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Grégoire Leenders

Grégoire Leenders
Grégoire Leenders

The eldest son born in 1982

After having passed his leaving certificate, Grégoire decided to dedicate himself entirely to his passion: the horse. He started doing three day events competitions first with ponies and then horses.

But he was more interested in racing and took a license as an amateur rider and won some nice races as such. Then he became a professional and as a jockey had the pleasure to win good races at Angers, Auteuil, Craon, Le Lion d’Angers, Nantes, Pau… particularly with his favorite horse Joseille. After several periods as a trainee at Martin Pipe’s in England, Arthur Moore’s in Ireland, then at François-Marie Cottin’s, he eventually chose to come back to the Lenders stables and to work with his father as an assistant.

In 2014, he passed his trainer’s license and decided to work with Etienne. Together they created the training company “Etienne and Grégoire Leenders”.

And the adventure is going on but also evolving as Grégoire comes with new ideas and little by little the future is getting organized.

The future is serene.