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ALL READY : the claustrophobic

In 1981, he was the horse at the beginning of everything !


A nice, dark bay, compact horse who arrived in our stables after 3 years  of no success, he was thin and sad.

Etienne soon discovered his problem, claustrophobia, and found out a solution: living outside in a paddock quickly gave him energy and good moral. And it was the start of a long list of wins up to the age of 14, which is exceptional for a race horse.

His main performances: twice French champion of cross country races,  winner of the Grand Cross-country race of Craon, regular winner of all the important cross country races and chases in the west of France. For us, he has been the pioneer of “outside life in a paddock with a shelter”.


He is for ever the spirit and soul of the Leenders stables.