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December 2013


Happy New Year 2014

Galloping towards 2014!!!


The whole team of the Leenders Stables wish you a good racing year: nice meetings, good horses, emotions, success and ….champagne.


Promising first time at Pau….

…and in a chase for VIRGILIO on December 25th. He finished 4th ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

All around he was in the middle of the field, didn’t make a single mistake, but asked for a breather in the bend. Then he finished very fast and passed a lot of his competitors.

We were pleasantly surprised as the race-course of Pau being so fast, it didn’t suit him. This good jumper will be much better at ease at Auteuil.

A good hope for 2014.


Nice surprise!

There are horses who need to be seen on the race-course as they don’t show much in the morning. So is it for ACCENTUS. Actually, the horse of Ecurie Ténor (Jean-Baptiste Bossuet), a 3 year-old thoroughbred by Malinas out of La Grande Touche is late and needed to run.


This future jump horse ran first time out in a satisfactory way at Pornichet on December 21st on the distance of 3100m (a mile and 7 ½ furlongs). He behaved very well and finished 2nd.

Well placed on the outside all around, he accelerated at the entrance of the bend and finished well.

Although he is a big mover, his jockey Antoine Hamelin appreciated his turn of foot to finish.


A horse to follow !


He opened his winning record

Second time out, Blushing Bere didn’t do things half way and easily won at Deauville on December 18th on 1900m (a mile and 1 ½ furlong).

Ridden by Fabrice Véron, he took the lead and kept it up to the end of the bend where he found himself short of speed when the race was launched. But he managed to start again and to win by a length.

This estimated 2 year-old (by Hurricane Cat out of Niska) is a horse for the future. He will be even better on 2400m(a mile and a half).


Arrival of the youngest sister….

….of URBAINE on December 19th.

She comes from Jacques Cyprès’s stud in Nièvre, she is called BANGKOK INN, she is a 2 year-old by Laverock out of Innsbruck.

It is not easy to be the sister of a champion…. She doesn’t know it, but she is expected to be something special!

But don’t worry, we won’t get ahead of schedule and we’ll let her mature as long as necessary. 


Nice result!

After winning at Downpatrick over hurdles in October, RENNETI is going on up the grades. On December 1st, he finished 2nd in a Gr I at Fairyhouse in Ireland.

As partners-breeders with Pierre Julienne, we are proud and happy with these good results.

We hope his two half-sisters, CHEMIOUE (a 3year-old by Ballingary out of Caprice Meill) and NOUVELLE DESTINEE (a 2 year-old by Green Tune out of Caprice Meill) will be bent to follow his example.

November 2013


Where is he going to stop?

When winning the Grand Chase of Bordeaux on November 30th, TZAR’S DANCER did surprise us again.

He started at the back of the field, then came close to the lead one turn of the race-course before the post, accelerated when getting out of the last bend and won easily by 4 lengths.

His records in this discipline with his partner Wilfrid Denuault:

-          1st first time chasing at Ploërmel on August 31st

-          3rd at Craon on September 21st

-          1st at Angers on October 15th

-          1st at Angers on November 11th in the Grand Chase (listed race)

-          1st at Bordeaux on November 30th in the Grand Chase (listed race)

Marie-Cécile de Saint-Seine‘s horse is now going to have some holidays and will resume racing in 2014 in the direction of Auteuil.

For the interesting side of the story, the Grand Chase of Bordeaux has been “reserved” by two trainers of the south-west, Jacques Ortet and Guillaume Macaire for the last 10 years!!   


He confirmed

On November 29th, for his second race over the “big ones” of Auteuil, UN SUCCES  immensely pleased his owners Michel Marchal and Paul Terpereau finishing second beaten very little by a very good horse.

Wilfrid Denuault was very enthusiastic when getting off, thrilled with the behaviour of his partner.

We are looking forward to 2014 to see him again at Auteuil.


A sure reference

On November 29th at Auteuil, WINGED FURY finished 3rd in a hurdle race for 4 year-old fillies on 3500m (2 miles and 1½ furlong).

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, she had a fair race and finished close to the second.

Since the beginning of her career in 2013, this serious filly who is courageous and a good jumper, had good results and has never disappointed us.


An emotional moment

On November 15th at the dinner organised by ASSELCO (the association of breeders of the West of the country), we were granted an award from President Loïc Malivet.

It was the “Coup de Cœur” award (the sentimental award) to reward CHRISETI’s career.

We all thought of CHRISETI and his breeder Jean Gondouin.


Good impression…

…for BELGA BERE on November 27th at Angers.

Ridden by Antoine Hamelin, she finished 2nd in a maiden race for 2 year-old fillies on 2000m (1 mile and 2 furlongs).

Once again, she pleased us very much: it was a good performance because this filly by Peer Gynt is beaten by a filly regarded as a classic by her trainer.


We have good hopes for her in 2014.


A good second place

On November 25th at Argentan, VONNY D’HERODIERE, ridden by Florent Guy, was second behind a very good horse.

Only two horses were really in the race ! They started in the lead and never left each other during the race and VONNY was only beaten by half a length.

This 4 year old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) filly will have her place among the good fillies in 2014.


A horse to follow

On November 21st at Fontainebleau, BLUSHING BERE (by Hurricane Cat out of Niska) ran first time out in a maiden race for two-year-old colts on 1800m (a mile and a furlong). He finished 6th.

This result does not reflect the quality of the horse because he didn’t jump well out of the stalls and then was impeded all around by a horse in front of him who didn’t stop « floating ».In spite of that, he finished very well.

Fabrice Veron told us: “What a pity, but I think I would not have missed the win by far!”


Successful first time out

BULLE DE CHAMPAGNE at Fontainebleau on November 21st .

She actually took the 3rd place in a very decent field. It was a maiden race for 2 year-old fillies on the distance of 1800m (a mile and a furlong).

She started in 5th position and performed a very good finishing straight.Thierry Jarnet was quite happy with this first race.   

This filly by Hurricane Run out of Serisia, bred by Haras de la Louvière, comes from a very lively family with horses doing quite well at a classic level.

We have good hopes for her for next year.


She hit it again!

At Maure de Bretagne on November 17th, ULYSSA DES MOTTES won again: two jump races, two wins…

She started in 4th, 5th position, jumped well and came closer little by little. At 1000m (5 furlongs) from the post, Grégory Denuault decided to put more pace in the race: he took the lead and kept it…Well done both!

For the petty side of history, ULYSSA DES MOTTES is the smallest filly in our stables and we didn’t think she would have a nice future in chasing. But that was without taking into account her energy and her qualities as a jumper.


She is incredible!

When getting off, Wildfrid Denuault told us: “She is incredible! Once again, she gave all that she had once on the track.”

Of course, Wilfrid was talking about small ELLIE who had just finished 3rd at Auteuil on November 17th in Prix François de Poncins, a listed race for 4 year-olds on 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs).

Little by little she goes up the grades and we don’t know yet what her limits are.


Special race!


On November 14th at St Cloud, Prix Jacques de Vienne, a classic race for 3 year-olds AQPS (non-thoroughbred), was taking place.

ARISTO DES MOTTES finished 3rd in a small but quite good field.


 When watching the race again, we were left with a sense of frustration: there was no pace at all, which meant that ARISTO pulled a lot during the first 500m (2 ½ furlongs)…and at the entrance of the finishing straight, Thierry Jarnet chose to go to the very outside when all the other horses were along the rail.

The horse found himself very isolated to finish, we would have liked to see him fighting with the other horses.


ARISTO DES MOTTES is a good horse and we are going to have a good year 2014 with him.


Serious race…

…for YONETI on November 13th at Enghien. He finished 3rd, ridden by Davy Delalande.

In this claiming chase on 3500m (2 miles and 1½ furlong), he performed a regular race, jumped well and finished well.

He can’t be reproached of anything. He will stay in this category.


Much better than the company

On November 11th, TZAR’S DANCER won the Grand Chase of Angers.

This very good jumper was in 4th position all around and came in second position at the last fence. When Wilfrid Denuault asked him, he accelerated and left the other horses far behind (8 lengths).

This Grand chase is a worthy race (Listed) run by experienced horses. It is therefore a remarkable performance for this 5 hear-old horse.


For the funny side of the story, it is the 7th time we win this race.


Too keen

For his second time in a chase, VUDI SEA finished 3rd at Angers on November 11th .

He started close to the lead, jumped well but pulled too much and paid for it at the finish.


We are not worried about his future in this discipline.


Half a success….

….for UN SUCCES who took a good second place at Auteuil on November 10th in Prix Thuya, a race for 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) on 4300m (2 miles and 5 ½ furlongs). It was his second chase, the first one took place at Fontainebleau a year ago.

It was a good performance as it was his first time on the distance and also first time over the “big ones” of the far straight which he jumped very well.

The only problem was his hesitation at the double fence where he veered to the right and therefore lost ground with the first horse. Fortunately Wilfrid Denuault is a rider with a good seat, otherwise he would have parted from the horse!.



On November 9th at Saint-Cloud, USHUAIA QUATZ easily won Prix de l’Elevage, a big handicap for fillies and mares. She had been prepared on purpose for this race.

 On heavy going which particularly suited her, the mare was in 4th, 5th position all around. Well placed at the beginning of the finishing straight, she flew away quite easily. Thierry Jarnet could stop pushing and the mare won by 4 lengths.

A few weeks holiday and then her 2014 objective will be a listed race.


A real performance…

….for LADY DE CRUSSE who finished 3rd in the Grand Cross-country race of Compiègne which is a race taken into account for the challenge of the Crystal Cup.

Who would have thought that our small LADY would have improved so much. Ridden by a confident Wilfrid Denuault she was fantastic all around: always well placed, she managed to deal with all the difficulties and on top she finished well, beaten by two British horses who are old troopers in this discipline!

Before the Grand cross-country races of next year, MrClaude Brosseau's mare has definitely deserved some holidays .



VIRGILIO, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, finished 4th in a hurdle race at Compiègne on November 9th on the distance of 3800m (2 miles and 3 furlongs).

Richard Venn’s horse was always well placed, jumped well and finished with the honours. For his first encounter with thoroughbreds, this 4 year old AQPS (non-thoroughbred), who still lacks experience, did not forfeit our esteem.


Big jumper as he is, he will be much better chasing.


A horse for the future.


Good bye

On November 7th at Pornichet, GREABY won a claimer by the shortest nose.

He performed a super, dynamic and courageous race ridden by Mickaël Forest. After the race, he was claimed by another trainer and has gone to Marseille.

Good luck GREABY.


He did a canter!

At Pontchâteau on November 3rd, VHISKY SINGER opened his record in a chase, ridden by Grégory Denuault.

Always well placed during the race, he jumped well and finished better than any other horse. Grégory was not worried in the finishing straight: he looked back and saw that it was done!

To follow!


Back over hurdles…

…for ELLIE on November 3rd at Auteuil. She finished 3rd on the distance of 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs), ridden by her favourite jockey Wilfrid Denuault.

We would have signed before the race to get this good result which surprised us pleasantly as the filly was meeting a good and estimated company. But it was without counting on her courage and on her qualities as a jumper.

On very heavy going, always in the middle of the field, she was a bit keen in the first 1000m (5 furlongs). She jumped the last two fences in 6th position and finished very fast to take the 3rd place.


Promising first time out

We chose to run BELGA BERE first time out on a Parisian track because we estimate this filly who is a big mover and is consequently more at ease on long straight lines.

Good for us to have made this decision, as she ran remarkably well and finished 4th at Saint-Cloud on November 1st.

Her jockey Thierry Jarnet was also very satisfied. He told us that the first three in the race will certainly be Group standard in the future.

A nice future for this 2 year-old thoroughbred by Peer Gynt out of Arrondie.


We are re-assured!

AVEC LA FOI, a 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred horse) by Denham Red out of Groseille, won without any discussion for his second time out at Durtal on November 1st.

We have to forget his first race as the horse had not understood anything and was never part in the race.

Ridden by the amateur rider Edouard Monfort, he was always in 3rd, 4th position and accelerated in the finishing straight without any other horse being able to join him.

October 2013


A deserved win….

….for UNE DE MONTOT at Enghien on October 31st in a chase on 3800m (2 miles and 3 furlongs).

She had been placed 3 times at Auteuil in decent races and we expected her to do well. Wilfrid Denuault trusted his partner.

In the middle of the field all around, she was well placed at the entrance of the finishing straight and she won easily by two lengths.

This 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) mare by Voix du Nord out of Idylle de Montot,  is as good over hurdles as in chases. She also won on the flat. And on top of this she always does her best. She is really an ideal mare to have in your stables.


A première

On October 26th on our training centre of Jarzé, the marketing agency Point Com Un organised a discovery of our racing world for a public of neophytes.

Clélia, Mélinda and Julia Chassagneux have recently created this company. Their objective: approaching and helping potential owners , acting together with the professionals through a unique communication platform on the net.

The day was a success and numerous relationships were established.

Let’s wish this young company a long career. Their web site:


And a 7th win!!!

What a mare our URBAINE!

She easily won Prix Chloris, a B race on 2500m ( a mile and 4 ½ furlongs) at Saint-Cloud.

She started in 2nd, 3rd position, got in the lead at mid-straight and flew away when Fabrice Véron asked her to do so.

Her breeder Jacky Cypres declared that she was the best filly on the flat he had ever bred.

This 5 year-old mare ran her last flat race because the 6 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) are not allowed to run on the flat any more. Therefore, next year, she’ll run over hurdles.

In the meantime, she has definitely deserved some holidays.


Good race at Argentan…

…for VIK DE BEAUCHENE (3rd) and VUDI SEA (5th) in a chase on October 27th.

 Both are good jumpers who behaved well in spite of their lack of experience.

Their jockeys Benoît Roldo and Romain Julliot told us that they would certainly prefer bigger obstacles and longer straight lines… Auteuil for example.


They are two horses for the future.


Who would have believed it!!!!

ULYSSA DES MOTTES, a tiny mare with a huge heart, won her first chase at Maure-de-Bretagne on October 27th, ridden by Grégory Denuault.

Her race was a bit chaotic but she jumped the last fence in the lead and finished very easily, much better than the rest of the field.

Conclusion: one should not judge by appearance. 


He didn’t like the going.

In the Grand cross-country race of Saumur on October 27th, DIAMROCK finished 4th, beaten by better horses.

His jockey Wilfrid Denuaul told us: “ I could have been 3rd if the going had been less heavy, but logically I am at my place.”


First win….

….for VIRGILIO at Sables d’Olonne on October 25th in a hurdle race on 3450m (2 miles and 1 ¼ furlong).

He performed a regular race without any mistake and won easily.

This 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Denham Red out of Liesse de Marboeurf is a late horse that we had to wait for but he has a high potential.


It didn’t take her long to open her record

MARQUISETTE, a 3 year-old thoroughbred won over hurdles on October 25th at Sables d’Olonne, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

She started in 4th, 5th position, accelerated out of the bend and finished very well, in spite of a mistake at the last fence.

We were confident because Monsieur Lepée’s filly had run very well first time out at Auteuil finishing 5th at the beginning of October. And since, she has not stopped improving in training at home.


Still good feet and good eyes…

...for our veteran LOUP DE MER who finished 3rd in a hurdle race at Sables d’Olonne on  October 25th .

Still a good jumper, always fighting and always as courageous!


A day without any success!

On October 24th at Auteuil, 3 runners and not a single result:

-  ADONIS DES MOTTES killed himself at the last fence.

-  POUR TOI GEORGES was stopped by her jockey because she was not keen and was in season.

-  UN SUCCES was not placed in the “quinté” (big handicap) because of the too short distance. He is now going to chase.

A sad and bad day to forget!


Another win…

… for LADY DE CRUSSE who doesn’t stop improving with her different cross-country races.

She won easily on October 20th ridden by Wilfrid Denuault on the very technical race-track of Compiègne.

On November 9th, she will run the Grand cross-country race of Compiègne, which is one stage of the French cross-country championship.


He does deserve his holidays!

AMIRANT, his usual self, was again in the finish of the “quinté” (big handicap) on October 20that Longchamp.

 n spite of 2,5 kg penalty and a very soft going he doesn’t particularly like, he finished 4th in a good style ridden by Thierry Jarnet.

This horse is ideal as he is always there and doesn’t ever disappoint us.

Next stage: holidays in Normandy.


Well done!

For his second time out, ARISTO DES MOTTES opened his record at Fontainebleau on October 17th in a flat race on 2600m (a mile and 5 furlongs).

After a first quiet race at Argentan, we were looking forward to this second race to see if he confirmed the improvement we could see in training.

We were not disappointed because in the finishing straight, when Thierry Jarnet asked him to accelerate, he left his competitors on the spot.

When jumping off, Thierry told us he was very impressed by ARISTO who had proven to be far superior to the other horses in the race.

Next stage: Prix Jacques de Vienne at Saint-Cloud on November 14th.



At Angerson October 15th, Marie-Cécile de Saint Seine’s horse, TZAR’s DANCER, won a chase on 3800m (2 miles and 3 furlongs) with a good margin, leaving his competitors 5 lengths behind.

Wilfrid Denuault  rode him nice and quiet at the back of the field and little by little he passed the other horses and performed a good finishing straight.

This 5 year-old thoroughbred has still a nice future in front of him as he has really a good margin of improvement.


Promising first time out

PALMERINO, a two-year-old colt by Doctor Dino out of Palmeriade, ran first time out at Angers on October 15th on 2000m ( a mile and 2 furlongs).

This first race on a very heavy ground and with horses who had already run was quite good as the horse finished 3rd.


We were quite enthusiastic with the visual impression he gave us.


She is finding her way about…

… in Group races.

On October 13th at Auteuil, UNE VAGUE ran Prix Carmarthen, a Group III hurdle race for 5 year-olds and upwards on 3900m (2 miles and 3 ½ furlongs).

She finished close 6th. This result doesn’t reflect her performance as she has improved a lot. Actually, she finished together with horses who had beaten her by 15 to 20 lengths in her previous race.

This good mare is only 5 and has little experience. She has a nice future in front of her!


She didn’t hold all the winning cards!

ASCRA finished 3rd at Saumur on October 13th in a flat race on 2400m (a mile and a half).

She started at the back of the field, was still last in the far straight and nevertheless she finished 3rd.

This big mover found it hard to take the bend on this race-course and anyway she should have come closer earlier on.

Nevertheless we still trust her.


Next objective: Prix des Guilledines at Durtal on November 1st , it is a good race for 3 year-old fillies.


She opened her record

On October 13th at Saint-Brieuc, SINNDA GLAZ eventually won. We were looking forward to this win, because she had had several good places in moderate claimers.

Ridden by Julien Guillochon in the middle of the field, she found a gap at the entrance of the straight and finished well.

This race was a maiden race, therefore of better quality than her previous races and there, she did it!



USHUAIA QUATZ was second in the “quinté” (big handicap) at Saint-Cloud on October 10th ridden by Thierry Jarnet.

We know she is good and courageous but she surprises us each time out. She ran on 3100m

( a mile and 7 ½ furlongs) for the first time which was not “her favourite sport” and once again, she showed we had to count with her! The heavy going suited her perfectly.

Next entry: Prix de l’Elevage at Saint-Cloud on November 9th.


First time over jumps…

….and at Auteuil for MARQUISETTE on October 9th. She finished 5th after a very nice race in the middle of the field. She performed a good finishing straight, showing fighting spirit.

With a pedigree for jumping ( by Martaline out of Ama by Cadoudal), this 3 year-old thoroughbred filly has a good future in front of her.


First time in a chase

VIK DE BEAUCHENE had good performances on the flat. We chose to run him over jumps in a chase at La Roche-sur-Yon on October 6th.

He was second in an irregular race. A bit lost, he nevertheless jumped well and gained a lot of ground at the end to take the second place.


Still doing her apprenticeship

ELLIE ran a chase at Segré on October 6th. Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, she finished 3rd in a race without any concession.

Novice in chasing, she has still to learn how to deal with the big obstacles because she jumped too big and paid for it at finish.

She is a generous filly who always does her best. She is gifted in both disciplines and can run over hurdles as well as in chases.


Very easy win…

…. for LADY DE CRUSSE in the Grand cross-country race of Segré on October 6th.

Mr and Mrs Brosseau’s mare ate up her competitors winning by 16 lengths!


She is perfect for cross-country racing: she is a good jumper, she is handy and reactive. On top of that, she is able to adapt to any kind of race-course. The only problem with her is her dislike of heavy going.


Good performance…

… for VONNY D’HERODIERE at Saint-Cloud on October 4th: she finished very good 3rd in Prix Glorieuse, behind the best two 4 and 5 year-old AQPS fillies (non-thoroughbred fillies).

We didn’t expect her to do so well, as it was a come back race. But physically she has changed a lot since last spring, she has become splendid looking.

Her jockey Thierry Jarnet told us she had only asked for a breathe when the race really started and that it probably costs us the second place.

Will she take over URBAINE next year?


6 wins in succession

On October 4th at Saint-Cloud in Prix Glorieuse, URBAINE won again, ridden by Fabrice Véron.

In a regular race, she has always been close to the lead and at mid-straight, they were still 3 on the same line. As usual, she had a little blank before producing her acceleration. She won by one length.

And yet, it was not obvious, as she was carrying 70kg. But it was ignoring her value and courage.


Little by little…

AMARABAD prepares himself in the province before facing Auteuil.

He ran a hurdle race at Nantes on October 3rd and finished 3rd. As he always wants to do too much, he started at the back of the field, gradually came closer in the far straight and finished well.

Next step: hurdles or chasing?


She got over a stage

On October 3rd, POUR TOI GEORGES finished 4th at Auteuil in Prix Bayonnet, a chase on 4300m (2 miles and 5 ½ furlongs) for 4 year-olds.

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, she performed a race without any mistake and finished well, beaten by very good horses. She would have preferred the going to be even heavier. 

It is a real performance because this race is a prep for listed and group races.

What an improvement since she was bought in a claiming race in June 2013.


She is going up the grades

At Enghien on October 1st , WINGED FURY finished 2nd in a hurdle race on 3500m (2 miles and 1 ½ furlong).

She started in the middle of the field; jumped remarkably well, slightly leaning to the right. 5th in the bend, she finished very fast.

This filly will continue to improve. She has good entries at Auteuil this autumn.

September 2013


Serious first time out…


At Argentan on September 30th , he was 3rd in a maiden for 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) on the distance of 2500m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs).

He was attentive all around, entered the finishing straight in 4th or 5th position and finished well, thus honouring the colours of his Scottish owner, Douglas McMillan, who had come over to see him first time out.

This slightly tensed up horse needs to mature both physically and mentally, but we don’t worry about him as he has some potential.


Back to competition

After two months off, ADONIS DES MOTTES did a come back at Argentan on 2800m (a mile and 6 furlongs). Ridden by Gérald Avranche, he was 4th but could have finished closer hadn’t he had a traffic problem in the last bend.

He might run again on the flat but his future will be over jumps.


Come back race…

…for VIENI VIENI SI at Nantes on September 29th over hurdles. She finished 4th ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

After her first race at Lion d’Angers in May, we had chosen to send this late filly back to stud. Good for us, as she has become stronger and has changed a lot physically.


A filly who will improve with age!


First time over jumps

At Nantes on September 29th, VOIX D’AUGE ran first time out over hurdles. She behaved remarkably well and finished 3rd.

Ridden by an excited Romain Le Jeune, the filly did a nice performance over hurdles and finished very well.

VOIX D’AUGE, a 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Charming Groom out of Isménie, is Théramène (winner of Prix Jacques de Vienne in 2010) ’s sister and Un Succès’s cousin.


He likes Auteuil

UN SUCCES was 3rd over hurdles at Auteuil on September 28th, beaten by two confirmed horses. He could have had a better place hadn’t he lost a shoe when making a mistake at the last fence.

This 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred horse) by Denham Red out of Harielle is only at the beginning of his career. Now that he is well hardened, he should soon run in a chase on this same racecourse.

A horse to follow!


She is back in our esteem

A 2nd place at Fontainebleau in a cross-country race re-assures us on LADY DE CRUSSE, as after two wins, she was stopped in her last three races.

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, she performed a nice race, jumped well and finished well. On top of that, the firm going of Fontainebleau did suit her.

For the petty side of history, the winner and LADY DE CRUSSE belong to the same owners, Mr and Mrs Brosseau who were first and second in a race for the first time.


Real first good race…

…Over hurdles for ASKA BERE who finished 2nd at Fontainebleau on September 26th on3550m ( 2 miles and 1 ¾ furlong).

Ridden with a lot of confidence by Wilfrid Denuault, he raced in 2nd, 3rd position, jumped everything well and finished well.

This gelding by Della Francesca out of Niska had run moderately first time out over hurdles. This race re-assures us, his future will be over jumps.


Easy win in a “quinté” (big handicap)

At Maisons-Laffitte on September 26th, AMIRANT won Prix du Château de Maisons-Laffitte, a big handicap on 2500m ( a mile and 4 ½ furlongs).

He started in 3rd or 4th position and was always well placed, he then reacted well when his jockey Thierry Jarnet asked him and won by half a length.

We were very happy with this win as AMIRANT is a regular horse in this type of race and he did deserve to win his second “quinté”.


9 runners, 9 places

A nice week-end on 3 different race-courses, Craon, Angoulême and Machecoul.

No winner, but only placed horses.


2nd , 3rd and 5th

At Craon on September 23rd :

- USHUAIA QUATZ, 2nd in a flat race in a very close finish (Olivier Peslier). Courageous as usual.

- MIRINO 3rd in a flat race (Mickaël Forest). He ran well and showed his usual value.

- FILLE D’AVRIL, 5th in a flat race (Mickaël Forest). Was a bit keen but finished well.


2nd and 3rd

At Machecoul on September 22nd :

- SINNDA GLAZ, 2nd in a flat race (Antoine Samson). Always placed, is she ever going to win?

- GREABY, 3rd in a flat race (Antoine Samson). He is back to himself.


3rd and 3rd

At Angoulême on September 22nd    

- ART ET NICE, 3rd in a flat race first time out (Mickaël Forest). Was very green but is a serious colt.

- VAHINEE DU TABERT, 3rd in a chase (Romain Le Jeune). A good jumper with a future.


3rd and 4th

At Craon on September 21st :

- TZAR’S DANCER, 3rd in a chase (Wilfrid Denuault). Confirmed his value in this discipline.

- WAR MONGER, 4th in a chase (Sébastien Desmontils). The horse and the amateur rider did impress us!!!


Beaten by a better one

On September 18th at Auteuil, UNE DE MONTOT was 2nd in a chase Prix Sapin on 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs), ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

 Always well placed during the race, this good jumper performed a good finishing straight without being able to catch the winner who was much better than the company.

UNE DE MONTOT is always courageous and does her best.


Lack of competition…

….for UNE VAGUE who did her come back at Auteuil on September 18th in Prix de Compiègne, a group 3 hurdle race on 3900m (2 miles and 3 ½ furlongs). She finished 5th beaten by horses with more experience.

We wanted to have a test with her at this level and we are not disappointed as she ran well, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

She is going to improve for this race and she will have to be followed in her next entries.


Going too sticky…

…for DIAMROCK on September 15th. He finished 4th in the Grand cross-country race of Ploërmel.

The last rains played against him, although the race-course suited him as he won the prep here on September 1st.

Objective for this autumn: the last regional Grand cross-country races. 


He opened his record

VIK DE BEAUCHENE, a 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Le Fou out of Polka de Beauchene, won on the flat very easily, ridden by Antoine Samson on September 15th at La Roche-sur-Yon.

He started the race close to the lead, attacked at the entrance of the finishing straight and maintained his effort to the end.


A filly for the future

BILLY JANE, a 3 year-old filly by Satri out of Bulle Rose, ran for the second time over hurdles at Argentan on September 15th.

She finished 5th but this result does not reflect her real value. She will be better on race-courses with bigger obstacles.

She needs to mature.


A temperamental horse

YONETI won a chase easily at Argentan on September 15th trustfully ridden by Davy Delalande.

This 4 year-old gelding by Irish Wells out of Aulne River, is not regular and blows hot and cold. When he wins, he does it well.

When is his teenage crisis going to be over??.


Needs to run

At Auteuil on September 12th, the filly POUR TOI GEORGES finished 5th  in a chase for 4 year-olds on 4300m (2 miles and 5 ½ furlongs).

She performed a good race but asked for a breather in the finishing straight because she was not quite ready.

After this race she is going to improve in view of her next entries on the same race-course.


Come back race

AMARABAD did a come back over hurdles on September 11th at Lion d’Angers. He finished 4th .

He started at the back of the field, came closer out of the bend and performed a good finishing straight.

Very good work for this 5 year-old who is more at ease chasing.


What a champion!

On September 11th at Longchamp, URBAINE won Prix de Craon, an important race for AQPS (non-thoroughbred). It is their “Arc de Triomphe”.

In a tactical race, the mare was always well placed close to the lead, she found herself in the lead at mid-straight and managed to resist to the attack of UN CHAMPION. In spite of her jockey Fabrice Veron being confident, we were all tensed up when waiting for the result of the photograph, but she won by the shortest of noses.

URBAINE has now an impressive record: 5 wins on end. What a champion!


He found his discipline

On September 9th at Craon, Antoine-Audoin  Maggiar's horse, KAPVILLE, easily won the cross-country race Prix Pierre de la Sayette on the distance of 4600m (2 miles and 7 furlongs).

He started the race close to the lead and jumped remarkably well. Wilfrid Denuault kept cool and came closer in the bend and the horse finished better than any of his competitors.

Well done Wilfrid who was courageous enough to ride again a cross-country race at Craon after what happened the day before. This win poured balm on our wounded hearts. 




It is impossible to answer all the people who sent us messages of support after CHRISETI ’s departure. We are very touched by all these messages of sympathy.

We didn’t think our grey horse had so many fans who liked him so much.


Thank you to everyone from all our staff, from Mr and Mrs Blandin and from the whole Leenders family.


One horse and several people

All along his career, CHRISETI was accompanied by a whole team:

Jean and Françoise Gondouin, Christine Leenders who bred him at Bourg St Léonard (Orne).

Joël Blandin who bought him when he was 2 and who was quite patient at the time of the “crossing of the desert”. He did deserve to have such a horse because he always trusted him.

Etienne Leenders, the trainer, who took him to the top level and maintained him there for many years.

- The staff of our stables and particularly Jean-Jean, his faithful friend, who cared for him and accepted all his star whims .

- The jockeys, Christophe Dubourg, Julien Jouin, Anthony Blais and Wilfrid Denuault, who, thanks to their talent were lucky enough to ride him and win good races with him.


A horse who became a star

CHRISETI by April Night out of L’Allier, was born in 2000 in Orne.

Born dark grey, he was very common. This small horse who became white with time, never stopped improving in his performances and he became a warrior .His fracture of the malleolus in 2003 did not prevent him to come back a year later in spite of the very pessimistic prognosis of the vets who had given him up for racing, meaning never to race again..

Three years later, he discovered cross-country racing at Durtal where he won.“He enjoyed himself in cross-country racing” Etienne said. From this time on, it was the rise of a champion: 3 Grand cross-country races of Craon (listed race), 2 Anjou Loire Challenge (listed race) and numerous places in the best cross-country races.

CHRISETI had become the first horse to win both Anjou Loire Challenge and the Grandcross-country race of Craon two years on end.

He was a really nice horse with the mental and the character of a winner. Over time, he had become an idol who attracted the crowds.


Farewell champion

On September 8th at Craon, in the Grand cross-country race, CHRISETI finished 4th, and a few minutes later, he came back trotting and collapsed close to the winning post, following a brain haemorrhage. In spite of the care of the vet, he could not be saved.

His jockey Wilfrid Denuault, the staff and all of us were in a state of shock. When he horse box took him away, he had a standing ovation from all the public and it was very intense emotion: a tribute of the crowd who saw a star of cross-country and of Craon going away.

CHRISETI died “in his garden”.  


With a more lucky race…

FILLE D’AVRIL should have won her flat race on September 7th at Craon. She finished 3rd.

Her jockey, Arnaud Bourgeais, told us he should have chosen to come on the outside out of the bend. Instead, they stayed along the rail and were trapped there without being able to accelerate. When the filly found an opening, she finished very well, but unfortunately too late!

 A mare to follow!


A filly for the future

On September 6th at Châteaubriant, WINGED FURY finished 2nd in a hurdle race, second time out.

She waited around, came closer in the back straight and performed a good finishing straight.

This 4 year-old filly by Winged Love out of Bongo Fury is gifted over jumps and according to her jockey Wilfrid Denuault, will be more at ease on bigger courses.


A little wink !

On the charming race-course of Ploërmel in Morbihan (in Brittany), jockeys are still weighed on an old scale (for bags of potatoes ! !)

When everything is working with computers , it is amusing to see a resisting area in Brittany !

Anyway, jockeys are quite happy with it as it is not ….very precise and stewards can’t notice it if you are slightly heavier than you should.


Good come back over jumps

In quite a good company, UN SUCCES ran particularly well over hurdles at Auteuil on September 3rd. He finished 2nd in a good style, ridden by Wilfrid Denuault.

He started in the middle of the field, came closer in front and took a good breather in the bend. At the last fence, they were still 6 on the same line, UN SUCCES finished very fast, only beaten by a better horse.

He has now found his discipline.


He blows hot and cold

DIAMROCK easily won a cross-country race at Ploërmel on September 1st . His last win was in November 2011.

We were really waiting for another win because for the last two years, he hasn’t done only marvellous performances….He was often unlucky and always in the bad place, not always his fault.

Well done DIAMROCK, go on running like that!

August 2013


He opened his records...

……first time out in a chase.

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, TZAR’S DANCER won by 8 lengths at Ploërmel on August 31st at the end of a race close to perfection (an only mistake at the last fence).

He started at the back of the field, little by little came closer and after the one but last fence, produced a good acceleration and left his competitors standing.

Good recruit in this discipline.


He is learning his job….

…..for the future!

KAPVILLE easily won a cross-country race at Craon on August 25th on the distance of 4600m (2 miles and 7 furlongs) ridden by a very confident Wilfrid Denuault.

Always well placed during the race, he was quite at ease on the big combinations of obstacles and he finished strongly and courageously.

At 6, he is little by little learning his job in this discipline with the objective of the big cross-country races.

We had a good thought for his owner , Antoine-Audouin Maggiar, who followed the race on television from his settee following a fractured ankle.


Back to her best self

On August 24th at Clairefontaine, USHUAIA QUATZ finished 3rd in a “quinté” (big handicap) in quite a good company.

She started in 4th, 5th position, and performed a good finishing straight, fighting to the end.Thierry Jarnet was thrilled and told us: ”She is back to her best and will be even better when the tracks get softer.”

She should be followed as she will hopefully win her “quinté” soon.


He won hands down!!

UN SUCCES  ran at Clairefontaine on August 19th in Prix des Buveurs d’Air. We were quite confident beforehand as the horse was in super condition but he was meeting serious competitors (one of them being UN CHAMPION).

In the finishing straight, when we saw the fight between the two horses, we became tensed up …. But quickly our horse managed to take the advantage.

Well done to our team for the good work!


In the Grand cross-country race…

…of Le Pertre, DIAMROCK finished 3rd. It is a good performance for this courageous horse who little by little comes back to his best in this discipline.

Next races? We are looking for a good entry at Ploërmel or Craon.


She is now launched….

Yes she is, SINNDA GLAZ finished 3rd in a claiming race at Saint Malo on August 16th.

This small filly does her job and when she is more mature, she will be able to improve to better level.


Easy win…

…for FILLE D’AVRIL At Saint-Malo on August 16th on 2500m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs).

Cleverly ridden by Mikaël Forest, she started in second position and at the entrance of the finishing straight, she acclerated ans the others could not catche her.

This win does re-assure us because after a year off for a fracture, we didn’t think we would manage to have her back.

Now she proved everything was OK and the story goes on!


What a relief!

AMIRANT was 2nd at Deauville on August 15th in Prix de Barneville (big handicap) on 2500m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs), very well ridden by Mikael Barzalona.

In second position all around, AMIRANT could not do anything against the fast turn of foot of the winner at the entrance of the finishing straight. But he finished courageously and beat off all the attacks.

We are quite re-assured on the form of our horse who had performed such a shock defeat at Compiègne that we were speechless!!


She opens her records

On August 14th at Pornichet, ASCRA won Prix Gefflot on 2400m (a mile and a half) without any trouble, beating horses well esteemed by their trainers.

 This 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Voix du Nord out of Onysia doesn’t stop improving with each race (5th, 3rd, and 1st).

Her jockey Gérald Avranche told us: ”She is super, easy to ride and when you ask her, she goes forward.”


Good race ….

…..for LACALIFORNIE at Lion d’Angers on August 11th in a race for 2 year-olds on 1400m (7 furlongs).

 She started in the middle of the field, entered the finishing straight in 6th position and there, Gérald Avranche got his filly balanced again….and here they came to finish good 4th.

This filly by Hold That Tiger out of Septieme Face has a good margin of improvement and will go on running on this distance: 1400m/1500m (7 furlongs/ 7 ½ furlongs).


Very good race!

On August 4th at Deauville, JUPITER ran in a big claimer on the distance of 2000m. He finished 2nd .

Ridden by Antoine Hamelin, he started in 4th, 5th position, performed a good finishing straight but didn’t manage to catch the winner who had a much better rating than his.

For JUPITER, it is a good performance. He doesn’t stop improving and it is not finished. We’ll now aim to run handicap races.

To be followed!


He opens his records

MIRINO has been close to the win for several races on end.

He has now done it. At Vichy on August 1st, he easily won Prix de la Montagne Verte, the first part of a handicap on 2400m (a mile and a half).

July 2013


Good race

On July 29th, SINNDA GLAZ was 2nd in a flat race at Saint-Malo on 2450m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs).

She started in 3rd, 4th position, got well balanced in the straight, seemed to have reached her maximum at mid finishing straight, but was courageous enough to get the 2nd place.

She will go on running this summer.


We find him back….


 He ran a series of bad races but he pulled himself together at Le Pertre on July 28th when finishing good second in a cross-country race.

After several storms, the ground was slippery. DIAMROCK started quietly for the first 1000 meters, and then Wilfrid Denuault decided to take the lead. The horse performed an impeccable race and was only beaten on the post.

Please DIAMROCK, promise us to go on this way!


Come back race

TENOR DES PICTONS had not run since September 2011. For his come back, we had chosen an entry on 2700m (a mile and 5 ½ furlongs) at Sables d’Olonne.

He did remarkably well finishing 3rd, obviously short of competition.


Back to flat racing….

...for UN SUCCES at Sables d’Olonne on July 26th.

He finished close 4th in Prix Paul Collins. What a pity there was a traffic jam at the entrance of the finishing straight! It did cost us the first place according to his jockey Gérald Avranche.

We’ll see UN SUCCES again once more in this discipline before going back to Auteuil in the autumn.


Easy win

At Lion d’Angers on July 23rd, TROIS HUIT easily won the cross-country race Prix de Barmon on 5200m (3 miles and 2 furlongs).

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, he jumped very well all around, managed to avoid all the traps and finished very well.

Cross-country racing is difficult because to train a horse who has the abilities, you need a lot of time and patience and you can’t get ahead of schedule.

At 6, TROIS HUIT is one of our hopes for the big cross-country races.


She is improving

ASCRA, a 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) filly, ran her second flat race on July 23rd at Lion d’Angers.

She finished 3rd beaten by good fillies.

She is a filly for the future and her owner, Jesus Lopez, knows how to be patient to allow her to have a nice career.  


Settlement of accounts…

…..directly on Equidia by a Christophe Soumillon furious not to have been chosen to ride URBAINE in Prix des AQPS du Centre at Vichy on July 17th.

For about 5 minutes, we had a show with a very nervous Soumillon reproaching us not to have accepted to play his game, meaning not to have helped him to beat I.Mendizabal’s record: 7 wins on the same day. It was not our game, it was his!

To try and beat this record, he called all the trainers who had a first chance. We preferred Fabrice Véron who had already won with the filly and who rides for us quite regularly.

Racing results: we had a very good evening and won with URBAINE and, cherry on the cake, we had 5 free minutes on television about Etienne Leenders….What an advertising!! Thank you Christophe!.


Very easy success!

Fabrice Véron was thrilled when winning with URBAINE in Prix de l’Union des AQPS du centre at Vichy on July 17th. He was allowed to be happy because he rode her to perfection.

Once again, the filly showed something special! She started in second position in a race without any pace, she put up with the start of the horse in front of her, but when she changed gear, there was no more race!

What a filly!


Good filly

LIZALIA, a 2 year-old thoroughbred filly by Panis out of Leave of Absence, finished 2nd in a flat race on July 14th at Senonnes-Pouancé.

We are re-assured, because first time out at Craon, she stayed in her stall and therefore lost any chance.

This time, she started at her own speed at the back of the field, improved her position little by little and performed a very impressive finish!


First race

ASCRA, a 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Voix du Nord out of Onysia, ran first time out in a flat race at Granville on July 8th .

She finished 5th but she is better than this. She just needs to learn her job. Totally lost all around, she nevertheless performed a good finishing straight.

This race did her a lot of good and she has still a margin.


Good race

On July 3rd at Deauville, JUPITER ran on the distance of 1900m ( a mile and 1 ½ furlong), ridden by Antoine Hamelin.

He finished 4th. He started in 4th ,5th position, seemed to give way in the straight but he pulled himself together and he was the one who finished faster. With 100m more he would have had a better place.

It was his first time on the all-weather track and it suited him perfectly well.

June 2013


First time out over hurdles

KALANE, a 4 year-old thoroughbred by Kalanisi out of Fairy Lane, finished 3rd first time out at Lion d’Angers on June 24th .

She started at the back of the field, was short of speed in a race with a lot of pace but got balanced little by little and finished well.

This good-looking Irish filly arrived here at the beginning of April from Denis Leahy’s who pre-trained her. We want to congratulate him and thank him for his good work as she arrived here in splendid condition.


A serious horse

VIK DE BEAUCHENE, a 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Le Fou out of Polka de Beauchene, ran first time out in a flat race at Lion d’Angers on the distance of 2300m (a mile and 3 ½ furlongs).

He finished 3rd. Ridden close to the lead by Jean-Baptiste Hamel, this big mover managed to launch himself again to finish well.

A horse to folllow!


He is improving!

On June 23rd at Jallais, GREAT HORIZON was doing a semi come back in a chase. He finished 2nd.

 Ridden at the back of the field by Romain Le Jeune, he jumped very well, came closer in the far straight and finished well to take the second place.

This late horse by Great Pretender will improve for this race and will bring us nice satisfactions this summer.


Nice win!

With racing, LADY DE CRUSSE doesn't stop improving. She won the Grand cross-country race of Saint-Pierre-la-Cour on June 23rd. 

This small very handy mare who is a good jumper managed to deal with all the difficulties of the course and fought for the win.

Wilfrid Denuault must have enjoyed himself on this varied race-course!


What a show!

UNE VAGUE ran Prix Christian de Tredern, a listed race over hurdles on 3600m ( 2 miles and 2 furlongs) at Auteuil on June 20th. She made short work of her adversaries although they had a good experience at this level.

Ridden with a lot of confidence by Wilfrid Denuault, she started nice and quiet, never stopped improving in the far straight, took the lead at the entrance of the bend and won by 8 lengths.

UNE VAGUE is going to have 3 weeks rest and then, we’ll find nice entries for her at Auteuil in September.


A horse for the future

MONTDRAGON, a 3 year-old thoroughbred by Turtle Bowl out of Bonne Gargotte (by Poliglote), was 4th at Sables d’Olonne on June 18th in a flat race on the distance of 2700m (a mile and 5 ½ furlongs).

He raced in 2nd, 3rd position, was a bit short of speed when they started in the last straight but managed to start again to finish.

He is a big horse, a big mover who will be better suited by bigger race-courses with long straights.

We have a lot of esteem for MONTDRAGON who should improve for this promising race.


First time out

On June 18th at Sables d’Olonne, VIRGILIO, 4 year old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Denham Red out of Liesse de Marboeuf (by Cyborg), finished 5th over hurdles in his first race.

He started in 6thor 7th position, jumped well and finished well in the company of more experienced horses. His jockey, Wilfrid Denuault, was thrilled with the horse and told us he should win soon.

This tall, late horse will be more at ease over bigger jumps, his future is chasing.


Good purchase

On June 3rd at Auteuil, for the sake of Michel Marchal, we claimed the filly POUR TOI GEORGES (by Michel Georges out of Morosa by Theatrical) who had just won a hurdle race.

Good for us, because two weeks later at Auteuil on June 17th, she won a chase with a lot of class ridden by Alain de Chitray.

 Michel Marchal was thrilled, because he got to like her very much when he saw her first in the parade ring on June 3rd.


Everything comes ...

… him who waits!

Congratulations to Antoine-Audouin Maggiar, ULTRA MAG’s owner, who well deserved his horse to win in a chase at Questembert on June 16th. Actually, this 5 year-old thoroughbred by Martaline out of Jane des Tilleuls (by Turgeon), is late and his owner had to have the patience to wait with him.

Ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, the horse started close to the lead and found enough resources to finish well.


Well done

TROIS HUIT had already shown us his aptitudes for cross-country racing when being second at Argentan. At Corlay , on June 16th, he easily won on this difficult course, ridden by Alain de Chitray.

He started rather at the back of the field, came closer little by little and found it easy to win.


Good first time in a chase

On June 16th, WAR MONGER was 3rd at Ecommoy, ridden by Grégory Denuault.

He started close to the lead, jumped everything well and finished with the honours, beaten by more experienced horses.

He will go on in this discipline which seems to suit him perfectly.


We missed it by very little!

MIRINO nearly opened his record at Craon on June 13th, on the distance of 3100m (a mile and 7 ½ furlongs). He was beaten by a short head.

It was a pity as he performed remarkably well. He started close to the lead, started accelerating at the entrance of the straight and fought well for a victory which he missed by little.

Fabrice Véron was thrilled with his horse and told us that the long distance didn’t bother him at all, on the contrary, according to him the horse could even run on 4000m (2 miles and 4 furlongs).

Lady O’Reilly’s horse is improving well.


“I did a canter….”

…, she is the best AQPS (non-thoroughbred) I have ever ridden.She is able to accelerate as a thoroughbred.”

This is what Christophe Soumillon said after winning with URBAINE in the Grand Prix des AQPS, Prix du Journal Geny Courses at Nantes on June 11th.

She started in second position, accelerated at the entrance of the finishing straight and left the other horses on the spot to finish much better than anyone else in the race.

For the petty side of history, after URTICAIRE was sold, some of our competitors were thrilled with her departure to Ireland and thought there was no one else of this level around. Bad luck for them, URBAINE took over. 


Not a very lucky race…

…for AMIRANT who finished 4th in a « quinté » (big handicap) at Longchamp on June 10th.

Umberto Rispoli chose to start in the middle of the field. But, in the finishing straight, AMIRANT had to change line twice and lost time. In spite of all this, he was once again very courageous to come and take his 4th place in a very close finish.

Be sure, he is going to win his « quinté » one day !


First time around Auteuil

YONETI is 5th in a chase at Auteuil on June 9th.

It could have been very bad for him as twice on end, there were horses falling in his legs at the reception of an obstacle. YONETI and Alain de Chitray fortunately managed to avoid them, but each time they were stopped and they paid for it to finish.

It will be interesting to see him again on this race-course


A new recruit for cross-country racing

KAPVILLE is 2nd at Senonnes on June 9th for his first real cross-country race.

This 6 year old gelding by Kapgarde out of Ville Eagle has certainly a nice future in this discipline because he is physically suited for this job and because of his qualities to jump various obstacles.  


Bad draw in the stalls!

At Longchamp on June 4th, USHUAIA QUATZ ran very well as usual, in a “quinté” (big handicap) for fillies on 2200m (a mile and 6 furlongs).

Unfortunately, she had number one in the stalls and, at the moment of the finish, she got blocked along the rail. As soon as Thierry Jarnet found an opening, she sprang and only missed the third place by a nose.

It is not disgraceful to be 4th in a “quinté”, but it is annoying not to have had an opening earlier!

We are not discouraged, because she will surely win a good race soon.


Creation of a syndicate (following part)

In 2012, we had started thinking about creating a syndicate, either as a partnership of owners, or as a proper syndicate. After having studied it, we have chosen to do a syndicate.

To look after it, we’ll be three:

-          Etienne Leenders to choose and train the horses (

-          Paul Terpereau, management and administration (

-          Christine Leenders, communication (

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.


Nice win

LADY DE CRUSSE easily won a cross-country race at Rostrenen on June 2nd ridden by Mathias Solier.

She started quietly at the back of the field, came closer little by little, nearly fell at the second last obstacle, but managed to start again and won by two lengths.

Mr and Mrs. Brosseau, owners-breeders,were thrilled with the first win of their mare.


Little by little….

….VOLPANE is learning her job. At Vitré on June 2nd, she finished second in a hurdle race which was her second time out. She was ridden again by Romain Le Jeune ( a young stable jockey) with whom she gets on perfectly well.

She took the lead from the start, jumped very well and was only beaten at the finishing post.

This late mare has a still a good margin of improvement. 

May 2013


Well done

For her first time at Auteuil over hurdles on May 23rd, UNE VAGUE impressed us: she won easily travelling better than all the others.

She started nice and quiet at the back of the field, then she waited to be at the end of the bend to come closer and she performed a very good finishing straight.

Her jockey Alain de Chitray commented: I was not worried to be a bit far when in front because I felt I had still a lot of power.


Everything fine!

Since his fall in the Anjou Loire Challenge, CHRISETI has recuperated well and resumed work normally.

At his age, you don’t change habits: he always wants to have his pals Jean-Jean and Falco to bring him back from the paddock. It is impossible not to give up to his whims!

Next entry at Craon on June 13th in prix Télopée.


Health walk

Easy win for URBAINE at Angers on May 21st in a flat race on the long distance of 3000m (a mile and 7 furlongs). She started in second position, moved forward at the end of the bend and won with a lot of class. It is a really good performance, as she beat horses who had very good records.

Fabrice Véron was thrilled with his mare: “She is a super ride who does everything you want her to do and she is very courageous !”

She will go on in this discipline and will take part in all the classic races of the challenge of the AQPS (non-thoroughbred horses).


Not reflecting his value

ADONIS DES MOTTES finished 4th in a flat race at Angers on May 21st.

He is better than what this place shows, but he ran a bit close and had not fully recuperated from his last race.

He is going to have a month holiday eating grass and will come back fully rested.


A horse for “quintés” (big handicaps)

What a super horse this AMIRANT, always in the finish!

On May 20th he finished 4th in the “Quinté” of Saint-Cloud on the distance of 2400m (a mile and a half).

On a heavy ground, Umberto Rispoli took the lead. Out of the last bend, he went along the outside rail to find better ground. Although he was isolated, the horse was courageous enough to perform very well in an extremely close finish: head, short head, head, neck. 


Come back in a cross-country race

LADY DE CRUSSE was second in a cross-country race on the distance of 4500m (2 miles and 6 ½ furlongs) at Durtal on May 20th.

In a race with pace, Mathias Solier was very patient, letting the mare going her own pace and improving little by little to finish.

The discipline seems to suit her and we’ll try to make her go up the grades nicely.


What a pity!

At Durtal on May 19th, we would have won a chase with VALEUR AJOUTEE, hadn’t she made a big mistake at the last hurdle.

She finished 4th at the end of a good race.

She showed us she has some potential. To follow!


A consistent filly

On May 19th, at Argentan, SINNDA GLAZ, a 3 year-old thoroughbred filly by Sinndar out of South Island, finished good 3rd on the distance of 2500m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs) in the company of very well bred horses.

It was a good race for this late filly who has now found her ideal distance.

With Thierry Grandsir, her breeder who is so keen on her pedigree, we now hope for her to open her winning record.


First win….

….for JUPITER ridden by Adrien Fouassier in a flat race at Lion d’Angers on May 14th. He started behind the leader, placed a strong acceleration at the entrance of the finishing straight and resisted all the attacks up to the post. He won by a nose.

His owner Lionel Robin and ourselves waited impatiently for this first success of this son of Astronomer Royal out of Frissonnante.    



YONETI couldn’t be reproached anything when he ran in a chase at Nantes on May 12th. He was good second, beaten by the best horse in the field.

YONETI who was regularly placed in chases, proved his quality as a jumper when settling the pace. He was beaten at the very end by the favourite. Both were better than the rest.


Really improving

On May 12th at Nantes, UNAME RED ran a chase ridden by Marc Lamazou-Laresse.

He finished good 3rd at the end of a good race.


Good first time over hurdles

At Tours on May 12th, UNTIL DREAM finished 4th over hurdles after a long time off.

Patiently ridden by Romain Le Jeune, the horse asked for a blow at the moment when everyone started, but was courageous enough to come and take the 4th place.

A horse to follow.


URTICAIRE has gone

On May 11th, URTICAIRE was sold and left for Ireland.

This 5 year old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) mare by Mister Sacha out of Opium des Mottes, will certainly do honour to us over there. She has been beyond reproach for her career in France: out of 7 races she won 5 times and was placed twice.

Let’s wish her the best in Ireland. We are not worried as she’s gone to a very good trainer who will be able to exploit all her potential.


Back to jumping

We have decided to bring TRANSCENDANTE back to jumping. On May 10th at Auteuil, she finished 3rd over hurdles.

She started in 4th or 5th position and seemed to be on her last legs but it was not knowing her as she had fighting spirits to come and finish 3rd.

She showed us she enjoyed jumping again !


Come back race

On May 9th at Lion d‘Angers, MIRINO resumed competition after a few months off. He finished 3rd in a flat race on 2000m (a mile and two furlongs), ridden by Yoann Rousset.

In 4th or 5th position all around, he performed a very good finishing straight but lacked a bit of condition to finish.

We’ll certainly have another good year with him.


Promising first time out

VIENI VIENI SI pleased us first time out at Lion d’Angers on May 9th when she finished 3rd over hurdles.

According to the orders, the filly who is easily stressed started at the back of the field without paying attention to the race. Little by little, her jockey Alain de Chitray gained places. The filly finished very well.


This 4 year old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Early March out of Je Te Donne has been waited with as she comes from a late family.


The old lion fell

On May 9th at Lion d’Angers, CHRISETI fell in the Anjou Loire Challenge. Absent-minded, he didn’t pay attention and neglected the bank.

 Wilfrid Denuault told us the horse was careless and too sure of himself.

Jockey and horse got up. Wilfrid has a fracture of the collar bone and CHRISETI has nothing wrong, he is just slightly stiff.

On a very heavy ground…..

….at Le Pin-au-Haras on May 5th, ADONIS DES MOTTES finished 2nd on the distance of 2200m (a mile and 3 furlongs).

He started in the middle of the field, came in second position at the entrance of the finishing straight and easily took the lead at mid straight. We thought it was done when an extra-terrestrial horse from Chantilly arrived to deprive us of the win.

It will be for next time, ADONIS should soon open his winning record.


She learns her job

On May 5th at Vitré, VOLPLANE ran over hurdles ridden by Romain Le Jeune. She finished 5th.

She is a 4 year old thoroughbred by True Brave out of Polar Return who arrived in our stables recently. We have still some adjustments to do as she is not mature yet.


Come back race…..

….for USHUAIA QUATZ at Longchamp on May 2nd in the “Quinté” (big handicap) on the distance of 2100m ( 1 mile 2 ½ furlongs). She finished 4th, ridden by Mickaël Barzalona.

Well placed all around, she performed a good finish as usual.

This year again, she is going to please us very much.


Winning come back on the flat

On May 1st at Lion d’Angers, URBAINE was back on the flat. She was very impressive, winning very easily over the company of good fillies.

In second position from the start, she produced a decisive acceleration at the entrance of the finishing straight.

Her jockey, Adrien Fouassier, was thrilled with the filly.


Good first time out in a race….

….for our apprentice Romain Le Jeune, on May 1st at Pontchâteau in a chase in partnership with UNAME RED.

Both have performed a nice race. Unfortunately, in the last bend, a horse slipped beside them,Romain was bumped and lost his stirrups. He quickly managed to get them back to finish 3rd.



A race to gain confidence

DIAMROCK was 4th at Le Pin-au-Haras in a cross-country race on May 1st.

Ridden by the amateur rider Maxime Mercier, he started at the back of the field and jumped everything well. Little by little he came closer and finished well.

It was a schooling race for both the horse and his rider.

April 2013


Stressed, him?

As you can see on the photograph, CHRISETI is deeply involved in his preparation.

Actually, on May 9th at Lion d’ Angers, he will take part in the Anjou Loire Championship, the longest race in the world on the distance of 7300m (4 miles and 4 ½ furlongs).

Star whim: DIAMROCK, his companion, has absolutely to stay beside him all the time, for work and for rest.


Good first time out

MARQUISETTE, a 3 year-old thoroughbred filly by Martaline out of Ama, finished 3rd first time out in a flat race at Nort-sur-Erdre, on the distance of 2500m (a mile and 4 ½ furlongs).

In 6th or 7th position all around, she got well balanced in the last straight and finished well.

This filly will improve for this race and should open her record soon.


In his category

JUPITER finished 3rd  in a flat race at Nort-sur-Erdre on April 28th on the distance of 1800m (a mile and a furlong).

He will go on competing in this category and he will certainly please us with a first win.

JUPITER, the cards are in your “hands”!!!


Back to flat racing

On April 28th at Angers, ORANAIS was second in a flat race on the distance of 2200m (a mile and 3 furlongs).

Well placed in the middle of the field, he had to go outside of everyone in the last bend and lost a few lengths, but he performed well to be second.

He is back to his old flames, but with him we can alternate disciplines.


First time chasing

For her first chase on April 26th at Enghien in Prix Radio Paris, UNE VAGUE didn’t do things half way… she won easily by 8 lengths!!!

It was the 4th race of this 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Voix du Nord out of Nouvelle Vague, bred in Nièvre. This late good jumper has still a good margin of improvement. She will certainly run at Auteuil


A real horse for “Quinté” (big handicap)

AMIRANT can’t be reproached anything, because once again he was there. He was 2nd in Grand Handicap de Longchamp on April 25th on 2400m (1 ½ mile).

As usual, he jumped off in the lead and proved to be very courageous to finish. After the race, his jockey, Umberto Rispoli, commented: “He is a warrior”.

An ideal horse..


First time at Auteuil

VUDI SEA ran remarkably well for his first hurdle race at Auteuil on April 21st. He finished 3rd in a good style, beaten by better horses.

He kept in 5th or 6th position all around, came closer nice and quiet and finished very well. Wilfrid Denuault did respect his horse and ignored the ones who flew away.


It was a very good lesson for this nephew of Chriseti by Great Pretender out of Kusea !


Cross-country racing: she confirms

Good second time in a cross-country race for ROSE DE REIMS on April 21st at Blain. She finished 3rd after having performed a really nice race, ridden by Johnny Charron who was riding her for the first time.

For the petty side of history, she is beaten by TROIKA who carries the colours of….Christine Leenders and is trained by…..Christophe Dubourg.

Sorry Mr. Laumans, I owe you some champagne! 


A really pleasant horse

On April 19th at Chateaubriant, TZAR’S DANCER ran for us for the first time. He won easily over hurdles on the distance of 4100m (2 miles and 4 ½ furlongs).

He was patiently ridden at the back of the field by Wilfrid Denuault, he came on the inside along the rail last turn and did perform a superb finishing straight.

This five year-old horse is not only a nice one, but he has quality.

He is a good recruit for this year.


So easy!

URTICAIRE won again on April 18th at Nantes.

Although we were quite stressed at the beginning of the race as she was at the back of the field and only came closer mid last turn to enter the finishing straight. In the stand, Etienne and Paul Terpereau had a hair-raising wondering when she would start.

But as usual, she changed gear in a very short time and won very easily.


At last!!!

GREABY, a 5 year-old thoroughbred by Layman out of Cellamare, was nearly always in the finish (15 places out of 22 races), but had never won.

Now it’s done!! He opened his record at the end of a nice race at Lignières on April 14th, in the second event of the challenge Galop Tour Inter-Régional.

Patience! Everything can happen!!


To follow!

After a first disappointing race, APOLLON JAVILEX finished 3rd in a flat race at Lignières on April 14th, and thus confirmed how good we thought he was.

This 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Maresca Sorrento out of Naker Mome, is going to improve on this race.


Still hale and hearty

For his come back on April 8th at Lion d’Angers, our CHRISETI bluffed us again.

This race was actually a prep for the Anjou Loire Challenge which will be run on May 9th.

Therefore, to win was not the main objective but it was ignoring the fact that our champion doesn’t do things half way. He won, in spite of carrying 77kg.

Wilfrid Denuault’s joy was a pleasure to see as he was winning again with his partner and they are definitely a marvellous couple.



YONETI doesn’t stop improving with each race: he finished 2nd in a chase at Lion d’Angers on April 8th.

He jumped much better than on the first time in this discipline at Angers and he proved to be courageous to finish well.


A good horse for this year.


Too much weight

AMIRANT did a come back on April 4th at Maisons-Laffitte in the “quinté” (big handicap) of the day and finished 7th very close.

Off just behind the pacemakers, he performed a very good finishing straight, but was handicapped by the weight. He also needed this come back race.

This year, we’ll be able to rely on him in this kind of race.


After 10 months off,

UNE VAGUE did her come back on April 3rd at Fontainebleau and finished 2nd.

Started in second position, she performed a good race without trying to catch the one who had run away and finished in a good action.

Wilfrid Denuault rode her for herself because we didn’t want her to have too hard a race after such a long time off.


1st win...

…..for DON CAPRICE under the tutelage of Etienne Leenders at Lion d’Angers on April 1st.

He started at the back of the field and was blocked in at the entrance of the finishing straight. But his jockey, Yoann Rousset, managed to find an opening and the horse won very easily.

A lot of joy and emotion for his owner Roger Dupré and his family.


Noticeable come back…

….for KAPVILLE at Lion d’Angers on April 1st in a chase in which he finished 3rd.

We were pleased with not so much the place, but the way he did it: very smoothly, he jumped very well and finished well.

This 6 year-old AQPS by Kapgarde is late by his breeding. This good race showed us he is now mature.


First time in a cross-country race

ROSE DE REIMS started having reached her limit over hurdles and in chases. Therefore we decided to try her in a cross-country race.

She is obviously made for that discipline, because at Lion d’Angers on April 1st, she finished 4th at the end of a good race.

She was too generous all the way round and paid for it to finish.

All through the year, we’ll have pleasure with her in this kind of races.


At last!!!

We started being desperate with our 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred), UNAME RED : in the morning he worked well and jumped perfectly, but in the afternoon it was something else.

His last five results were: stopped twice and fallen three times!!! Nothing to expect!!!

But on April 1st at Blain, he played a good April fool winning a chase very easily.

Well done to Wilfrid Denuault who rode him trustfully in spite of his bad records.

Let’s hope he goes on that way! 


He is improving

On April 1st in Grand Prix de Loudéac, on 2200m (a mile and 3 furlongs), WAR MONGER was 3rd.

At the back of the field all the way, he improved his position little by little and finished well and close to the first two.

He is always in the money, but now we would like him to win….and us to have champagne!

March 2013


Come back race

At Argentan on March 31st, JUPITER resumed competition on the flat on the distance of 1900m (a mile and 1 ½ furlong). He finished 4th, beaten by three horses who had already run this year.

He jumped off badly, stayed at the back of the field all around and performed a courageous finishing straight.

This race provided him with a good pipe opener and we can plan to run him again on this distance.


Good second race

On March 29th at Fontainebleau, ADONIS DES MOTTES ran on the distance of 2600m (a mile and 5 furlongs) in a maiden for 3 year-old.

He did confirm the good impression we had after his first race and moved well to finish a good second.


A horse for the future!



In Prix d’Estruval at Saint-Cloud on march 26th, URTICAIRE won in a class of her own.

This race is part of the classic programme for 4 and 5 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred). The best horses of these generations ran this race.

Thierry Jarnet told us : « I have very rarely ridden an AQPS of this level. ». Actually, when he started asking her in the finishing straight, she literally flew away from her competitors.

For the future, we have the choice either to keep her on the flat or to start going over jumps.


Wrong race-course for him

On March 26th at Nantes, VUDI SEA finished 3rd over hurdles.

He is a right-handed horse and he was not at ease on this left handed course. He moved from right to left and Wilfrid Denuault found it hard to keep him straight.

In spite of that, he nevertheless finished well.


Auteuil: conclusive trial…

…for ELLIE.

This 4 year-old filly debuted her career in the province and always finished in the first five.

Therefore we had decided to try our luck at Auteuil in a hurdle race on March 24th.

She succeeded beyond our hopes, winning with a lot of class. She started close to the lead, moved off at the end of the last bend and “forgot” her competitors in the finishing straight.

Wilfrid Denuault was thrilled with her: ”She has a huge heart and an extraordinary courage.”

 Her English owner, Paul Murphy, was enthusiastic and champagne flew on the other side of the Channel


Easy win

On March 24th at Machecoul, URBAINE easily won her first chase.

She went better than the rest all around, jumped easily, and on top she finished well.

She seems to have found her favourite discipline


Good come back

TORPILLEUR had not run since November 2012. He resumed competition on March 24th at Argentan in a chase and finished 2nd.

In the lead all around, he behaved well in spite of a sticky ground he doesn’t like.

This race did him a lot of good and he will be better on faster grounds.


Cross-country racing: new sport…

….for TROIS HUIT! He debuted in this discipline at Argentan on March 24th and finished a good second.

Always behind the pacemakers, he jumped well and dealt well with the obstacles he discovered for the first time (holes, banks…).

He showed us he was very handy in spite of being a very tall horse and a big mover. The race-course of Argentan didn’t really suit him and he will be better off on the long straights of race-courses like Lion d’Angers.


Chasing: new discipline…

…for YONETI who discovered chasing at Angers on March 18th. He finished 4th with real excuses.

All around he had jumped everything well and was in 3rd , 4th position. Unfortunately, at the reception of a fence in the back straight, two horses fell in his legs. He had to stop dead to avoid to fall and could not start again.

Wilfrid Denuault confirmed that it was a pity because he had the quality and the speed to finish the race and get a better place.

To be followed.


Satisfying first time out

On March 10h at Senonnes-Pouancé, ADONIS DES MOTTES was 3rd in Prix du Musée de Nantes on 2100m (a mile and 2 ½ furlongs).

He started at the back of the field, came closer in the far straight and moved on in the last bend, performing a very good finishing straight.

ADONIS (by Roman Saddle out of Camille des Mottes) is still very baby like. He has a good margin of improvement


Pleasant surprise…

…for us at the end of ASKA BERE ’s raceat Saint-Brieuc on March 10th.

Last year, we had been disappointed with him in his two races. But, this year, for his third time out, he ran well and finished a pleasant third.

This three-year-old thoroughbred by Della Francesca out of Niska  is late and we have to give him his chance.


He will be able to do better

On March 10th at Saint-Brieuc, WAR MONGER finished 3rd in a flat race on 2400m ( a mile and a half).

He ran well but produced his effort a little bit too soon and too quickly, which cost him a better place.

Little by little we discover him. He is a horse with quality but he is delicate. We have to find the happy medium for him to express his potential.


Always as courageous

At Auteuil on March 10th, our good old LOUP DE MER (11 years old) was second in a hurdle race on a very heavy ground (it was limit to run).

He ran like a master, always close to the lead and jumping very well. He has always the same will in a finish.

Getting old can be good! 


We discovered him

DON CAPRICE arrived at Jarzé two weeks ago and ran at Deauville on March 7th in a flat race on 2400m (a mile and a half). He finished 5th very close.

In second position all around, he went backward at mid straight, but had the energy to start again courageously.

This 4 year old thoroughbred by Carlotamix out of Dame Caprice will improve on that performance and will certainly please his owner, Roger Dupré.


Good value

On March 7th at Deauville, GREABY was 2nd in a flat race for female jockeys on 2400m (a mile and a half) in quite a good company.

Ridden in 4th, 5th position, he moved on at the entrance of the straight and fought to the end of the race, beaten by a better horse.

Zoé Pfeil, his jockey, got on well with the horse, kept cool and was efficient to the finishing post.


Getting to know her

VONNY D’HERODIERE is 4th in Prix Clos Pasquier at Nantes on March 5th.

We discovered this 4 year old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) filly by Mister Sacha out of Bonny des Mottes, who arrived recently in our stables and who has already nice performances on her records. She ran well and was beaten by more experienced horses.

This good filly still needs to get tougher.


Come back

On March 5th at Nantes, URTICAIRE finished 2nd in Prix Clos Pasquier, a flat race on 2400m ( a mile and a half).

She started at the back, then patiently gained on the field, but too late to be able to catch the one who ran away.

It was a good preparation for Prix d’Estruval at Saint-Cloud on March 26th.

February 2013


Back to chasing

At Angers on February 24th, FORTE BLUE JAVILEX was back in her favourite discipline. She was a good second.

In a race without any pace, she took the lead, asked for a breathe in front, started again and was beaten by a better one.

A good year to look forward with her!


Good come back…

…for TROIS HUIT, after a year and a half off. He finished second in a chase at Maure de Bretagne.

Well placed all around, he finished correctly lacking condition to win.

This big six-year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) by Shaanmer out of Insoumise, will be more at ease over bigger fences.


What a pity!!!

WAR MONGER (by Linamix out of War Game) did a come back in a flat race (2400m a mile and a half) at Bordeaux on February 24th.

He finished 4th, but without his very bad start, we would have had a better result: he made a fuss in the stalls and started 6/7 lengths behind the others.

Florent Guy, his amateur rider, gained on the field little by little but the lost ground at the start was too much to hope for a better classification.


A courageous small filly!

At Fontainebleau, in a hurdle race for 4 year old fillies, ELLIE (by Winged Love out of Ellina) finished 2nd on 3550m (2 miles 1 ¾ furlong).

She ran very well, patiently ridden by Wilfrid Denuault. In the company of 15 runners, Paul Murphy’s small filly went her own way and came easily to catch the second place.


First time in a “quinté"...

….for Yoni Seror’s colt, YONETI. He finished 2nd over hurdles at Fontainebleau on February 19th.

Always close to the lead, He jumped the last fence in 3rd position and finished very well without being able to trouble the winner.

The colt by Irish Wells out of Aulne River has matured, and at last we start seeing in the afternoon what he does in the morning.


We cracked the zero quickly!!!

ROSE DE REIMS brought us our first winner of the year in a chase at Machecoul on February 17th.

On the distance of 4800m (3 miles), patiently ridden by Wilfrid Denuault, she took the lead in the far straight and courageously resisted all the attacks of the other horses.

The « orange » racing silks of Netherlands shone for the pleasure of her owner Quirinus Laumans.


Good come back

GREABY did a come back in a flat race in a flat race at Pornichet on February 15th. He finished 4th ridden by Yoann Rousset.

Well placed during the race, he finished courageously close to the first ones. It was a good come back as he was in quite decent company.


News about the champion

Back in our stables since mid-December, CHRISETI prepares himself quietly but surely.

As you can see on the photograph, he is not yet back to his weight of form but he is always as keen and energetic.

Jean-Frédéric, his dedicated rider, confirms it : "Everyday he is my most difficult lot! Even when coming back from the paddock, is is tough to hold him".


Too much weight!

UNE DE MONTOT did her come back in a chase at Angers on January 12th. She finished 4th.

This result doesn’t reflect her value :she was not quite ready and carried 70kg on a very heavy ground. It was not ideal, but we have not always the choice of entries.


She prefers chasing...

…but, for her come back on January 12th , we could only offer FORTE BLUE JAVILEX a hurdle race.

Nevertheless, she behaved well and finished 4th on the race-course of Angers.

In the next future she will be back to her favourite discipline. 


Coming back of the old….

….LOUP DE MER after 8 months off. This nice bay horse parades his age (11) cheerfully!

In partnership with Wilfrid Denuault, he finished 2nd in a hurdle race at Angers.

Well placed during the race, he took the lead at 1000m from the finishing post but paid for his lack of condition in the last furlong. He fought with courage to keep his second place. 

January 2013


New recruits

We want to show you some of the 2 year-old thoroughbreds who arrived in training at the end of 2012.



A filly by PEER GYNT out of ARRONDIE



A colt by HURRICANE CAT out of NISKA














N…2011 out of JUST BOLD










A colt by TURTLE BOWL out of SYBILIA



A filly by MARTALINE out of WICCA ERIA


The severity of the winter

It’s not an easy job to be a stable rider!

In winter when it snows or freezes, we can work our horses on the “plastic” track.

But, to take them out safely, we have to organise a path to access to the track.The riders are asked to load, carry and spread a good layer of muck.It makes you warmer!!


Tailor-made visits

One of our friends, Gunnar Nordqvist, organises private visits of the Chantilly training centre, visits of the gallops, meeting with famous trainers.

We did it!!, with “cherry on the cake”, a visit of the Living Horse Museum.

An original discovery of these mythical places.

For inquiries, visit his web site:


Statistics for 2012

Good year 2012 for our stables:

On the flat and over jumps, 50 wins and 203 places, 1.279.000€ prize money for the horses.

We had a nice improvement on the flat with good horses like USHUAIA QUATZ, AMIRANT, MARCETI, RENNETI, PLOVDIV, VALDO BERE, ROXY DE VINDECY, URTICAIRE, TRANSCENDANTE….. and a lot of other horses.


Thank you to the breeders with whom we work and thank you to the owners who are trusting us.

And well done to our staff for their work at the stables, on the tracks and on the race-courses.