year for BELGA BERE: nearly always in the finish but not a winner yet….it will be in 2015!!!


Outburst of temper!

What a surprise for us to read the article of the JDG (Jour de Galop) published on December 4th : “An unprecedented concrete case in handicaps” (you can read this article in our columns Press “The world upside down”)

Facts : DE BON ALOI became the winner of the “quinté” (big handicap) at Longchamp because the first one Fifty Gold had been tested positive and therefore disqualified. Later on, he won a second “quinté” on October 21st.

Conclusion of the article : Unfortunate Fifty Gold who was deprived of her win, and lucky DE BON ALOI who took advantage of the situation!!!

Our conclusion: it is the world upside down!


FILLE D’AVRIL: what a race!

At Pornichet on December 1st, FILLE D’AVRIL was 2nd in a handicap on 1700m (a mile and ½ a furlong), ridden by Mickaël Barzalona.

She started at the back of the field and when in the far straight we didn’t expect much.

But getting out of the bend, she plunged on the side of the rail and performed a magnificent finishing straight, finishing close to the winner.

It has to be underlined that this mare is incredible: extraordinarily courageous and nearly all the time in the first five.


WINGED FURY at Auteuil

On December 1st, she finished 3rd in a chase for 5 year-old horses on the distance of 4300m (2 miles and 5 ½ furlongs).

At the start she found herself in the lead, jumped remarkably well and finished well, just beaten by better horses.

Her jockey, Wilfrid Denuault, did like WINGED FURY’s race very much.

November 2014


UN SUCCES in the Grand Chase of Bordeaux

On November 29th, on a very heavy and bad ground, the race was not the easiest one for the competitors.

UN SUCCES, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, finished 5th at the end of a serious race.

After debating with his jockey, we realised that the horse is far better over hurdles and that chasing doesn’t suit him any more.

UN SUCCES is now going to have a short spell and rest before the 2015 objectives.


Good performance for RED SLIN

On November 28th , in the Grand Chase of Fontainebleau, RED SLIN was 3rd, ridden by Wilfrid Denault.

He started in 5th, 6th position behind the leaders, didn’t make any mistake and finished fast.The finish was quite hectic as there were 4 horses all in a bunch.

He would have preferred a much heavier going.

The year is finished for him and he will now have a rest before 2015. 


HINDOU won for the first time

On November 27th at Auteuil, Califet’s son won a chase ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

On a very heavy and difficult ground, HINDOU started close to the lead and very soon took the lead and kept it to the finishing post without any other horse bothering him.

For his second race in this discipline, he jumped well and behaved like an experienced horse.

It was a real pleasure to see how happy his owner Mr. Marchal was because he likes this horse he claimed last June very much.

A good recruit for 2015!


DREAM CAT: what a nice surprise!

First race, first win for DREAM CAT on November 26th at Angers.

We ran this two-year-old filly by Hurricane Cat out of Edlihtam at the end of the year because she worked seriously and we wanted to “show her the colours” without any particular ambition.

Good for us: ridden by Christopher Grosbois, she did a superb performance and proved very courageous to finish, beating the favourite by a nose.

For our friends punters, it was a good bargain as she was at 41 to 1.


BEST OFF doesn’t like heavy going!

On November 26th, BEST OFF was 3rd in a flat race Prix Kalee at Angers.

The special thing about this race is its distance, 3200m (2 miles), and it is a race of reference for the good 3 year-old AQPS (non thoroughbred horses).

BEST OFF started in 2nd, 3rd position and, when the race started hotting up in the bend, he didn’t move any faster.

His jockey, Christopher Grosbois, told us that he was not really at ease on this heavy ground.

In her pedigree, we know her dam, Idylle de Montot who preferred good ground as well.


A good piece of news…

……for DE BON ALOI !

On November 20th we received a letter from France Galop to inform us that the arrival of the Quinté (big handicap) in which he was second on September 1st at Longchamp, was changed.

The winner was disqualified and therefore DE BON ALOI got the 1st place!!!

As a result, he won two “quintés” in 2014… And it is not finished!!!


BUBBLE SEA ran well…

…on November 16th at Le Mans. In a flat race for 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred), she finished 4th on 2300m (a mile and 3 ½ furlongs).

She didn’t jump well out of the stalls and had not an easy race as she had to run on the outside. She came closer in the far straight and performed a very good finishing straight with a lot of courage. She is beaten by very little as they are 4 very close to each other.

Her jockey Chistopher Dubois was enthusiastic about BUBBLE SEA’ s race: “She is a serious filly who should win soon.”


First win for BELLA DE TEILLE

At Seiches-sur-le-Loir on November 16th, she easily won a cross-country race on 4600m ( 2 miles and 7 furlongs), ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

She did all her race in 4th, 5th position, came closer in the last 5 furlongs and took the advantage at the last fence.

BELLA DE TEILLE is ready for the Grand cross-country race on this same race-course on November 30th. 


WINGED FURY is still a maiden…

…but we are not discouraged as we know she has the level to win races. She was second again in a chase at Meslay-du-Maine on November 16th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Hadn’t she made a big mistake on the fence in the far straight when Wilfrid was nearly off, she would have won.

As WINGED FURY has all the qualities to win: the ability to jump, a liking for heavy ground, quality and courage.

Next race, next win???


BILLIE JANE: change of tactics

On November 16th at Maure-de-Bretagne, BILLIE JANE was 4th ridden by Benoit Roldo.

She started at the back of the field, kept this position for three quarters of the race, came closer last time around, and fought for the 4th place.

We do hope she will go on in the same fashion.


KAPVILLE was unlucky

On November 15th, in the Grand Cross-country race of Compiègne, part of the Crystal Cup Challenge, KAPVILLE was 5th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

During the first part of the race, he jumped very well with a fighting spirit and a flowing style.

Unfortunately he made a mistake at the bank in front of the stand where he was interfered by another horse falling in his legs. From that time, KAPVILLE was disordered and was not the same. Nevertheless he finished courageously.

The task was not that easy: the ground had become particularly heavier and the horse was carrying 72 kg.

Have a nice holiday KAPVILLE and see you next year.


BEST OFF was a non-runner….

……on November 13th at Saint-Cloud in Prix Jacques de Vienne.

There was nothing serious, but on the eve of the race, he walked on a small stone and in the evening we found he had a sore on his off fore hoof.

It is not a serious injury, but it is painful!


UN SUCCES: well done!

How happy we were on November 11th to see UN SUCCES winning the Grand Hurdle Race of Angers, ridden to perfection by Wilfrid Denuault.

They controlled the whole race and proved to be better than the rest!

The horse got frightened chasing and felt like seeing another race-course than Auteuil.

Etienne was totally right to review his plans


ARISTO: he missed it by little!

ARISTO DES MOTTES was 3rd in a chase at Angers on November 11th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He started in the middle of the field, jumped well, but lost ground when slipping at the bull-finch in the last bend. He then, very quickly, came back but too late: 10 lengths more, he would have won.

This 4 year-old AQPS is learning is job and getting tougher with racing.


First time chasing for HINDOU

At Meslay-du-Maine on November 9th, HINDOU finished 2nd, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

For his first chase, Wilfrid did respect the horse who performed a good learning race: he started in 4th, 5th position, started to come closer at the entrance of the bend and did a good straight without being able to compete with the winner.

The jump track of this race-course is very selective, you have to be a good jumper and able to finish well. It is the case of HINDOU who is only 3……and has a good future!


HERLEVA is improving

On November 7th at Deauville, HERLEVA was 3rd in a F race on 1600m (a mile), ridden by Mickaël Barzalona.

She jumped well out of the stalls and stayed at the back of the field. From the entrance of the finishing straight, she came on courageously and finished strongly close to the first two.

We have nice days in the future with her.



….who won the Grand cross-country race of Durtal dead-heat with another horse!

Always well placed in the first part of the race, she took matters in hand in the last 2000m (a mile and two furlongs) and finished very well, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

STARTLING did bluff us all around by her quickness and dexterity over the ups and downs on this difficult course.


UNE VAGUE wanted heavy going!

On November 1st at Auteuil, UNE VAGUE finished 5th in a chase “quinté” (big handicap), Prix Cacao on 4300m (2 miles and 5 ½ furlongs), beaten by a nose for the 4th place.

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, she was always close to the lead and performed a race without any mistake. But after the last fence, she found it difficult to finish.

For her we would have preferred a softer ground as she is more at ease and finishes better on heavy going.

This race does re-assure us and rehabilitates UNE VAGUE.


BANGKOK INN: inaccurate race

On November 1st at Durtal, BANGKOK INN was 6th in Prix Les Guilledines.

The filly didn’t run her true value, ……her rider not having ridden according to the instructions. She took the lead from the start, could not breathe properly and consequently was not able to finish!

October 2014


WINGED FURY with courage

WINGED FURY finished 2nd in a chase at Argentan on October 26th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Placed behind the leaders, she seemed to be beaten between the last two fences but came back with courage to take the second place.

This 5 year-old mare can adapt to any race-course.


ARISTO DES MOTTES: too confident!

For his second chase at Argentan on October 26th, ARISTO DES MOTTES was second, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He could have won but got trapped by the start of the winner , he was not beaten much.

We were very satisfied with his race as he has still improved over jumps, he jumps particularly well.


JUPITER goes on improving

On October 26th at Argentan, JUPITER was 4th over hurdles on 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs), ridden by Benoit Roldo.

He ran seriously but there are still some jumping adjustments to do.

JUPITER is full of good will and will still improve with racing.


UN SUCCES enjoys to run over hurdles

In the Grand Hurdle Race of Nantes on October 25th, UN SUCCES finished 2nd, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He was in 5th, 6th position all around, asked for a breather in the bend and performed a good finishing straight.

This performance comforts us in the decision to keep him over hurdles as the horse is more at ease in this discipline.

For the end of the year, he will take part in the Grand Hurdle Races of Angers and Bordeaux.


ART ET NICE is improving

When debuting at Nantes over hurdles, ART ET NICE was not mature and sure enough.

On October 24th at Sables d’Olonne, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, he showed he had improved both in power and in fluidity over jumps. He finished well, courageously taking the 3rd place.

He is only 4 and is a horse for the future.


KAILONG: good second place…

…on October 24th at Sables d’Olonne on 1950m (a mile and 1 ¾ furlong) ridden by Tony Piccone.

The filly  belonging to Ecurie Muserolle was always close to the lead and fought well with the winner, missing the win by little.

KAILONG is a good filly for next year.


For his first win, DE BON ALOI….

….didn’t do things half way : he won the « quinté » (big handicap) Prix des Equidays at Deauville.

And yet on October 21st, it was bad weather (rain, storm…) but that didn’t prevent DE BON ALOI from winning brilliantly the first race of his career.

He started in 3rd, 4th position, his jockey Mikaël Barzalona let him gallop on the outside and at the entrance of the finishing straight, they launched the attack and were never reached.

DE BON ALOI is a horse we have esteem for and we have some ambition for him. This horse by Desert Style out of Bonne Gargotte was bred by Haras de Maulepaire.


FONRAUD: a good surprise…

…at Cholet on October 19th since he has been in our yard, FONRAUD finished 3rd, ridden by Julien Guillochon.

In a maiden race on 2950m ( a mile and 6 ¾ furlongs) with a heavy going, he couldn’t keep up with the pace in the first part of the race but did react and performed a good finishing straight.

This very tall 3 year-old by Martaline out of Highest Dancer, has just matured. He starts stretching and galloping better.

We’ll see him next year over jumps.


Good first time out for BUBBLE SEA

On October 19th at Saint-Brieuc, BUBBLE SEA ran first time out in a promising way and finished 3rd in a race for 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) on the distance of 2400m (a mile and a half).

She started in the middle of the field, came closer in the far straight and performed a very good finishing straight.

Her jockey, Anthony Bernard, was optimistic for the future of the filly: “she is going to win a race without any problem”.

A wink at her owner David Lamère who lives a child’s dream with his first race horse.


BEST OFF: his first time out was looked forward to…

…by his owners, Douglas McMillan and Paul Terpereau who bought him in the spring and were keen to see him run.

They were not disappointed because our BEST OFF finished 2nd at Fontainebleau on October 16th on 2600m (a mile and 5 furlongs), in a race for 3 year-olds AQPS (non-thoroughbred horses). He was beaten by an estimated horse who had already run.

His jockey Thierry Jarnet was satisfied as the horse was serious and answered well when being asked.

BEST OFF will improve for this race: he was not at 100% of course.


BANGKOK INN had a lot on her shoulders!

It is not easy to run first time out when you are champion URBAINE’s sister!

BANGKOK INN did not miss: she won at Fontainebleau on October 16th, ridden by Thierry Jarnet.

She started in 2nd, 3rd position, asked for a breather in the bend and performed a good finishing straight, showing courage and determination.

This 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) filly by Voix du Nord out of Innsbruck doesn’t show much in the morning, but in the afternoon, she shows the same qualities as her sister.

For the petty side of history, Thierry Jarnet rode her with the saddle he used for the Arc!!!! 


Autumn on our training tracks

A nice photograph of the riders in the morning in the autumn mist.


KING NONANTAIS: to be seen again

On October 14th at Angers, KING NONANTAIS finished 5th  in a flat race on 2000m (a mile and 2 furlongs), ridden by Alexandre Roussel.

He had not the best race: didn’t jump well out of the stalls, then found it hard to catch up ground, but in spite of all that, he finished courageous 5th.

This two-year-old thoroughbred by Air Chief Marshal out of Castries will be more at ease on Parisian race-tracks where the rhythm will suit him better.


ACCENTUS found his sport

Second chase for ACCENTUS at Nantes on October 13th. Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, the horse finished good 2nd at half a length from the winner.

Well placed all around, he gained ground at each jump, even took the lead at the end of the bend but was caught up at the finishing post.

This tall 4 year-old thoroughbred by Malinas out of La Grande Touche has a nice future in front of him.


TROIS HUIT: schooling race

On October 12th at Saumur, TROIS HUIT was 3rd in a cross-country race on the distance of 5100m (3 miles and 1 ½ furlong) ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

In spite of the weight (74 kg), Etienne wanted to run this race to prepare the horse for the Grand cross-country race of Saumur in 3 weeks.

Fixed date.


Well done RED SLIN!

When finishing 2nd of a chase at Bordeaux Le Bouscat on October 8th, RED SLIN did a real good value.

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, he performed a very serious race and jumped particularly well.

When running his first chase in August 2014, RED SLIN was temperamental and didn’t pay attention. Pierre Julienne’s horse has improved and we know that he has still a margin!

The objective: the Grand chase of Bordeaux in November??

Can he follow after his stable mate Tzar’s Dancer who won it at the end of November 2013??


Good behaviour of HERLEVA…

…at M. Laffitte on October 7th . Ridden by Thibault Speicher, she finished 3rd in a claiming race on the mile.

HERLEVA jumped well out of the stalls, but after 200m (a furlong), she was interfered with and found herself blocked at the back of the field. At the entrance of the straight, she was still far back but progressively moved well to the front to take the 3rd place quite easily.

Next step: a handicap on a Parisian race-course. She is rather an autumn filly who likes heavy going.


ARISTO changes discipline

On October 5th at La Roche-sur-Yon, ARISTO DES MOTTES ran for the first time in a chase and won, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He was immediately behind the leader, jumped without hesitating, even gaining ground every time he jumped. Wilfrid deliberately maintained him in second position as he is a horse who prefers to come to the other horses. But, at the last fence, the result of the race was sure and ARISTO won very easily.

On the photograph you can see the winning team!


We are proud of our MARQUISETTE

Martaline’s daughter ran her first chase on October 5th at Segré on 3800m (2 miles and 4 furlongs), ridden by Thomas Beaurain.

Well placed in the first turn around, she hesitated on some obstacles, but second time around, she had understood everything and jumped perfectly. She entered the finishing straight with a lot of speed and won easily.

A good recruit for this discipline.


Good race for JUPITER

On October 5th at Vitré, JUPITER ran over hurdles, ridden by Grégory Denuault. He finished good second.

He started in 2nd/ 3rd position, made a few beginner’s mistakes but managed to pull himself together and finished courageously.

It was new for him and he is certainly going to do well in this discipline.

September 2014


AMIRANT: a metronome!

What can we say about AMIRANT but that he was still in the finish on September 29th at Maisons-Laffitte. He finished 2nd ridden by Thierry Jarnet.

As usual he performed a very good race and was only beaten by a neck.

When we bought him in a claiming race for 16.000 euros in August 2011, who would have thought that this son of Shirocco would have pleased us so much and would have accumulated so much prize money!

An ideal horse!


Last race for ELLIE...

….before becoming a brood mare.

She was second in a chase at Durtal on September 28th , ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

She would have won, hadn’t she hurt herself when landing after the last fence.

ELLIE has now gone to stud. This pretty English mare by Winged Love out of Ellina pleased us a lot, as she had the real character of a race-horse. She compensated her small size by a big heart and a lot of courage.


First time in a chase for ACCENTUS

On September 25th at Fontainebleau, ACCENTUS belonging to Ecurie Ténor was 3rd for his first time in a chase, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

On 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs), he behaved very well and jumped well on this demanding course. And on top of that he finished well.

This 4 year-old horse still needs to mature, there are still adjustments to be done but he found his sport.


Slight come back for HINDOU

At Nantes on September 23rd, HINDOU finished 3rd in a hurdle race for 3 year-olds on 3500m (2 miles and 1 ½ furlong).

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, he started in the middle of the field, jumped everything well and moved very nicely to finish.

With him, we are going to go up the grades nice and quiet, giving him time to get more experienced.


FILLE D’AVRIL: at last!!!

On September 21st at Craon, FILLE D’AVRIL won by the shortest nose. While we waited for the development of the photo finish, we feared it would be a 5th second place.

Ridden by Pierre-Charles Boudot, she once more did a nice performance. In 3rd, 4th position all around, she attacked at the entrance of the finishing straight and did fight well to the post.

We now expect a series of wins!


GAZELLE DE TEILLEE loves Ploërmel!

Actually, for the second time on end, GAZELLE DE TEILLEE won a cross-country race on this race-course on September 21st, ridden by Wilfried Lajon.

She won easily because she is courageous, but she was not very serious in her jumps.

There are still a few adjustments to do.


Launching our syndicate

On September 20th at Les Landes, we all met to officially launch our syndicate “Le Pied à L’Etrier” (Giving a helping hand on the way to success).

We first organised a visit of the training tracks and of our stables.

Then we presented the different horses who will be in the syndicate

and we finally had champagne and brunch together

and eventually we winded the horn for the departure to the races at Craon.

We invite you to visit the website:


DE BON ALOI confirmed his quality…

…yesterday at Saint-Cloud when finishing second in a F maiden race for 3 year-olds on the distance of 2000m (1 mile and 2 furlongs), ridden by Mikael Barzalona.

With a number on the outside in the stalls, DE BON ALOI was forced to gallop without any cover, but in spite of this, he finished very well.

He was beaten by an extra-terrestrial horse coming from nowhere and when DE BON ALOI tried to attack him, he started again as if he was running 100m!!!(half a furlong)


WICCALINA did a come back….

….at Auteuil on September 18th. She finished 6th/7th in good company in this listed race for 3 year-old fillies, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Quite keen all around, WICCALINA made a big mistake at the last fence of the far straight…it stopped her dead and she found it hard to start again.

She came back safe and everything is fine..


SISTANBUL… opened her record

On September 14th at Argentan, SISTANBUL who ran first time out over hurdles ridden by Wilfrid Denuault won easily and with class.

This big 3 year-old thoroughbred by Turtle Bowl out of Sybilia is late, it took him a lot of time to mature.

In the next months, he will have to be followed.


TROIS HUIT, strong as a horse!

On September 8th at Craon, TROIS HUIT won with a lot of class (15 lengths) Prix de La Sayette (Prix Asselco), a cross-country race on the distance of 4600m (2 miles and 7 furlongs).

Last time out at Vichy, he had to be stopped because he was not able to follow and was not competitive enough. The very technical course didn’t suit him.

This time, the orders were:” You go forward, no dead time and you always attack”.

The tactics paid as TROIS HUIT did exactly what Wilfrid Denuault asked him to do and jumped everything well.  

We got the message for the next races!


GAZELLE DE TEILLEE opens her records

On September 7th at Ploërmel, our “GAZELLE” confirmed her abilities in cross-country racing. She won easily, ridden by Wilfrid Lajon.

The course of Ploërmel is not that easy….you need to have a gifted, reactive horse able to finish his race.

Well done to both!


KAPVILLE: bluffing!

On April 7th, in the Grand cross-country race of Craon, we have all been totally seduced by KAPVILLE and by Wilfrid Denuault who rode his horse to perfection!

They finished 2nd, beaten by an English crack horse Balthazar King, which makes this second place all the more notable.

KAPVILLE took a good start, was always close to the lead and didn’t make any mistake. All around, Wilfrid was always able to place him where he wanted.  

After his usual brief bad patch at the entrance of the bend, he re-started to come and catch the 2nd place from Posilox.

We were happy for the horse’s performance and at the same time moved as we thought of Chriseti who left us at this time last year.

Congratulations to our staff for the work in the morning. Thanks to them we have good results.


FILLE D’AVRIL: afraid of winning?

Yes, FILLE D’AVRIL was 2nd again…..for the 4th time on end!!

It was at Niort on September 7th when she took part in a handicap on 1500m (7 ½ furlongs), ridden by Adrien Fouassier. She ran very well.

But nevertheless, she should now make an effort, we would appreciate to have a nice photograph in the winner’s enclosure!


RED SLIN is going on winning,

and it pleases us a lot!

Actually, on September 6th at Ploërmel, RED SLIN won a chase on the distance of 4000m (2 miles and 4 furlongs), ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

The most pleasing thing is the huge progress the horse has made over jumps. At the beginning, he jumped in a non academic way, but now, it is much better!


AMIRANT, the punters’ pet

Once more, AMIRANT managed to get well out of it. Ridden by Thierry Jarnet, he finished 3rd in a listed race at Longchamp on 2000m (a mile and 2 furlongs) on September 4th.

He performed a very good finish close to the first two.

After the race, several punters came and told us they love this horse who is always there.


KAILONG went up the grades

On September 3rd at Chantilly, KAILONG ran a B race for two-year-old fillies on a mile. She was 5th, finishing very well.

Thierry Jarnet told us: “I could certainly have had a better place, I shouldn’t have kept the filly so far back as therefore I had a lot of ground to catch up.”

The filly has not lost our esteem and we now know she does have the level of a B race.


DE BON ALOI is catching up again!

We were all so disappointed after his disqualification at Vichy, that we were thrilled with DE BON ALOI ’s second place in the “quinté” (big handicap) at Longchamp on September 1st.

With n°2 in the stalls, our 3 year-old thoroughbred had not an easy task to take a place. He started in 4th, 5th position and really changed gear at 100m (half a furlong) from home.

Tony Piccone was very happy with this horse that he knows very well.

This performance gives us a lot of hope for the future!

August 2014



On August 24th at Craon, BELLA DE TEILLE ran remarkably well, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault. She finished 3rd on this quite demanding cross-country course.

She jumped everything well but was short of speed to finish. She has still to become stronger and mature.

For the future, she is a good recruit in this discipline.


BILLIE JANE should have had….

…a better place in a chase at Ecommoy on August 24th.

Ridden with a lot of confidence by Régis Bertin, BILLIE JANE made a serious performance, but unfortunately, when they all started, she made a big mistake at the bullfinch, which stopped her!

She re-started again courageously to finish 4th.


Well done…VUDI SEA!

On August 24th at Mauron, VUDI SEA won again!! On this nice race-course situated in Morbihan, our horse made short work of his competitors.

Well placed all around, Julien Guillochon started launching him in the far straight and it was no problem for them to win.

He is a horse with good spirits who does what he is asked to do….for the future entries, it is getting complicated: flat or jumps??


FILLE D’AVRIL: 2nd again


It’s not a reproach because FILLE D’AVRIL ran very well again on Sunday 17th of August at Rochefort sur Loire, but now you should think of winning young girl!


Jérôme Cabre, her jockey told us that he didn’t manage to hide her and found himself in the lead….and was beaten at the finishing post.


If she intends to perform a series of winners as she now does a series of second places….we sign immediately


ULYSSA DES MOTTES didn’t do things half way….


…when very easily winning a cross-country race at Le Dorat on August 15th ridden by Grégory Denuault.


When watching ULYSSA DES MOTTES, who could believe that this tiny filly (1,52m) is able to jump the big obstacles of cross-country and on top of that is able to finish well and fast with a lot of courage!!


What is exciting with horses is that everything is possible!



On August 15th at Vichy, GAZELLE DE TEILLEE ran the 3rd cross-country race of her career, if the last two trials had been unconvincing, her race at Vichy did rehabilitate her.

On a real cross-country course where you have to jump, she started in 5th, 6th position and performed a serious and diligent race, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

She is a good jumper but lacks speed and she will continue in this discipline.




Our STARTLING DU MAGNY is incredible, she functions by series….She fell 3 times on end and now she has started a series of winners…


Actually, she won again at Lion d’Angers on August 11th with a class better than the other horses, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault. He told us: “I cantered all around”.


STARTLING DU MAGNY has won her ticket to take part in the Grand Steeple-chase of Craon on September 20th.



RED SLIN: better than the company.


For his first time out in a chase, RED SLIN didn’t go into the details and won very easily, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

All around he was at the back of the field, sometimes jumped in a non academic way but when he came closer in the diagonal line, he went very fast!


Therefore, we’ll manage to have pleasure with this new horse, still short of winnings.



NOUVELLE DESTINEE: full of incident finish


On August 10th  at Lion d’Angers, NOUVELLE DESTINEE finished 3rd ridden by Tony Piccone.

At the 3rd, 4th place, they had not an easy race, as from the start there was a fall and the loose horse was in front of them. In that case it is not easy for the jockey who always fears that the loose horse might shy and push your horse and make him swerve.


At the entrance of the finishing straight, once the race was launched, the loose horse messed about going to the right and then to the left….and the jockeys finished as best as they could.


As a result, NOUVELLE DESTINEE ran well, finished well and the distance of 3000m ( a mile and 7 furlongs) seemed to suit her.




……..also ran first time out at Lion d’Angers on August 10th, she was 4th but could as well have been 2nd because she was very serious but still quite green.

This 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Al Namix out of Moskoville is estimated and we’ll certainly have a lot of satisfaction with her.


We are already looking forward to her next race.


SED ETIAM: good first time out.


 On August 10th at Lion d’Angers, SED ETIAM, a 2 year-old thoroughbred by Whipper out of Three Wishes ran a maiden race for 2 year-olds on 1400m (7 furlongs). Ridden by Sébastien Castellier, he finished 4th.


He is a colt we estimate and he will soon open his record.



ROSE DE REIMS is always there….

…..on the flat! She was 2nd at Sillé-Le-Guillaume in the “Grand Prix”.

Ridden by Anthony Bernard, Quir Laumans’s mare ROSE DE REIMS was as usual very courageous and full of energy to finish her race in a good action.


Then, we’ll continue on that way!



ART ET NICE: a late horse


On August 9th at Pornichet, ART ET NICE finished 2nd in a race for 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) on 3000m (a mile and 7 furlongs). He was ridden by Christopher Grosbois.


In a race without any pace, ART ET NICE started at the end of the bend and performed a very nice finishing straight (missing the win by little).


He is not mature yet and finds it difficult to manage his big action and he needs time.



FILLE D’AVRIL: always there!


After the race, we got a SMS (text message) from the owner Paul Terpereau: “She is 2nd, I am happy because she ran well and is always so courageous.”

This message does sum up the career of FILLE D’AVRIL who nearly never disappointed us.

Actually at Sables d’Olonne on August 4th, she was 2nd again on the flat on 1950m (a mile and 1¾ furlong), ridden by Alexandre Roussel.


She will go on this way.


VUDI SEA regularly beaten


At Sables d’Olonne on August 4th, VUDI SEA ran Prix Collins, a flat race on 2700m (a mile and 5 ½ furlongs) which is a reference for AQPS racing. He finished 4th, ridden by Alexandre Roussel.

He ran well and shouldn’t be ashamed of this result as the 3 horses in front of him were better.


He is going to run alternately on the flat and over jumps until the end of the season.



LADY DE CRUSSE: a bad day!


LADY DE CRUSSE didn’t like the cross-country course of Granville on August 3rd. She finished unplaced with horses she could have beaten.

Wilfrid Denuault told us: ”she was never in the race”.


A race to forget!!!


Well done HERLEVA


As we said before: HERLEVA was going to open her record soon.

It is now done: at Granville on August 3rd; she won a flat maiden race for 3 year-olds on 1700m (a mile and ½ furlong), ridden by Sébastien Martino.

In a slightly chaotic race, she managed to find her way and finished very pleasantly.


She will be even better on a race-course with a long straight line (not like at Sienne!).

July 2014


A RED SEA: what a good surprise!

When winning at Vichy on July 31st, A RED SEA opened his flat records on the distance of 2600m (a mile and 5 furlongs), ridden by Christopher Grosbois.

In a race without any pace, he followed the favourite in 3rd, 4th position and was very pugnacious in the finishing straight, catching the first place by half a length.

This late horse, who is Vudi Sea’s brother, will keep running on the flat for the time being.


THERAMENE: what a good race!

Pierre and Nelly de la Guillonnière’s small grey filly, THERAMENE, did impress at Vichy on July 31st when finishing 2nd over hurdles in quite good company.

Always in the middle of the field, she jumped to perfection. She came closer in the far straight and fought as she is able to do it to come and take the 2nd place.

Wilfrid Denuault told us :”What a pity she made a mistake at the last fence, otherwise I would have won.”

THERAMENE had been off two years and a half for health problems and she is now back better than before.

Next objectives: Auteuil.


KAPVILLE: half come back

On July 31st at Vichy, KAPVILLE ran Prix Marc Boudot, a cross-country race on the distance of 5000m ( 3 miles and one furlong). He finished 3rd ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He ran well, but he was a bit lost on this special course that he discovered. He was beaten by 2 tougher horses who had already run at Vichy.

He is going to go up in pressure little by little. His objective is the Grand cross-country race at Craon at the beginning of September. 


BELLA DE TEILLE: unsuitable course

On July 27th at Bréhal, BELLA DE TEILLE was 3rd in a cross-country race, ridden by Grégory Denuault.

She is better than this result, but this race-course didn’t suit her as “everything is too small”: the obstacles, the course,….She was not able to express her qualities as a jumper.

To follow on a bigger race-course!!!


VUDI SEA: a win on the flat

VUDI SEA enjoyed being back to flat racing and won at Sables d’Olonne on July 25th, ridden by Christopher Grosbois.

Always a bit short of speed during the race, this cold horse finished well and fought with courage to win by a length.

Next aim: Prix Paul Colins at Sables d’Olonne on August 4th.



For her 3rd time out, NOUVELLE DESTINEE finished 2nd in a flat race on 2700m (a mile and 5 ½ furlongs) at Sables d’Olonne on July 25th.

She started in 3rd, 4th position and really attacked at the entrance of the finishing straight, but was beaten by a better horse.

Christopher Grosbois who had already ridden her , thought she had improved a lot, both physically and mentally.

NOUVELLE DESTINEE is a three-year-old filly from a late family. Her dam, Caprice Meill, only started racing at 4.

We wish her the same career.


FILLE D’AVRIL: we thought she had done it!

At Sables d’Olonne on July 25th , FILLE D’AVRIL was 2nd in a claimer on 1950m ( a mile and 1 ¾ furlong) ridden by Christopher Grosbois.

Always well placed during the race, she performed a good finishing straight and fought with courage to win. But, the result of the photograph was: beaten a head!

An always courageous mare!


We discovered HINDOU

HINDOU has been in our stables since June 11th and he ran for us for the first time at Sables d’Olonne on July 25th in a hurdle race on 3450m (2 miles and 1 ¼ furlong). He finished 4th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He ran well, but this good jumper will be more at ease chasing on bigger courses.

We have good hopes with him.


VIK DE BEAUCHENE is waiting for rainy days.

In a good and numerous field, VIK DE BEAUCHENE ran in a chase at Meslay-du-Maine on the distance of 4200m (2 miles and 5 furlongs). He finished 4th ridden by Benoit Roldo.

The firm ground didn’t suit him as he does prefer soft or even heavy going.

But it was an encouraging come back because the demanding course of Meslay doesn’t allow any mistake: you have to be a good jumper.

Looking forward to the autumn!


BABYLONE DES MOTTE opens her records

We were extremely pleased to see BABYLONE DES MOTTE winning at Lion d’Angers on July 22nd in a race for 3 year old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) on the distance of 2300m (a mile and 3 ½ furlongs).

She started in 5th, 6th position, then angled to the outside at the end of the bend and when well balanced by Christopher Grosbois, she performed a very nice finishing straight, winning easily by 5 lengths

She is a filly who is on the way up and she should have a good career.



A nice photograph in the winner’s enclosure with the breeders owners Mr and Mrs Poirier.

On the photograph you can also see the Humeau family who were at the origin of this female line. Actually, Mr and Mrs Armand Humeau had the mare Ulysse Morinière (Babylone des Motte’s grand dam) who was a very good racing mare.



…a winner! She had not won since 2011 and we didn’t think it would happen again.

At Lion d’Angers on July 22nd , she did catch up when winning by 15 lengths Prix de Barmon, a cross-country race on 5200m (3 miles and 2 furlongs), ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

We are quite sure that STARTLING DU MAGNY can still improve for this race as she beat serious horses in this discipline.


AMIRANT: inaccurate race

On July 21st at Vichy, AMIRANT ran Prix Baguenault de Puchesse, the 6th stage of the challenge “Défi du Galop”.

He finished 7th. What a surprise for us! He had always been in the first five!


-          he didn’t particularly like the sticky ground.

-          He didn’t appreciate the interferences in the finishing straight which prevented him to go on.

Looking forward to his next race!


Party at Les Landes

On July 12th, we all met at Les Landes: our team, owners, family, friends, neighbours….to celebrate Etienne’s birthday, the purchase of Les Landes and the winner of Prix du Président de la République.

The party lasted very late and we were all thrilled to share this happy moment.

Etienne was very spoilt and wants to thank everyone who took part in this celebration.

On the photograph, you can see the nice painting of TZAR’S DANCER jumping offered by our staff.


TROIS HUIT is back

On the difficult cross-country course of Corlay, TROIS HUIT was 2nd on July 14th ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

After a few months off, it took time for him to loose weight and to find back the rhythm of racing.

We are now re-assured on his present form and his desire to compete.

Now, you have to go on, boy!!!!!



….that cross-country racing suits her perfectly.

At Le Dorat on July 14th , she was good second in a cross-country race for young 4 and 5 year-old horses, on the distance of 4000m (2 miles and 4 furlongs), ridden by Grégory Denuault.

Always in the lead, she jumped well, was courageous and finished well.

When BELLA DE TEILLE is completely mature and knows her job better, she will be able to go far. We dream she could run the Grand cross-country races in our area.


ROSE DE REIMS is going on running on the flat…

….and it seems to suit her!!!

At Chinon on July 13th , she finished 2nd again, ridden by Pierre Fertillet. It was a race for amateur riders on 2600m (a mile and 5 furlongs).

Why wouldn’t we go on in this discipline since our “ROSE” seems to be happy with it!


ASCRA: placed once again

July 11th at Lion d’Angers, ASCRA was fourth in a race for 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred horses) ridden by Mathieu Androuin.

The race was without any pace and finished with a sprint. Our filly kept her place all around, the first four finished very close to each other.

It was good company and ASCRA (by Voix du Nord) will certainly take up other interesting challenges.


We discovered SHAKA’S ROCK

On July 10th at Pornichet, SHAKA’S ROCK ran for the first time for us as trainer, in an amateur race.

Ridden by Pierre Fertillet, he finished 4th on 3100m (a mile and 7 ½ furlongs).

He started in 3rd, 4th position, entered the finishing straight at this place and finished courageously. But it was a come back race and he was not quite ready.

He is going to improve for this race and will be able to win his race soon.



Many of you had guessed that these unidentified objects were the containers for new hurdles on the tracks.

We’ll just have to add the “brushes” Inside.


WINGED FURY: first time chasing

On July 7th at Granville, WINGED FURY finished 2nd on 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs), ridden by  Wilfrid Denuault.

Considering this race and its result, we noticed that this filly is far more at ease over big fences.

We are not going to contradict her and she will go on in this discipline.



…was good 2nd at Granville on July 7th in a race for 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred horses) on 2400m (a mile and a half), ridden by Antoine Samson.

The rhythm of the race didn’t suit her at all: they started hacking and it finished like a sprint.

She was not beaten much by a horse belonging to ……..Ecurie des Mottes!

Well done Mr and Mrs Poirier for this dual success.


? ? ? ? ? ?

Strange objects have just been delivered to our stables.

Could any one among you identify them???

You’ll have the answer in a few days…


MONTDRAGON left to England

On July 3rd, MONTDRAGON was sold at the Arqana sales at Deauville for 185.000 euros. It was the top price of the sale for jumpers.

The price is quite justified as he is a good class horse that we had patiently waited for and prepared to run first time over hurdles at Auteuil.

We are not worried for his future on the other side of the Channel as English trainers succeed so well with French horses.


BELGA BERE: interesting race

This 3 year-old filly by Peer Gynt is improving with each race.

On June 30th at Nantes, she was second in good company in a handicap on 2400m (a mile and a half), ridden by Christopher Grosbois.

She started the race in second position, kept her place all around and finished courageously, beaten by a better one.

BELGA BERE will continue in handicaps.


ACCENTUS: half come back…

….on June 30th at Nantes, in a hurdle race on 3500m (2 miles and 1½ furlong). ACCENTUS finished 4th, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He ran well, but was not quite ready. And on top of that, he was not quite at ease over hurdles as he was a bit short of speed.

We are soon going to run him in a chase because this good jumper who is a big mover will be much better in this discipline.

June 2014


RED SLIN is going to change discipline

At Nantes on June 30th, RED SLIN was 4th over hurdles, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

This performance does not reflect his real value as he is better than that and just like his stable mate ACCENTUS, he will be much better chasing.


LADY DE CRUSSE: nice win!

What a nice race LADY DE CRUSSE and Wilfrid Denuault performed in the Grand cross-country race of Corlay on June 29th ! They won easily and proved much better than the others.

This race is a difficult test, a real cross-country race: 5600m (3 miles and 4 furlongs), ups and downs, varied ground, big banks…and so on.

We have won many cross-country races in France, but it was our first winner at Corlay.

At the age of 9, LADY DE CRUSSE doesn’t stop getting better and improving. This year again she will honoured the family Brosseau’s colours.


BELLA DE TEILLE found her sport

On June 29th at Segré, BELLA DE TEILLE ran in a cross-country race for the first time and finished 3rd, ridden by Grégory Denuault.

She took the lead from the start, jumped everything very well. When they accelerated, she asked for a breather and therefore lost a few lengths, but she pulled herself together and courageously came to take her place.

We were all the more pleased with this result as her first races over hurdles and her first chases were unconvincing.

She is more at ease in cross-country racing and her future will be in this discipline.


The pleasure to meet with friends

This is also racing!

At Auteuil we all met to see the race of Aristo des Mottes: friends, partners, owners, breeders.

Sandy Stewart, Douglas McMillan, Paul Terpereau, Nelly de la Guillonnière and Etienne Leenders seem to enjoy this privileged moment.


AMIRANT: accepted challenge

On June 25th at Compiègne, AMIRANT ran Grand Prix, a race included in the challenge “Défi du Galop”. He was 3rd, ridden by Thierry Jarnet and missed the second place by only a short neck.

Well placed all around, he finished in a pleasant way. He was beaten by better horses, but also beat horses presumably better than he is. Actually he is rarely presented among the favourites of the betting, but the punters who follow him are paid back at very nice odds!

As usual, he ran to his value without disappointing!! Very few horses are as regular and honest as he is in all their races.


LACALIFORNIE: a real fighter

At Lion d’Angers on June 23rd, LACALIFORNIE was second in a flat race for 3 year-old on the distance of 3000m (a mile and 7 furlongs), ridden by Christopher Grosbois.

Among the leading horses at the start, she seemed beaten at the entrance of the finishing straight but found enough resources to finish very well.

This thoroughbred filly by Hold that Tiger out of Septieme Face looks more mature and we hope she will go on improving for this race.


HERLEVA: she is learning her job

On June 23rd at Morlaix, HERLEVA was 4th in a flat race for 3 year-old horses on 1800m ( a mile and a furlong), ridden by Anthony Bernard.

In spite of a chaotic race, she behaved well on a race-course which didn’t suit her (too sharp bends). In the finishing straight, she courageously came on the outside to finish with horses who had gone ahead of the field. 

We are not worried, because she will improve for this race and will soon win for the first time.


USHUAIA QUATZ: always courageous

When finishing 3rd at Chantilly on June 23rd in Prix La Moskowa, a listed race on 3000m (a mile and 7 furlongs), USHUAIA QUATZ showed she was good enough for this kind of race.

Ridden by Thierry Jarnet she once again proved to be pugnacious.

When she has the heavy going she prefers, it is obvious she will win a good race.

Next objectives: Maisons-Laffitte and Deauville.


DE BON ALOI: obvious improvement

This 3 year-old thoroughbred by Desert Style out of Bonne Gargotte was second in a flat race on 2000m (a mile and 2 furlongs) at Compiègne on June 18th.

He did the whole race in 5th, 6th position. Well balanced by Tony Piccone out of the bend, he performed a very nice finishing straight and courageously managed to get the second place.

He is a very late colt who is not always easy in the morning. We have to congratulate his morning rider Vincent Houdin who managed “to find the key”.

DE BON ALOI is a 3 year-old on which we have good hopes.


ASCRA: a genuine race filly

On June 17th at Sables-d’Olonne, on 2700m (a mile and 5 ½ furlongs) ASCRA was good 2nd in Prix Altesse, a race for 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred).

Fabrice Véron was always in the middle of the field and launched the race at the entrance of the finishing straight. The filly finished well, beaten by a better one.

She made her owner, Monsieur Lopez quite happy.


LUKY D’ANJOU: a good race

On June 17th at Sables-d’Olonne, LUKY D’ANJOU (bought in a claimer in April) ran for us and under his new colours for the first time. He was back over hurdles on 4200m (2 miles and 5 furlongs) and finished very good second.

It was a difficult race because the winner was one jump ahead, but Romain Julliot was patient and only came in the last turn around to take the second place easily.

LUKY D’ANJOU’s race pleased us as he is the first horse we have in training for the family Le Gualès de Mézaubran.


MONTDRAGON: nice impression

For his first time at Auteuil on June 16th, we had chosen Prix de Royan, a hurdle race on 3500m (2 miles and 1 ½ furlong) for MONTDRAGON.

Ridden with a lot of confidence by Wilfrid Denuault, he performed a very nice race, jumped everything well and finished good second, very close to the winner.

We have always had a lot of esteem for this 4 year-old with a late breeding (by Turtle Bowl out of Bonne Gargotte) and patience paid out.

He is De Bon Aloi and Transcendante’s half-brother.

He will go to the Arqana sales at the beginning of July.


ROSE DE REIMS: come back… a flat race

Our dear ROSE DE REIMS, a 7 year-old mare, a cross-country specialist, did a come back at Corlay on June 15th.

She finished 2nd , quite happy not to meet any jump on the race-track. She enjoyed herself galloping around : « it is much easier than cross-country racing ! »

Patiently and cleverly ridden by the young Lukas Delozier, she performed a very nice race and fought well for the second place.

Well done to both !


KAILONG : nice surprise

KAILONG, a two-year-old thoroughbred by Great Journey out of Delticia, ran first time out at Craon on June 12th… and she won, ridden by Mathieu Androuin.

We knew she would run well, considering what she showed us in the morning. But she went beyond our expectations.

She was the first of our two-year-olds to run this year and we had no lines of reference. Now we have.

KAILONG has a nice future.


UNE VAGUE: what a mare!

On June 11th at Auteuil, it was the second chase of the year for UNE VAGUE, in PRIX Xavier de Chevigny on 4300m (2 miles and 5 ½ furlongs).

Remarkable performance: she jumped everything well, got on perfectly with Wilfrid Denuault and showed a nice turn of foot to finish.

She is beaten very little by a very good horse. At the finish, there were the first two…and the rest!

We look forward to seeing her in big races.


LADY DE CRUSSE: a good come back race

On June 8th; in the Grand cross-country race of Rostrenen 5800m (3 miles and 5 furlongs), LADY DE CRUSSE was back to competition after 6 months off.

She finished 4th, performing a good race as usual. She needed this race as she was not quite ready.

Her jockey Wilfrid Denuault was also very pleased to be back on a race-course.

LADY DE CRUSSE will go on running regional Grand cross-country races as the season progresses.


CAPHIRA goes non improving

On June 8th at Saint-Malo, CAPHIRA was 3rd in a flat race on 2500m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs) for amateur riders.

In the company of experienced horses, she behaved well, ridden by Christophe Guimard.

We are not worried: she will improve for this race and it won’t be long before she wins.



Double winner of the Grand cross-country race of Craon in 2005 and 2007, multiple listed placed in chases, ICLAN DE MOLIERES was happily retired since 2008 at his lad’s, Jean-Frédéric Cécillon.

He died peacefully on June 7th and has gone to join his pal CHRISETI in the paradise of horses.


AMIRANT: what a finish!

On June 5th at Saint-Cloud, AMIRANT ran a B race on 2100m (a mile and 2 ½ furlongs) which is not really his favourite distance.

Ridden by Thierry Jarnet, he took a good start, but little by little found himself in 6th/ 7th position because the race went very fast, led by 2 horses making the pace.

After having passed many competitors in the final straight, he finished very easy second. How courageous he was!

You’ll see him again in 3 weeks in Grand Prix de Compiègne.


ARISTO DES MOTTES is settling better

At Compiègne on June 3rd, ARISTO DES MOTTES was 2nd , ridden by Bertrand Lestrade, in Prix El Paso III , a hurdle race for 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred horses).

All around, he was in 3rd, 4th position, jumped well and went up to the pace at the entrance of the finishing straight. We thought it was done, but Mr. Aristo slowed down when he got in the lead and lost the first place. Next time out, his jockey will have to wait for the last minute to come.

Nevertheless, Etienne is satisfied with ARISTO DES MOTTES as he is really becoming a race-horse: he is less keen, pulls less and is more serious in his work.


WICCALINA went up a grade

On June 2nd at Auteuil, WICCALINA was 3rd in Prix d’Iéna, a hurdle listed race for 3 year-old fillies on the distance of 3500m (2 miles and 1½ furlong).

In quite good company, she performed a nice race. Her jockey, Jacques Ricou, placed her at the back of the field to start, then she came closer in the last bend and finished well but was not able to win.

After race analysis: WICCALINA is still growing and needs holidays.

We’ll be pleased to see her again at Auteuil in September.


BABYLONE DES MOTTES: good first time out

On the race-course of Niort on June 2nd, BABYLONE DES MOTTES, a 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) filly by Blue Bresil out of Nellyssa Bleu, ran first time out on the flat on 2200m (11 furlongs).

Ridden by Christopher Grosbois, she finished 2nd, beaten by a very estimated horse.

She missed the start, came closer little by little and performed a good finishing straight.

A filly for the future!


VIENI VIENI SI is improving

On June 1st at Lignières, VIENI VIENI SI was 2nd in a chase on 4300m (2 miles and 5 ½ furlongs), ridden by Grégory Denuault.

He performed a nice race, but he is still short of some class on the flat to finish.

But, he gets tougher little by little with racing.


UN SUCCES: nice race

On June 1st at Dieppe, UN SUCCES was back over hurdles on a provincial track. Ridden by Mathieu Delage, he finished 3rd in a very convincing way.

Always placed in the middle of the field, he didn’t make a single mistake, jumped the last hurdle in 4th, 5th position and performed a very good finishing straight.

The change of race-course suited him and boosted his moral.

May 2014


SNOW BERRY is improving

On May 28th at Lion d’Angers, for her second hurdle race, SNOW BERRY finished 3rd on 3700m (2 miles and 2 ½ furlongs).

Patiently ridden by Benoit Roldo, the filly came much closer in the far straight, but made a mistake when serious things were starting, which cost her a better place.

This good jumper will be better chasing.


KAPVILLE did bluff us!

On May 29th at Lion d’Angers, a mythic race was taking place: The Anjou Loire Challenge, a listed cross-country race on 7300m (4 miles and 4 ½ furlongs), the longest race in the world.

Ridden by Ludovic Solignac, KAPVILLE was our representative. And for his first attempt in this race, he finished 3rd behind two good horses, particularly seasoned on this race-course.

Kept at the back of the field all around, he found himself in 6th position in the last time around and performed a beautiful finishing straight making his owner Audouin Maggiar (who had managed to be free to come and see his horse) very, very pleased.

We have to congratulate the jockey and the horse for their very good race as it was a first time for both.

KAPVILLE has taken over after CHRISETI even if our grey horse will be in our hearts for ever.     


BELGA BERE: good race

On May 25th at Saint-Malo, BELGA BERE finished 2nd in a flat race on 2500m (1 mile and 4 ½ furlongs), ridden by Christopher Grosbois.

This 3 year-old thoroughbred filly by Peer Gynt out of Arrondie had only had average results up to now, due to the fact she was not quite mature.

An interesting filly!


MARQUISETTE: a noticeable race

For the first time in her young career, MARQUISETTE, a 4 year-old filly by Martaline out of Ama, ran a Lr-handicap. Ridden by Thomas Beaurain, she behaved very well finishing at the 5th place…and after a stewards ’inquiry even got the 4th place.

She performed this hurdle race without any mistake and only asked for a breather in the straight, which was normal.

Considering this performance, she is quite able to win this type of race. 


ASCRA: good come back

On May 20th at Angers, Jesus Lopez’s filly, ASCRA didn’t miss her come back to competition: she ran very well and finished 2nd in a flat race, ridden by Mathieu Androuin.

In the lead all around, she was only caught up in the last 20 meters and missed the win by very little.

She is a filly who doesn’t like heavy ground very much and her jockey told us that should the ground have been firmer, she would certainly have won.

We are going to have fun with her this year.


New generation

On the photograph, you can see a newly-born foal in the Gondouin-Leenders breeding operation.

He was born on April 24th 2014 at Haras de Maulepaire, his dam is Chrisleen by Maresca Sorrento and his sire is Satri by Mujadil.

We do hope he will be up to the standard of his “uncles”, CHRISETI and GONDLEEN.


New generation bis

On April 6th, at Haras de la Rousselière, the foal colt by Moss Vale out of Trotot (by Sleeping Car out of Kusea) was born.

He belongs to the same family as the foal out of Chrisleen because Chrisleen and Trotot are sisters.


TZAR’S DANCER: challenge accomplished!

After his win in Prix du Président de la République, TZAR’S DANCER had recuperated so well that it seemed obvious for Mme de Saint-Seine and Etienne to enter him in the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris on May 18th at Auteuil.

Good for them: he finished 4th beaten by the best French chasers in this mythic race run at a very fast pace. The performance is exceptional as it was only his 3rd chase at Auteuil.

How he has improved in 2014:

In March, 2nd in a listed race Prix Lutteur III

In April, 1st in a group III Prix du Président de la République

In May, 4th in a group I Grand Steeple Chase de Paris

What could be better?

Another performance is the one of Jacques Ricou who discovered TZAR’S DANCER, as his usual partner Wilfrid Denuault got injured 8 days before.

Back to the weighing room, he was very enthusiastic: “What a pity he made a few small mistakes because he paid for them to finish, but I don’t forget he has no experience at Auteuil.

What a horse!”

TZAR’S DANCER will stay at our stables for studious holidays (paddock, walks and hacking).

We look forward to September to see him back at Auteuil with Wilfrid.


AMIRANT: still there

On May 16th at Nantes, Etienne had decided to change AMIRANT’s mind by choosing a less difficult task than the “quintés” (big handicaps) at Saint-Cloud or Maisons-Laffitte.

The horse did appreciate and won easily in good company.

His jockey Tony Piccone didn’t stop praising this adorable horse: “He is easy, you ask him to run on and he does, you want him to change leg and he does, you want him to win and he does!!


CAPRICE FLORE: always in the money

On April 11th at Nantes, CAPRICE FLORE ran well once again in a good quality chase. She finished 2nd, ridden by Benoît Roldo who starts knowing her well.

This mare was stopped two years following a health problem but she obviously now wants to catch up.

Good luck!


BLUSHING BERE went up the grades!

On May 9th at Lyon, the horse belonging to Ecurie Drost performed a really good race ridden by his faithful jockey Fabrice Véron when finishing 2nd in La Coupe (a listed race for 3 year-olds).

Every year, this race is indeed an objective for estimated horses.

BLUSHING BERE started more at the back of the field than usual, then performed a nice finishing straight and was not beaten much.

He is a super horse as he always runs well, he is easy and never stops improving. The ideal horse!


« Wiccalina, a good filly » !


When winning Prix Girofla at Auteuil on May 4th, Wiccalina confirmed that at the moment she is the best 3 year-old filly over hurdles,

Well placed all around by Wilfrid Denuault, she accelerated at the entrance of the straight, She then came as a winner, but lost a lot of ground when making a small mistake at the last hurdle. She managed to start again and finished like a bullet.

Very satisfying performance for the breeders, Daniel and Martine Chassagneux and the owners Agnès and Douglas McMillan.


Next step : a listed race at Auteuil.


First time at Auteuil.....

…...for Aristo des Mottes over hurdles on April 4th. He finished 4th on 3800m (2 miles and 3 furlongs) ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

This serious race does confirm his first race at Nantes.The horse is calmer and now takes his race better.

The partnership of Douglas McMillan, Sandy Stewart and Paul Terpereau know that they own a horse for the future.

April 2014


First win in a chase

ELLIE' s race at Loudéac on April 27th pleased us a lot because the mare did a nice performance.

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, she jumped everything well and came to catch the first place courageously.

Paul Murphy' s mare is quite experienced and has good results over hurdles but she has still to learn in this new discipline.


Well done Mr. President…

Congratulations to TZAR’S DANCER and Wilfrid Denuault for the fantastic show they offered us : a perfectly ridden race, an exceptional jumper, a marvellous finish and a deserved win in the sought after Prix du Président de la République.

Thank you to Marie-Cécile de Saint-Seine who is his owner breeder (at Haras de Maulepaire) to have sent us her horse and to have fully trusted us, thank you to all our staff for their excellent work in the morning and thank you to all those who sent us friendly messages.

This date of April 20th 2014 at Auteuil will stay for a long time in our memories, when TZAR’S DANCER registered his name in the record book of this prestigious race.




How powerful and easy going TZAR' s DANCER is over the jump !




Fantastic finish.




After the finishing post.




How happy Wilfrid Denuault and Pauline ( TZAR' s DANCER' s lass) are !




Photo in the winner's enclosure.



Receiving the trophies from the reprensentatives of the President of the Republic.




A happy, proud ans emotional trainer.


Back to competition

We were extremely pleased to see UNE VAGUE back to competition on April 20th at Auteuil in a chase Prix Quo Vadis in which she finished 2nd.

She had indeed to be stopped for a hair-line fracture of a fetlock joint. She is now quite well and this good come back race was even beyond our expectations as she was competing in very good company (the winner of this race is going to run The Grand Steeple Chase).

Courageous and jumping well, she showed us that we can rely on her for the good races.


Change of tactics…

….for VONNY D’HERODIERE in her race at Nantes on April 17th when she finished good 3rd, ridden by Arnaud Bourgeais.

She started at the back of the field, came closer in the little wood and performed a good finishing straight. We can’t be ashamed of this result as she is beaten by two good horses.


Farewell champion

Thank you URBAINE for the fantastic joys you brought us.

You have certainly a good place in the paradise of horses.


Consistent first time out…

….for SIMBA DE TEILLEE over hurdles at Nantes on April 8th. He was 3rd , ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He was 5th, 6th all around, came closer at the entrance of the last bend and finished well. This race is going to do him a lot of good as he was very green and still jumped too big.

This 3 year-old thoroughbred by Poliglote out of Lady de Mai, was bred by Monsieur Claude Brosseau. He was bought last year by Douglas McMillan and Sandy Stewart.


Good performance

When finishing 3rd in a B race, BLUSHING BERE (a 3 year-old thoroughbred), went up the grades. He was beaten by two very estimated horses.

He started in second position, performed a very good finishing straight and was “eaten” on the post.

After the race, with Fabrice Véron, we wondered about the distance too short or too long.


He is getting experience

At Auteuil on April 2nd , RED SLIN was 4th over hurdles, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

After a good come back at Angers in March, this gelding by Denham Red confirmed his qualities to jump and finish.

He will continue his career at Auteuil.


Interesting race

For his come back at Saint-Cloud on April 2nd, AMIRANT did impress when finishing 3rd in good company.

Placed in 5th, 6th position by Thierry Jarnet, he came at the entrance of the finishing straight and missed the second place by very little.

We are again going to have a nice year with him.


What a nice come back….


…for KAPVILLE who had not run since September 2013… He was 3rd in the Grand Cross-country race of Fontainebleau, a race taken into account for the Crystal Cup Challenge and in which the best horses of this discipline were taking part.

Impeccable race, he jumped everything well. Being a big mover, he was a bit lost in the bends but finished courageously and pleased his jockey Wilfrid Denuault very much.


It was a good performance as he was not a 100% ready. He is going to improve for this race and he will be ready for his objective: l’Anjou Loire Challenge.


L’ALLIER passed away.

Our first mare, thanks to whom we started breeding, died peacefully at the age of 28.

Born and bred at Haras du Bois Aux Proux by Daniel and Martine Chassagneux, this filly by Rose Laurel was quite honest as a racing mare: 6 wins and 11 places (Craon, Le Lion d’Angers, Corlay…).

She was very lucky, for example at Pau first time out, at the last fence she was in fifth position when the first four fell and…..she won! Same scenario at Corlay during the Grand Chase, the two favourites fell…and she won!

The prize money won by her progeny is stunning: 1.155.450 euros! Especially when you know that she had only four of her progeny who ran: Gondleen, Chriseti, Kusea and L’Artiste Français.

On the photograph we are all quite young, it was when she won at Corlay in 1991.

March 2014


Once again….

……USHUAIA QUATZ performed a very nice race at Saint-Cloud on March 30th.

She was 4th in a listed race on the distance of 2400m (a mile and a half).

All around she was in the middle of the field, she came closer in the last bend and did a very good finishing straight, missing the 3rd place by little.

Thierry Jarnet, her jockey, told us that if the ground had been heavier, she would have been fighting with the first two.

How pleasant it is to have such a mare who is meeting our expectations for every race.


First time over jumps

At Nantes on March 25th, ARISTO DES MOTTES ridden by Wilfrid Denuault finished 2nd over hurdles on the distance of 3500m (2 miles and 1 ½ furlong).

He was a bit keen from the start, settled down after 1000m (5 furlongs) but managed to stay in 3rd position. At the end of the bend, when entering the finishing straight, the two leaders slowed a bit and he found himself in the lead too soon. He finished very well but was beaten a length by a horse coming from behind.

This 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Maresca Sorrento out of Kitch des Mottes has a nice future in front of him at Auteuil.


Preparing his career…

…for SET DANCER over hurdles at Nantes on March 25th. Ridden by Benoit Roldo, he finished 5th first time out over jumps.

He started in the middle of the field, jumped cautiously and regularly improved his position to finish well. This race will do him a lot of good as he is a “big baby” who needs to learn and to run.

This 4 year-old colt bred by Marie-Cécile de Saint-Seine, is by Irish Wells out of Steel Dancer…and his brother is … TZAR’S DANCER!


And in such a way!

WICCALINA ran for the first time at Auteuil over hurdles on March 23rd. Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, she won with class and was very impressive.

It was an exciting moment for her owners, Agnès and Douglas McMillan who had come all the way from Scotland for the occasion.

This three year-old thoroughbred by Martaline out of Wicca Eria, is rather precocious and particularly gifted over jumps. In the morning, she quickly showed real aptitude and a natural class.

She was bred at Haras du Bois-aux-Proux by Daniel and Martine Chassagneux.


A nice performance

For his first time in a chase at Auteuil, TZAR’S DANCER whose last performances were 4 wins on end in the province, didn’t miss the appointment of March 23rd : he was second in Prix Lutteur III, a listed race which is a prep for Prix du Président de la République.

We particularly enjoyed the perfect way he jumped all the obstacles ridden by a Wilfrid Denuault of the ”great days”, who trusted his horse very much.

Let’s meet again at Auteuil on April 20th.


A courageous mare

At Auteuil, on March 23rd , POUR TOI GEORGES was 3rd over hurdles, ridden by Stéphane Delhommeau.

She was in 8th, 9th position all around, came closer at the entrance of the finishing straight and finished well.

This was a good performance for a mare who is more used to chasing.


First win…

…for AUMANCE AULMES in a flat race on March 23rd at Machecoul, ridden by Arnaud Bourgeais.

She started at the back of the field, came closer in the far straight and won more easily than it looked.

We were discovering this 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Linda’s Lad out of Passion des Aulmes, bred by her owner Emmanuel Bodart as she only came to our stables three weeks ago.

The amusing story is that we trained her grand-dam Go West Aulmes



PALMERINO did a come back on the flat on March 9th at Senonnes-Pouancé, on the distance of 2100m ( a mile and 2 ½ furlongs). He finished 5th ridden by Arnaud Bourgeais.

When they started accelerating, he was blocked and didn’t manage to find a way. It was a pity as it did cost him a better place.

He is a horse we estimate and he will be better on long straights.


Nice come back…

…for UN SUCCES at Auteuil on March 9th. He was 3rd in a chase on the distance of 4300m (2 miles and 5 ½ furlongs), ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He jumped everything well but unfortunately veered to the right again at the last obstacle, which made him loose the second place.


We trust his ability to jump the big obstacles of Auteuil. But we have to solve his fantasies over the last jumps.


A warrior!

At Saint-Cloud on March 8th, BLUSHING BERE performed a winning come back on 2000m (a mile and 2 furlongs) ridden by Fabrice Véron.

All around in second position, he came next to the leader at mid-straight. The fight between them lasted up to the finishing post where BLUSHING BERE produced a final effort to win by a short head.

After the race, his jockey spoke in high terms of his partner: “he is a good horse who has still a margin and who is very easy to ride.”

A promising future for this 3 year-old!


3rd once again!

MARCETI ran at Angers on March 4th on the distance of 2200m (a mile and 3 furlongs). Just like in his previous race, he finished 3rd ridden by Alexandre Roussel.

He ran well, but as he was off for more than a year, he needs to find his marks again in competition.


He is getting more experienced

ARZAL is second in a chase on March 2nd at Argentan, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

Once again he performed a very good race but this big mover will be better on a race-course more suited to his abilities where he will be able to express himself better.

February 2014


Come back of the champion


On February 27th at Fontainebleau, URBAINE changed discipline and ran over hurdles. She finished 5th.

She performed a nice race, jumped well but when she was supposed to accelerate, she asked for a breather. Wilfrid Denuault didn’t insist because she was not quite ready.

 We are already looking forward to her next race.


New foal

KUSEA (by Useful out of L’Allier) , Chriseti’s half sister, had a colt foal by Great Pretender on February 16th.

He is already a nice colt with a lot of size, quite in the mould of the family.        


A stranger!

RED SLIN had been off since December 2012 following a fracture of the malleolus (a bone in the hock area).

After these two years off, he did a come back over hurdles at Angers on February 23rd and finished 3rd.

We are thrilled with this result. After the race, Wilfrid Denuault told us the good horse he had known before was back and had even improved.

Will be directed to Auteuil.


More mature

MARQUISETTE is 3rd for her come back over hurdles at Fontainebleau on the distance of 3550m (2 miles and 1 ¾ furlong).

Owner and trainer were fully satisfied with her performance because the filly was very sure in her jumps and finished well, not beaten much for the second place.

At 4, this filly by Martaline is estimated and we know she is going to improve well after this race as she has still some margin.


Nice come back

On February 21st at Fontainebleau, TZAR’S DANCER won over hurdles very easily.

We were pleasantly surprised by this win as it was a come back race for the horse who was not quite ready.

Patiently ridden by William Denuault, Marie-Cécile de Saint-Seine’s horse came at the entrance of the bend and made short work of his competitors.


His next objectives will be at Auteuil.


First time out in a chase…


…for VIENI VIENI SI on February 16th at Machecoul. Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, she finished good 2nd, beaten half a length.

She started at the back of the field, jumped well ( a little bit too big over some of the obstacles), came closer last time around and finished well.


We are satisfied because she ran this first chase on the distance of 4800m (3 miles) and on a very heavy going, a ground which was the limit to run.  


Works forum

On February 14th at the race-course of Durtal, a forum for works and employment was organised for young people who are now in secondary schools in the area.

You could find stands on the different fields of activities: building, commerce, industry, health, services and agriculture.

We were present to inform those young people on the works with horses. It was a very rewarding meeting with children who were interested.


The season starts well

On February 12th at Angers, VIK DE BEAUCHENE ridden by Benoit Roldo opened his records over jumps in a brilliant way.

He did all his race in the middle of the field, came closer at the end of the far straight and finished very fast, better than the opponents.

This win which is the first one this year particularly pleased the owner Jean-Claude Laisis and everyone concerned.


Good impression…

…for ARZAL who ran first time out directly in a chase at Maure-de-Bretagne on February 9th. He finished 2nd ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He started in the middle of the field, took the lead at the beginning of the far straight but got beaten by an experienced horse at the last fence.

ARZAL, a 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Vendangeur out of Ghostaline was waited for because he was not precocious. But very soon we realised that his qualities as a jumper would allow him to run first time out directly over jumps.

An interesting recruit.


MARCETI is back

At Chantilly on February 6th, MARCETI did not miss his come back race: ridden by Antoine Hamelin, he finished 3rd behind good horses.

He had been stopped for more than a year for health problems and we didn’t know if he would be quite ready for the rhythm of competition. We are now re-assured because this very energetic little horse was quickly warmed up.

We should have another good year with him.


Cleared obstacle…

….for Gabriel and Grégoire who have just got their licences as trainers.


They are going to discover the difficulties but also the joys of this exciting work.


Congratulations to both of them, and all the best!


First time out on the flat…

…for A RED SEA on February 2nd at Machecoul. He finished 3rd.

He started rather at the back of the field, came closer in the far straight and performed a good finishing straight.

We wanted him to run first time out on the flat but this 4 year old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Denham Red out of Kusea is already well schooled over jumps which will be his discipline.

Let’s wish him the same career as his uncle CHRISETI.


A new god-child for Grégoire!

He was born in January at Montigny-sur-Canne at Domaine de Pron. He is called JOSEILLE, his full brother is…..Galileo and his half-sister….Urban Sea!

You wouldn’t invent it… The pedigree experts will appreciate!

Let’s wish him to be kept for breeding purposes and maybe to be a chief of stock.

January 2014


Master Stroke!

In May 2011, we sold TRIFOLIUM who went to Ireland to the trainer Charles Byrnes.

Since, he has had a very nice career over jumps and on Sunday January 26th at Leopardstown, he won his first Gr 1 impressively in the Arkle Novice Chase (by 9 lengths).

He is certainly going to run during the Cheltenham Festival.

It is very satisfying for all concerned to see this horse, who pleased all of us, succeed at this level.


A good year 2013

At the end of the year we always analyse the records and all that happened:

-          a very good year well balanced between jump and flat racing

-          A lot of good horses in all disciplines

-          Good surprises: Ellie, Tzar’s Dancer,…

-          Confirmed values: Une Vague, Urbaine, Ushuaia Quatz, Amirant, Un Succès, Une de Montot, Winged Fury, Aristo des Mottes, Virgilio, Marquisette

-          We started seeing horses carrying on in cross-country racing: Kapville, Lady de Crusse, Trois Huit.

An incredible year with the 7 wins of URBAINE, but also with the departure of CHRISETI who died on the battlefield and who is immensely missed in our stables.

We have some good horses who have already run or who will run first time out in 2014, but being superstitious, we prefer to keep quiet about them for the time being.


A regular mare

On Saturday, January 11th, FILLE D’AVRIL ran at Deauville on 1900m (a mile and 1 ½ furlong).She finished 4th dead heat ridden by Julien Guillochon.

As usual she ran well. Always in 5th, 6th position, she performed a good finishing straight.

For the interesting side of the story, on the photograph you can see her morning rider, Cinthia, who has just left us to go to Ecuador. Good luck to her !


Well done to the whole staff

At the end of 2013, we spared time to meet at the restaurant “L’Envol” of the airport of Marcé to celebrate the good results of the year.

Romain Dubois, the blacksmith, and Jean-Philippe Gondouin, the osteopathy specialist, joined us to take part in this moment of conviviality.

It was a very nice evening in a very good atmosphere.

We are proud to have a motivated and united team. Let’s start the year 2014….better than 2013???


Did not suit her….

….the all-weather track of Deauville!

On Saturday, January 4th, BELGA BERE finished 4th in a maiden for fillies on 1900m (a mile and 1½ furlong).

Her jockey Tony Piccone told us that the filly was very well and easy to ride, but that the all-weather track, which was quite firm at that time, didn’t suit her at all. She will be better on the grass.

We still trust in her as she is a filly for the future.