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The news


A nice race!

When finishing 2nd in Prix Cacao, a big handicap at Auteuil on November 3rd, RADIOLOGUE ran very well.

 Over 4400m (2 miles and 6 furlongs) this chase was not an easy race. Actually, all “quintés” (big handicaps) are races with a lot of rhythm. 

 Stéphane Paillard, his jockey, started in the middle of the field, everything went fine…he came closer in the last bend and RADIOLOGUE finished very well.     

 This courageous horse will eventually win his “quinté”.


Friday, November 2nd…

…at Maisons-Laffitte, there were sales for jump horses organized by Osarus: you had foals, yearlings, two-year-olds and horses in training.

 We sold our yearling DOCDEN by Doctor Dino out of Caprice Flore for 29.000 euros to Hubert Barbe (Horse Racing Advising) for an Irish owner, Tony Castello.                                   

And we bought JUNTA DREAM, a two-year-old filly by Dream Well out of Junta des Champs for 5.000 euros.


Always present…!

…our “COIFFEUR” (hairdresser).

  At Saint-Cloud on October 30th, IL DECOIFFE ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot, ran well and finished 5th in a handicap for 3 year-old horses over 2000m (10 furlongs).   

  We are looking forward to his next race (you probably noticed it is the same thing for each horse each time!!!)


A good race

On October 30th at Fontainebleau, ELAFONISSI was 4th ridden by Félix de Gilles.

It was a chase for 4 year-old horses over 3600m (2 miles and 2 furlongs).

She was ridden in the middle of the field, a bit far back (according to her jockey) but the filly jumped well and finished well. It was her second chase and ELAFONISSI seemed to be quite at ease…therefore her future is written!


Well deserved retirement!

Our winner of Président de la République 2014, TZAR’S DANCER is retiring this autumn 2018.

It is not enough to say that this horse gave us huge joys and big professional satisfactions, it is more than that! For us it was mainly a very nice human story, with Marie Cécile de Saint Seine her breeder owner who trusted us with him in training, with Pierric Rouxel, manager of Haras de Maulepaire (where he was born) who looked after him during his “off” times, with his jockey Wilfrid Denuault who was so close to him and won nice races… and with his morning riders who did a fantastic job with him.

Thank you to all of them…  

 His future: a rest all winter at Les Landes, then in spring he will go to Normandy where he will join: Joseille, Amirant, Gondleen, Marceti and Echo des Mottes.


We liked this race better

EVORA finished 3rd on October 29th at Sables d’Olonne in Prix de Kerbiriou: a race for 4 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over 2700m (a mile and 5 ½ furlongs).

Her last race at Fontainebleau was quite average and we were a bit disappointed.

Ridden by Sébastien Martino, she started in 5th position and kept this place all around. When they did start at the entrance of the last bend, EVORA was blocked in the middle of the others and as Sébastien told us: “she was shy and didn’t dare to go through” but once she was well balanced in the finishing straight, she finished very well.

From now on she will go jumping.



Shall I dare to say it? Yes, I dare “she made us crack up! OK it is schoolboy humor, but it is good now and then … to let horses go!! ( if I dare to say so).

CRACANTE performed a very nice race at Meslay du Maine in a chase over 4200m (2 miles and 5 furlongs). This late mare resumed competition recently (she was off for a long time following an injury) and she has leeway to make up (races, prize money, etc…)

For her second race in this discipline and on the demanding race-course of Meslay du Maine, she ran remarkably well.

And it is not her young jockey Elie Berthonnet who will say the opposite.


A bad race for…

FRIANDISE GIRL at Nantes on October 27th in Prix de l’ Avenir: a Gr III for 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over a mile and a half.

She didn’t take a good start and stayed too far back during the race and, when they accelerated, it was a mess and our filly who is a big mover could not gallop as she wanted!

When he got off, Sébastien Martino, her jockey said:” I didn’t ride the best of race”! At least it is honest to recognize it…

To see again…


She is going up the grades

FREQUENCE MAG finished 3rd at Angers on October 26th in Prix Francis Chêne, a good race      (Class 2) over 2300m (a mile and 3 ½ furlongs).

Ridden by Sébastien Martino, she started in 5th, 6th position, came closer in the far straight…and finished very well.

In this race, there are always good horses entered and FREQUENCE MAG did a good rating when finishing 3rd.


A good race

On October 26th at Angers, DUTCH DOCTOR finished 3rd in Prix Rabelais, ridden by Cristian Demuro.

He started in the middle of the field and kept his place as far as the end of the bend. But at the entrance of the finishing straight, DUTCH DOCTOR had a “curtain” of horses in front of him….it was not easy to find an opening… and when he managed to get out, DUTCH finished very well.

Cristian told us: “I liked him, he was a bit spiritless at the beginning but then proved to be courageous. He won’t have any problem to win a race on Parisian tracks.


Debriefing of an average day

Racing: they are joys, sorrows, disappointments, great times, etc… anyway it is not an exact science!

Yesterday at Angers, BONNE MEMOIRE ran disappointingly: she is an estimated filly who didn’t run her value…  “she was weak all around” Sébastien Martino told us. With cold weather in the morning, warm during the day and cold in the evening, horses are sensitive and can catch anything… To see again.

FANTASTIC BERE: we were close to a catastrophe: he was first a bit spiritless… then started to go forward and suddenly pulled a lot!! We thought it was because of the blinkers… but when talking with Coralie Pacault, his jockey, she told us that someone galloped in his hind legs at some stage and it was then he started pulling… And when a horse pulls, he can’t finish. Actually we could see he had several slight wounds on his hind legs. This morning, everything is fine!

As to DE BON ALOI, it was a good surprise, he didn’t finish in the first five, but his young jockey Damien Boche, told us he was quite cooperative… A miracle? No, he only does what he wants when he wants it…not easy that one…maybe next time??


What a pity!

DEAUSEILLE fell at the water jump (rivière du huit) at Auteuil on October 25th in a chase for 5 year-olds over 4300m (2 miles and 5 ½ furlongs).

Thomas Beaurain, her jockey, was very sorry because the mare was going well and we know she has a potential. Once more, this “rivière du huit” was a problem…this water jump has provoked many falls for years and according to discussions in a committee, it will be changed next year.


A good race for …

TINARILOU who finished 6th in spite of an unplanned scenario! 

  Ridden by Maëlle Le Levreur, she took a good start but was soon covered by horses from the outside and at Le Pin, you get quickly in the first bend and therefore it is not easy to regain your place. And at the entrance of the very long straight, Maëlle had the good idea to plunge along the rail which allowed the filly to have a space to finish well… unfortunately they were 5 together, head, short head, nose, head …Unlucky…

It was in Prix du Haras de Fresnay Le Buffard over 2350m (a mile and 3 ¾ furlongs).

Keep going sweetie, you’ll eventually manage!!


First time out …

…for FEU D’ARTIFICE at Cholet on October 21st, ridden by Sébastien Martino. He was a serious 4th in Prix France Galop: a flat race for unraced 3 year-olds over 2950m (14  furlongs ¾ ). This big horse needed to run because he works well in the morning but flat racing is not his sport! This race did him a lot of good and he will go on working over jumps.

FEU D’ARTIFICE (I looooove his name!) is by Coastal Path out of Karte Bleue and he belongs to Béatrice Nicco and François Fiol.


FEZ could have…

…won at Lignières on October 22nd in Prix Saint Galmier, a flat, maiden race for 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over 2 miles. Well placed all around, FEZ found herself boxed in at the end of the bend… and when she managed to get out, the winner and the second had gone forward and…too late…  

  Her jockey, Wilfried Lajon, was a bit disappointed to be 3rd, because being boxed in cost him the win.

Considering the way she finished, she should soon open  her record.                                                                                                                                            


Report on Equidia

On Sunday morning, we had the pleasure to discover the two reports which were done at the beginning of September on our two syndicates Le Pied A L’Etrier and Le Mors aux Dents, both at the races at Lion d’Angers and during the picnic we organize every year. It was definitely a success and we can thank the two journalists: Katherine Ford and Thibault Marlin because they managed to explain the philosophy of our two syndicates.

Their unusual idea was to compare syndicates who have different approach and financial means: in England a business syndicate with important funds and our syndicates which have less means and a more family approach.

But at the end of the reports, we could see that for the English as well as for the French, it was the same thing: passion for races and horses, pleasure to meet with the partners and spend a good day, conviviality… the only difference is that the English syndicates have a few zeros more on their bank account!!!


Horse for sale

On November 2nd at the sales Osarus at Maisons-Laffitte, we present DOCDEN, born in April 2017 by Doctor Dino out of Caprice Flore. The yearling colt is prepared by Haras de la Haie Neuve who are going to present him at the sales.

DOCDEN belongs to one of our good families. In his pedigree you find:

CAPRICE MEILL always in the frame in big handicaps and Listed races. 

RENNETI Gr 2 winner on the flat and over jumps in Ireland (which is rare at this level of competition) and further down in the family you have MAIA ERIA, multiple Group winner at Auteuil, etc…

Nice company!!


He is brilliant!

On October 19th at Moulins, FLAIRON won with authority Prix d’Estruval, a maiden for 3 year-olds AQPS (non-thoroughbred) over a mile and a half. He started in the middle of the field, came closer in the last bend, started accelerating and took the lead…but the fight with the second was tough and at some stage we thought we were beaten but FLAIRON made an ultimate effort to win by half a length.

Debriefing of Pierre Charles Boudot: “I think FLAIRON must be good because he pulled for some part of the race and nevertheless finished very well with a lot of courage!!”


Once more…

…she ran quite well!

FARAFRA, a valuable filly, finished 3rd at Moulins on October 19th in Prix Yves d’Armaillé, a race for 3 year-old AQPS (non-thoroughbred). Ridden by Pierre Charles Boudot, she started in the lead and temporized all around. Well balanced in the last straight, she finished well but kept on moving in the same way and was beaten by two good horses who finished  faster. 

 FARAFRA will not run over jumps…therefore you’ll see her in all the good races for 3 year-olds this year and next year as a 4 year-old.



…finished 6th on Sunday in Prix André Adèle, a handicap chase (in which the punters have to find the first five).   


   Ridden by Hugo Lucas who had to force him to gallop as the pace was very fast because the distance was too short, 3500m (2 miles and 1 ½ furlong).     

RADIOLOGUE is a good horse and we still trust him…he is quite able to win this type of race.